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Is it ok to smoke after having acute pancreatitis?

My friend has recently got out of hospital after having acute pancreatitis at level 3.3 and was smoking today. I was wondering, is this harmful to him other than the obvious fact that it's smoking?

The American Journal of Gastroenterology
Volume 99 Issue 4 Page 731 - April 2004

OBJECTIVES: We studied relationships of cigarette smoking and coffee drinking to risk of pancreatitis.

METHODS: This was a cohort study among 129,000 prepaid health plan members who supplied data about demographics and habits in 1978–85. Among 439 persons subsequently hospitalized for pancreatitis, probable etiologic associations were cholelithiasis (168/439 = 38%), alcohol (125/439 = 29%), idiopathic (110/430 = 25%), and miscellaneous (36/439 = 8%). Cox proportional hazards models with seven covariates (including alcohol intake) yielded relative risk estimates for smoking and coffee use.

RESULTS: Increasing smoking was strongly related to increased risk of alcohol-associated pancreatitis, less related to idiopathic pancreatitis, and unrelated to gallstone-associated pancreatitis. Relative risks (95% confidence intervals, CI) of one pack per day (vs never) smokers for pancreatitis groups were: alcohol = 4.9 (2.2–11.2, p< 0.001), idiopathic = 3.1 (1.4–7.2, p< 0.01), and gallstone = 1.3 (0.6–3.1). The relationship of smoking to alcohol-associated pancreatitis was consistent in sex and race subsets. Drinking coffee, but not tea, was weakly inversely related to risk only of alcohol-associated pancreatitis, with relative risk (95% CI) per cup per day = 0.85 (0.77–0.95; p= 0.003). Male sex, black ethnicity, and lower-educational attainment were other predictors of alcohol-associated pancreatitis.

CONCLUSIONS: Cigarette smoking is an independent risk factor for alcohol-associated and idiopathic pancreatitis. Coffee drinking is associated with reduced risk of alcohol-associated pancreatitis. The data are compatible with the hypotheses that smoking may be toxic to the pancreas or may potentiate other pancreatic toxins while some ingredient in coffee may have a modulating effect.  (+ info)

Is it ok to drink white wine with pancreatitis?

Can i go to the liquor store and get a bottle? I had acute pancreatitis about 4 months ago. I have drank a few times and been fine. white wine's safe, right?

I wouldn't drink anything when you have had an inflammation of the pancreas  (+ info)

if someone have acute pancreatitis,they really have to go for operation?what are the chances of survival?

my brother have acute pancreatitis,is this illness can cure just taking drugs or proper medications? if he will go for operation, he can work again like before?in the phiippines how much is the operation?

Acute Pancreatitis can be caused by a Gallbladder difunction or problem It is very common. Antibiotics can cool it down, but his gallbladder may need removed. Its a very easy surgery to recover from. I couldn't tell you how much it would cost in Phillipines. Recovery takes about a week, if he has surgery. He will recover fine from this kind of surgery.  (+ info)

Drinking & Pancreatitis. Has anyone been able to drink in moderation after having Pancreatitis?

Drinking & Pancreatitis. Has anyone been able to drink in moderation after having Pancreatitis? My Doctor said that I should knock it on the head for a few months & then only in moderation. Any other experiences out there?

Yours is acute or chronic pancreatitis?

And is it because of drinking too much alcohol and/or many years of alcohol abuse?

Actually speaking, any which way, your doctor is damn right. You ought to keep yourself away from alcohol, at least for the next few months, stick to your prescribed diet, and take the proper medications.

You may further check up with the below mentioned diet for not only more details on chronic/acute pancreatitis, but also diet and alternative medicine related advice.  (+ info)

Can pancreatitis elevate your triglicerides in bloodstream ?

I was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis which was probabely caused by bad fat-based nutrition and food poisoning. My triglicerides was 640 when i was feeling horribly bad. Now after 3 days they are back to 310and I feel much better. I am already going through aggresive treatment.
My question is - what was the effect and what was the cause? In other words - did I get pancreatitis because of triglicerides level or did my panreatitios elevated the level of this lipids in blood ?

Thank you

trigylcerides are made in the liver, your diet was the cause of your elevated triglycerides not your pancreas. You got pancreatitis because of fat based nutrition and the infective process of gastroenteritis, just as you said.  (+ info)

How can I know if I have stomach ulcers or pancreatitis? How are the symptoms different?

I have pain in my upper abdomen and it feels like eating aggravates it. The pain can get so severe that it makes me vomit and I also have diarrhea. This has been going on for about 3 days now.

go to the hospital and do blood tests.
Good luck  (+ info)

he had a pancreatitis from drinking to much alcohol he wants to start drinking again how long should he wait?

he had the pancreatitis about almost 2 months ago and he wants to start drinking in like 1 month will he be okay?

medically its not advised to drink any more after having an attact of acute pancreatitis as it might predispose to having further attacks and resulting in diabetes mellitus. so thought of drinking should be totally erased from the mind.  (+ info)

How likely pancreatitis will lead to pancreastic cancer?

Has anyone completely recovered from pancreatitits?
Thank you Jonathen. To the other two repliers (thanks, too): I've heard pancreatitis in some people eventually led to cancer. This is similar to hepatitis B can result in liver cancer, I guess.

chronic pancreatitis may lead to pancreatic cancer. one can recover from acute ones completely.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if chronic pancreatitis can cause your abdomen to be itchy in the upper right side.?

I know chronic pancreatitis causes abdominal pain in the upper right side, but I have been experiencing itchiness there too. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what causes this, is it normal, or if anyone else has the same problem. Any info would be most helpful. Thanks!!

what you may be describing is a part of referred pains. the major nerve called the celiac plexus runs through the pancreas and up to the skin. itching is an experience through the nerves.one other thought, is if your liver enzymes are elevated, then an entire body itchiness may occur.i run a webgroup called http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/sphincterofoddi_pancreatitis
you may wish to come and join.we have over 230 members who experience what you describe. plus, you can come and share and learn from other sufferers. in the meantime, try some plain benadryl cream (generic name diphenydramine) for the itching.goodluck ;)michele  (+ info)

Can I ever Drink after having pancreatitis?

I had acute pancreatitis in June. I was 19 at the time now 20 and they did not find the cause of this. I didnt drink enough to cause it, i rarely drink.My question is would it be ok in a couple of years to have one glass of wine or one beer as a drink at dinner. I have not had any flair ups again and have tested a couple of beers on my birthday and felt fine. I just want to be able to have a glass of wine with my girlfriend at dinner. Thanks for the help.

Ask your doctor to be sure - but I'd suspect a single drink, along with food, should be OK. The most common cause of unexplained pancreatitis is stress, so you may want to focus on that. (I'm assuming more common causes such as gallstones or excessive alcohol have been ruled out.)  (+ info)

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