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How long can a person with Pancreatic Cancer be expected to live ?

How long can a person with pancreatic cancer be expected to live without surgery and only with Chemo therapy ?

I dont know. I think every case is different!
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What is the after affect of fistula-in-ano surgery?

I have fistula-in-ano and doctor said that you have to remove it by surgery. I am concerned about surgery that how painful is it and how long does it takes to heel up, how many days do I have to take off from work. If somebody has the fistula-in-ano surgery experience then please share with me.


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How can a CT scan result show that there is no pancreatic head mass while in a ultrasound there is?

An ultrasound was done and it revealed a pancreatic head mass. A CT scan and ultrasound was later performed by a different doctor and he found nothing. Another ultrasound was done by the first doctor and she commits to her finding that there is indeed a pancreatic head mass. I am SUPER confused.

I agree with Denised; these images need to be compared. It is possible to see something on one modality that doesn't show well on the other. Sometimes a third test (like MRI) is needed; frustrating, yes. You can take both sets to one of the doctors, or even both doctors, or go to an independent radiologist for a third opinion.

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What is the correct and incorrect mechanism of pancreatic cancer?

What does this actually mean? I tried to research the
"mechanisms" of pancreatic cancer, but I couldn't find anything. Please help :)

Is this a multiple choice question? I don’t really know what they want, but mechanism means the process to achieve an end. So I read it as meaning the correct and incorrect treatment, but treating cancer is not that cut and dried.  (+ info)

Can nexium create a false positive for Pancreatic cancer?

A relative was recently told based on blood tests that she may have pancreatic cancer. She has consistently taken nexium and other drugs for acid reflux, migraines, and arthritis. Can these drugs or any for that matter cause a blood test to come back positive for pancreatic cancer?

Blood tests for presence of cancer are screening tests and are not 100% diagnostic of the presence of cancer. Biopsises and other tests need to be done to ensure a positive diagnosis.

That said, blood tests look for specific proteins made by specific kinds of cancer cells. Medications are unlikely to give a false positive on this type of test. That does not mean that the blood test is 100% reliable however. It does mean that more diagnostic tests are needed.  (+ info)

Can I determine my chances of getting pancreatic cancer since my mother died of this?

My mother died of Pancreatic cancer and my only sibling of Glioblastoma multiforme(Brain tumor). My mother was in her 70's, but my brother was only 50 at death. I am 51 and am more concerned about my chances of developing Pancreatic cancer and if I can be tested for the tumor marker for this disease.

This link gives information about pancreatic cancer, heredity and screening.

It says that 1 in 10 cases are due to inheriting an abnormal gene. Those with a close relative – parent or sibling - with pancreatic cancer have an increased risk, but if nobody else in the family (other than your mother, in your case) has had it then it’s unlikely to have been caused by an abnormal gene.

http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?page=15559  (+ info)

My grandma got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and i want to get an angel tattoo?

My grandma got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and i want to get an angel and somehow tie in that she is what holds my whole family together and the purple ribbon for awarness but my idea for the family part was putting the world in her hands? any better ideas? please help!

sounds like a job for miami ink  (+ info)

what can cause a dialated pancreatic duct?

I recently left the emergency room after experiencing sever abdominal pains. The KAT Scan and X-Ray showed that I have a dialated pancreatic duct. What can be the causes of this and could that be what was causing the abdominal pains?

I wonder how a plain xray can show dilated pancreatic duct. Even a sonography may be a better tool here. Though gallsone is a possible cause, you will need more investigations to rule out other things. Abstinence from alcohol will be a good idea till your doctor permits it.
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Is there anyway my friend can get funding for her pancreatic cancer treatment?

My friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer today and lives in Sandiego, California.
She can't afford to pay for the cancer treatment.
Is there any way she can get funding for her treatment?

First of all, the hospital has to give treatment whether you can pay or not, although it would ruin you finacialy, you would get the treatment.

Ask around at hospitals, many will have sponsorship programs.  (+ info)

My grandmother has Pancreatic cancer, what are the chances of her surviving?

I just found out today that my grandmother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she is 81.

Does people with pancreatic cancer live for long? What are the treatments?

I would be devastated if she died, I've only meet her twice in my life since she lives in another country and since I'm 15 I can't just go and see her.

When I write a letter to her, what should I say?

im sorry to hear about your grandmother
most of the time people with pancreatic cancer don't survive
but you need to find out what stage she's in to see if they got it to late
but always have hope
my grandfather died from pancreatic cancer but they also found it to late  (+ info)

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