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How long does an ear infection (Otitis Media) take to fully heal?

I went to the doctor 2 days ago, he told me I have Otitis Media. He gave amoxicillin to take for a week. How long will it take for my ear to fully heal and for the pressure/fluid to go down? I constantly feel that I have water in my ear/that it hasn't popped yet, and it's kind of annoying seeing as how I can't hear that well with that ear.

it differs for different people but if it is still the same after a week i would recommend that you go back to the doctors.

hope you feel better soon :-)  (+ info)

Can OTITIS MEDIA be caused by lack of hygiene?

otitis media is a middle ear infection right? i searched the net about the causes of it but none indicated lack of hygiene. What do you think? Thanks!!! I need the answer urgent please. Give you 10 points for perfecct answer. Good day.

yes otits media is a middle ear infection and no its not a hygeine issue. its an infection cause by fluid build up in your ear behind the ear drum. the fluid can contain bacteria. when the eustacian tube(small ventilation tube attach to the inside of your ear) fails to properly ventilate the fluid build up can cause infection
most ear infections are caused by a secondary infection in which you first had a head cold, allergies or physical abnormalities with your ears/sinuses. I have had about a dozen middle ear infections. I do not have poor hygeine. I have never heard of hygeine ever being an issue for ear infections.   (+ info)

Effects of otitis media on school students?

How can otitis media affect a child's learning at school?
What impact can it have on students?

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Is it posible to treat otitis media or glue ear to adult ?

Is it posible to treat otitis media or glue ear to adult ? and how
he got when he"s still and he is 20 years old.

otitis media is an infection. you have to see an ENT doctor for that. he will give you the proper antibiotics to drop in your ear  (+ info)

Otitis Media how long does it take to cure?

Iv had otitis media since Monday and its a like this feeling in my ear that i have water in it just wondering how long does it take to cure?? I dont feel any pain from my ear and the doctors just gave me alot of pills to eat..so are antibiotics others idk....Any ideas?

Antibiotic therapy can take 7-10 days to clear up an ear infection depending on the severity. If fluid behind the eardrum begins causing pain ask your doctor for a referal to an otolarygologist (ear nose and throat doctor). They can make a tiny painless incision in the eardrum to relieve the pressure and take out the fluid.  (+ info)

How do you tell the difference between otitis media and labyrinthitis?

It's hard to tell the difference between a middle ear infection (otitis media) and an inner ear infection (labyrinthitis) without having a doctor look in the ear. They usually feel the same - a deep, throbbing pain within the ear, sometimes stabbing, that may radiate throughout that side of the head. A deeper infection may cause a perforation in the eardrum, which would lead to extreme sharp pain and drainage of pus and/or blood from the ear.

If you are having pain that is consistent with an ear infection, you should make an appointment with your doctor right away. Minor ear infections can clear up on their own without antibiotics, but more severe infections (especially those of the inner ear) need antibiotics to clear them up. Leaving an ear infection untreated can cause permanent damage to the ear, leading to hearing loss, and can spread into other areas of your sinuses and even cause pitting of the skull.

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

does some person with otitis media dint feeling any pain in their ear but have ringing in their ear instead ?

hi, my doc say i have otitis media and i going to see a doctor soon. Patient wit otitis media usually have pain in their infected area but instead instead of having pain my ear, i just feel fullness in my ear and i oso keep hearing ringing sound. So the problem is can otitis media dint cause any pain but instead have other symptoms?


What does unspecified otitis media mean?

My ear has been hurting me. I was given antibiotics and ear drops but this was the diagnosis. What does it mean?

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How many untreated cases of otitis media in childhood can lead to deafness?

One if it is severe enough.  (+ info)

What are the risks of flying with a kid that has otitis media with effusion?

And what can you do to prevent these problems?
The kid is 1 year old and has never experimented accute otitis.
The possible OME was discovered by practicing a timpanometry.

It's difficult to predict. Theoretically, with pressurized aircraft any pain should be minimal, but I suspect many of us have experienced intense ear pain when we flew with a head cold.

Tympanometry can be very sensitive. The question is whether the infant's eustachean tubes are open. If they are, you should have little problem. If the infant starts to fuss - typically as the plane descends - give him or her a drink from a bottle or sippy cup. Swallowing assists pressure equalization in the middle ear.

Pain is the major risk. I personally never experienced a patient with a ruptured ear drum from this, although it can happen in theory. Even then, the perforation almost always heals without intervention.  (+ info)

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