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What essential oils would you recommend for an ocean fragrance?

I want to make my own bath salts and am trying to find a nice ocean fragrance. I would prefer to use essential oils but can't find any blend lists for the smell of the sea. Any help would be great!
You seem to have misunderstood me. I know where to buy them. I am looking for specific names of essential oils that I can mix together to make an ocean scent.

Second Nature Aromatics at http://www.SecondNatureAromatics.com  (+ info)

What are essential oils and who says they're essential for good health?

My wife is interested in Young Living essential oils. I did a little research and all I can see is a mulit-level marketing scam with people keeping supplies in their garages and patios until some sucker decides to try them. One thing I read was that someone said oil CURED HIS MOTHER'S CANCER! I think the seller sees it has an "essential" way to increase his economic standing in the Mormon community. Maybe the seller will show up with a buckboard and team of horses, drop the tail gate, and give you a free sample of snake oil with each bottle of "essential oil" (at least I hope it has some EVO in it)

Also, why have I not seen an infomercial on TV at 1AM.

All a scam. P.T. Barnum was right, "There is a sucker born every minute." People buy bottled water too.. fools.  (+ info)

What essential oils are best to burn in a classroom setting?

I had a friend burn essential oils in an electric burner and the class smelled like lollies. I'm hoping to a) increase alertness, productivity, harmony, quietness (haha) and b) a nice smelling room.
What are the best combinations of oils. And has anyone used them before with a positive result?
I know essential oils need to be used in moderation and I understand the strength in their properties. I'm asking for simple 'recipes'. I know this can be beneficial for a classroom but I have been unable to find information regarding a classroom online.

If it where me, I would use Frankencsense Rosewood, Clove, or Oregano Oils. All of these are very safe. I would NOT!!! I repeat: NOT! Use lavender or Tea Tree oils. The reason? Allergies! Some people are extremely sensitive to these 2 plants. And if you have any students with allergies you run the risk of allergic reaction including anaphylactic shock! And this type of shock can be FATAL! But Oregano, Thyme, and the others I mentioned are very safe. Oregano Oil can even be ingested with 0 side effects. It is a very powerful anti-microbial oil. It can kill any bacteria, parasite, virus, including (HIV and hepititis). And it also can help with mental function. Oregano Oil would be my pick for sure! Renegade scientists did a study on Oregano Oil and found out it can easily destroy MRSA. Mrsa is a mutated version of the Staph Bacteria. And Mrsa is resistant to nearly all anti-biotics. So, obviously it could help your students in more ways than one! It could possibly help keep them from getting sick from pathogens in the air!  (+ info)

Are licensed Illinois Estheticians legally allowed to use essential oils on clients?

I am a licensed esthetician in Illinois, looking at starting up my own holistic skincare space. As a licensed esthetician, am I allowed to use essential oils on my clients? I can't find anything that specifies one way or another... only stuff that says we can only work on the top layer of skin for purposes of skincare and relaxation. I don't see how using essential oils would be any different than using a product with essential oils as an ingredient... but I was wondering if anyone knows for sure. And where can I find proof that it is or is not allowed? Thanks!

drinked water  (+ info)

What pieces are essential in creating a professional wardrobe?

I'm going to school to be a high school teacher. I'm going to be starting my first practicum in the next academic year and am already thinking about what i should wear. What in your opinion are essential pieces to creating a wardrobe for a teacher?

I am looking for affordable pieces (since i am in school) that i can mix and match. And/or pieces that won't go out of style in the near future. Suggestions?
Skirts are good. What about something more appropriate for winter??

That is a great question. Below are just some ideas. Don't look at the brand or prices. I just wanted to give you an idea of what these items look like. You can have these simple basic pieces without spending a fortune (believe it or not you can find all of these at Target). I would invest in a really good cardigan set (sweater and the matching shell). You can mix and match cardigans with nice dress slacks and a skirt! Here is an example of a cardigan set:


Another is a pair of really good and well made dress trousers. You can wear this with a simple blouse or again a cardian set. You should start with the color black. That will match with anything you wear.

Third is a nice pencil skirt and a one with fullness at the bottom. Color should start off as black since it will match with anythng you wear. You can wear this with your cardigan set or a simple blouse.


A simple blouse. I would invest in a white and a colored blouse. 2 long sleeved and 2 short sleeves:


A nice casual dress jacket that you can wear with your pants or skirt:

As for shoes, something low heeled would be best or wedge.

You want to look casual but not corporate and comfort is a major important factor to look for as well as being able to mix and match pieces to make different outfits daily. If you just have these basic pieces, you can start building your wardrobe bit by bit (that's how I started mine) .

Also take advantage of accessories too (scarves and necklaces) which can change the look of your outfit also!

Good luck!  (+ info)

What are some essential wardrobe items for a woman?

I am a crossdresser and want to know what are some essential wardrobe items that are neccesary. So if you could keep a limited amount of clothes, shoes, jewelry, what would you decide to keep?

Essential wardrobe items for a woman:

1. A nice set of jewelry: Simple silver or gold necklace, ring, bracelet.
2. Two pairs of boots (one knee high and 1 ankle)
3. One pair of strappy heels
4. One light and airy (spring) dress
5. One traditional black evening dress
6. One pair of cute jeans
7. At least two cute tops (one for evening wear and one for day)
8. One skirt

June  (+ info)

What are the essential things that i need to start building my make up kit?

I am planning to study make up in 3 months. i would like to go pro after schooling and a few months of apprenticeship. i am starting to build my kit now. i would like to ask what are the basic or essential tools and elements that i would need at this stage. Any advice that you can give me? (like what are the best make up brands and products to buy and how to enhance my skills.) Please serious answers only. Thanks.

1.Aplicators such as eyeshadow bruses, blush brushes, lose powder brushes, spunges, pencil sharpeners for eye liner, eye lash curler,eye brown brush,q-tips, cotton balls ect.

2.liquid and anyother fondation of your choice powders such as "bare minerals"..anything you see that you need but definatly fondation

3.lipsticks.. different shades.. lip gloss..and lip liner

4.eye liner pencil and liquid

5. eye shadow, different colors

6.mascara many types with "they all have different types of brushes" get a package of mascara aplicators if using on many people

7.eye brow pencils and powders

8.light colord glitters for drmatic looks..


10.shimmer.. for your cheeks like blush but alot lighter almost tan colors that have a little shimmer to acsent the cheek bones and jawbone

11.what ever looks good at the store..lol.. thats how i shop.. so take your time make sure you get what you need and i think that about covered it..

Anymore questions feel free to ask.  (+ info)

What is an essential for makeup everyday?

I am a freshman in high school. I wear makeup, but not all the time. What is an essential that you can wear everyday and to anything?

i am in high school and every day i wear mascarra and just a little bit of lip gloss  (+ info)

What are the Essential and versatile fall wardrobe pieces for this season?

I am trying to unlock my inner fashionista and am wondering what are some fall or winter pieces that are essential as well as versatile? I am a college student and on a perpetual budget so I need to get as much out of my clothes as I can. Any tips?

scarf you can get them anywhere. and fake uggs so theyre not expensive. lots of hooded sweaters  (+ info)

How do I keep essential oils dissolved in alcohol for perfume?

I have started making my own perfumes. I am using Vodka and essential oils along with some Vitamin E. The oils do not stay dissolved, so before each use you have to shake it up. I'm really not a fan of that, especially if I am giving it away as a gift. It just seems unprofessional.

So, does glycerin keep the oils dissolved or something else perhaps? What can I do?

Thanks for your time.

You can use an oil modifier.....look on ebay under "oil modifier" or "oil emulsifier". This will help mix the oil with the alcohol. I know they sell this stuff on aromatherapy websites too, but ebay will be cheaper. Hope this helps ;)  (+ info)

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