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How long does it take to recover from the removal of a tibial osteochondroma?

I have a tibial osteochondroma that might be approximately 1-2cm in size and it looks like I'll be getting it removed. I haven't met with the surgeon who will remove it yet, but I was wondering about what kind of recovery time I should expect. It's located more on the lateral superior part of the tibia (near the perineal nerve). I'm in my low 20s & am in healthy shape.

i had an onsteochondroma removed from the side of my knee when i was 12 and i am now 20. My dr told me i would be on crutches a week, but i was really on them for 2 months. Did the doctor say why its there in your 20s. It didn't hurt alot after just maybe the 1st week. Usually osteochondroma stops growing when you stop growing. just take it easy, ice, take medication, and do therapy.  (+ info)

I am 14 years old with osteochondroma. Is Surgery Safe for me? What complications can there be?

I'm 14 years old with a solitary osteochondroma at the right lower femur. Recently it pained me a lot. It pains whenever I play soccer or run rigorously even for 30 minutes. I do wanna continue to play school soccer. So, should I go for surgery? Can there be any complications? What type risk might I have after the surgery? I'd be glad to hear back very soon from an orthopaedics or someone related to osteochondroma.

Surgery is always risky. But the benefits almost always outweigh the risk. I read about osteochondroma and it says it is a tumor, not dangerous and from what I've read, it looks like the surgery option is not major surgery and recovery will be generally easy going. It doesn't look like there should be any complication. It looks like they will just remove the mass or shave it down.  (+ info)

What is a "sessile osteochondroma"?

The full sentence is: An approximate 12 x 5 mm ossification along the outer cortex of the left parietal bone probably represents a sessile osteochondroma. Although its appearance is benign, it is relatively nonspecific on the current study.

a tumor  (+ info)

Does leg osteochondroma surgery have after effects on your reproductive system? (getting an erection)?

I have recently had surgery on my left leg for osteochondroma. It was not cancerous and i am able to walk now. I now have a problem that i did not have before. I cannot sustain an erection. My erection is now signifigantly weaker and does not last a minute at all. This makes it horribly difficult for me to get to a climax, as far as it does not achieve real stiffness and keeps going down


As Metz reports in 1983, "Erectile impotence is a well-known complication of vascular surgery in the aorto-iliac area. "

Your doctor and surgeon need to know about this complication!  (+ info)

i have osteochondroma on my left knee?

im 19 and i am considering removing it surgically since it's bothering me, it is alsmost a size of a golf ball and i can't work out because of it or even walk or stand for too long. what may be the risks of having a surgery done on it?

  (+ info)

Osteochondroma tumor?

I have osteochondroma and i was wondering if you can get a tumor in your breast bone?

You can get a tumor in any bone.

What is osteochondroma?
Also called osteocartilaginous exostoses, osteochondroma is an overgrowth of cartilage and bone near the end of the bone near the growth plate. This type of overgrowth can occur in any bone where cartilage eventually forms bone. Most commonly, it affects the long bones in the leg, the pelvis, or scapula (shoulder blade).  (+ info)

Osteochondroma- Chance of Cancer?

I just had some of a VERY large osteochondroma on my femur removed surgically (like in the middle- really weird spot for that kind of tumor..) Because of its size (like if you cut a softball in half) and the fact that I had severe pain from it when I sat for more than an hour- what are my chances that it could become cancerous?

From my understanding of it, osteochondroma rarely transforms into a malignant cancer.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a child have an Osteochondroma removed? My child is three years old and has one above her ankl

not a child, but when I was 20 I had one removed from my knee while I was in the service. nothing to it, since it is just basically a bony outgrowth in a place that it's not supposed to be, but I suppose you already know that. Anyway, it's not a big deal, basically some bone scraping and then healing easily and quickly. they used arthroscopic surgery on my knee, so there wasn't even a "line" scar, just a couple of dimples from where the tiny little instruments on long probes were inserted. it will be fine.  (+ info)

Is an osteochondroma a tumor?

Yes, it is a benign (non-cancerous) bone tumor.  (+ info)

Osteochondroma, treatment?

My daugther was diagnose for having osteochondroma and the doctor said that the only treatment is surgery. Is there any assurance that this tumor will no longer grow after the surgery?
My daugther is only 3 years old, and im afraid if theres a complication on surgery..

May want a second opinion. These are benign tumors and removal may affect the growth of the bone. I suggest an opinion with a pediatric orthopedist.   (+ info)

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