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What is the life expectancy of a person with osteosarcoma of the pelvis?

My doctor told me the prognosis for secondary cancer of osteosarcoma of the pelvic bones is poor. I was wondering if anyone knew of people with type of secondary not primary cancer who had gotten into remission or had lived for quite a long time.

sarcomas are fast spreading.secondaries are very fast unless luck favors.other skin _cervicalcancer _even breast cancer early stage survive for longer time than others. secondary means it has spread so less chance forgive me for telling truth which will discourage you i pray for you. may god be with you as support  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me what is involved in the operation to remove Metastatic Osteosarcoma in the lungs.?

My friend's son has undergone treatment of Osteosarcoma in hisleft leg, he as had the bone removed and most of the thigh muscle, under gone chemo and now as Metastastic Osteosarcoma in the lungs. He will under go an operation to remove 3 nodules that have calcified in the lungs ,2 in the left one in the right. Anybody know what the operation entails?

I have found a terrific website that tells all about this type of cancer, all the treatment options and gives you detailed advice about the particular surgeries. Hope this helps and best of luck to your friend.
http://www.ufscc.ufl.edu/Patient/content.aspx?section=typesofcancer&id=620  (+ info)

Do you know a website where I can find a diagram of the Osteosarcoma bone cancer?

I need to find a diagram of the osteosarcoma bone cancer before school starts I just need that and I'm done with my project I've been ignoring what I have 2 do and I need it now! PLEASE HELP ME!

Search images for osteosarcoma.  (+ info)

What are some social implications of osteosarcoma?

I'm doing a paper for my anatomy class and I cannot find what are the social implications of it. If you can help I appreciate it. =)
yeah I meant socially.

Since it is the most common cancer in children, perhaps the family is impacted hugely... Also a childhood is very different with cancer. Can't play rough games or sports. I guess imagine you are a child with cancer and think how it would impact on you socially. Or do you mean environmental?
Like carcinogenic heavy metals building up in children's bones? Not sure about that.  (+ info)

Can a calcification in the knee be mistaken for osteosarcoma, or vice versa?

I have an unknown mass located at the end of my femur, with involvement of my knee. I am being referred to an orthopaedic oncologist based on the results of my x-rays and MRI. Are calcifications of old injuries easy to diagnose or is this more likely an osteosarcoma?

It might be a osteosarcoma but if you are under 45 years of age and because the mass is on the end of a long bone then another strong possibility is that it might be a giant cell tumor. Giant cell tumors are not malignant but still are still a difficult tumor to remove. Osteosarcomas are malignant and will require additional treatment besides tumor removal.



They won't be able to be 100% sure what it is until they take a biopsy and you need to get the biopsy done as soon as possible, because if it is an osteosarcoma then you need treatment sooner rather than later for the best outcome. Suggest you go to a large medical facility and be treated only by an orthopedist who specializes in bone tumors because you may need significant reconstructive surgery and this requires an expert surgeon. good luck  (+ info)

Is swelling of the knee and water on the knee related to bone cancer or osteosarcoma?

The doctor is only giving pain killers and pills for diabetes. Is there a solution to this medical problem?

Why is he giving medication for diabetes? Does it have some other function?

Have you injured your knee? Is it wear and tear? Is it the leg that presses the clutch?

It may be an injury to the meniscus between the kneecap and the thigh bones.

You need at least an x-ray, better a CT, and get a referral to an orthopaedic.  (+ info)

What are the mortality rates of Osteosarcoma?

I need to know what the mortality rates are, for a project I'm doing in my Biomedical Tech. course.
Johnny 99 - I don't care, I'm just asking for some info, if you can't provide it, then don't answer my question.

I really don't know exact #s, but Osteosarcoma is considered 1 of the most, if not the most, aggressive cancer there is. The mortality rate is high, considerably higher than w/ other less aggressive/more treatable cancers.  (+ info)

How long do you treat an osteosarcoma of the leg with a hot water bottle in a 10 year old with this?

Is 10 minutes long enough? Like it says...


A hot water bottle will help fight the pain for a short while but it won't stop the cancer.

The pain of this bone cancer is the worst pain imaginable. It aches until you stop hurting because you're body can't bare it any longer.

This child better be booked for surgery and getting treatment from the hospital. That is if you're friend doesn't want to be responsible for the death of their son or endangerment.

I pray the cancer hasn't spread to the organs by now. Because once it gets to the lungs the show's all but over.
People who force these treatments on their children have no idea what it's like to endure bone cancer.  (+ info)

Does osteosarcoma appear in the front of the knee or behind it?

right but if it were the knee where in the knee would it be?

anywhere, not just knees.
Legs, thigh, arm...
Anywhere the tumor is growing, if you ahve a painless bump, please go check it out!!

that is an exray or a pretty advanced case of osteosarcoma.  (+ info)

Osteosarcoma, in the beginning stages, before it's diagnosed, what would the patient feel?

lets say this kid has osteosarcoma in their right leg. what would this kid feel, if he can feel anything, in his leg before it's diagnosed. it's already growing and causing bone damage, but he doesnt know he has it. how would he describe the feeling?

Osteosarcoma, also called osteogenic sarcoma, is a type of cancer that develops from bone. Osteosarcoma is destructive at its original area and is likely to spread to other parts of the body. Osteosarcoma is a malignant (cancerous) tumor that arises from bone itself, and is thus called a primary bone cancer. Primary bone cancers are relatively rare overall.

There are numerous theories regarding the causes of osteosarcoma. Many cases occur during a time of rapid bone growth, as in teenagers or people with Paget's disease. This suggests that the cancer may develop when the body loses its ability to control the multiplication of certain bone cells. Some cases of osteosarcoma are likely to have a genetic basis, and numerous genetic abnormalities have been found in patients with osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is also the most common second cancer to develop in survivors of retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye that often has a genetic cause. Other cases arise in people who have been exposed to radiation, either accidentally or as part of a medical treatment.

The most common early symptoms of osteosarcoma are often vague. There may be pain or swelling at the site of the tumor, but these symptoms initially may not seem serious in a young, active person. Thus, the patient or medical personnel may attribute the symptoms to growing pains, or an injury from sports, for example, and the diagnosis may be delayed. Eventually, it is usually possible to feel a firm lump on the bone, and this lump will be uncomfortable to the touch.-

I have given details about Osteosarcoma above and the child should only feel pain and swelling. No other serious symptoms will be noticed -  (+ info)

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