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What's the odds of having one inverted nipple and one protracted?

I have one inverted nipple and one contracted nipple. What are the odds of that? And Im only thriteen so will it come out or something?

None of our body parts are exactly symmetrical. If you are only 13, then your breasts are likely to change substantially before you reach adulthood. I would not be worried about the difference for several years. And, yes it's possible that they could end up different, but there's a good chance they'll look the same by the time you are in your late teens.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of inverted nipples naturally?

i have inverted nipples i have not yet had my period, my boobs have developed and i have pubic hair and discharge and im scared of having inverted nipples forever because i don't think that they will change as i get older. is there anyway i could correct my nipples?

leave it to a STEVE to come up with a Cube answer. He must have a short in his dimmer switch. Some how they just pop out. Do not be shy about stroking them to maximum attention when ever the chance is given. find the other points on your body that cause good vibes. and they may follow the nerve you struck.
My own were like that when I was 32B, but Now I ware Duck tape over them when I wat to be taken seriously in a mixed room. Thme girls are always trying to up stage me.  (+ info)

Is it normal for a normally inverted nipple to be stuck coming out?

For all of today I've been having some discomfort and sensitivity in my one breast because the inverted nipple (which usually comes out only when stimulated or cold) is for some reason right in the middle of being inside and coming out. Is this unhealthy? Should I get this checked out? It is only in the one breast. Btw, I am still growing most likely and I'm 17 years old.

Changes in your nipples can mean breast cancer. Please get a mamogram.

My ex best friend's brother's friend got breast cancer. HE was 14.  (+ info)

What other styles are there for the inverted bob other than straight?

Im thinking of getting the inverted bob that rihanna has but the only thing is id have to straighten my hair everyday to get it to look right. Summer is comming and i sweat alot so it wont stay straight...does anyone know any other styles for the summer?

I have seen women with bob haircuts that they wear curly occasionally. It looks great. If you're worried about your hair being too curly and really "poofing" out because of the short length, I would say use rollers and a good anti-frizz creme to loosen and soften the curls a bit. Good luck!  (+ info)

How do you keep your hair from looking terrible while growing out an inverted bob?

I had an inverted bob with side swept bangs. It was a super cute cut but I am growing it out now. I keep getting it trimmed so that my bangs and top layers can catch up with the rest of my hair. It looks like I am working on a mullet! I can't stand it. Is it my hairdresser? does she just not know how to trim it, or will it just be like this for a few months?

that is the hardest haircut to grow out, she knows what she is doing, but it will take awhile. Why not put some cute headbands in it, clip it back, do twisties on the top or corn rows and play up the back of it. It will get there I promise. Patience my friend, patience.  (+ info)

Why is my nipple inverted after breast reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction on one breast (due to asymmetry) 3 weeks ago. Now my nipple is inverted and won't come out. I've never had inverted nipples before. Is this typical? When will it go back to normal?

I don't know. But if they don't, I will ask the doctor to either fix this problem or you going to sue for "not doing job they promised" and "pain and suffering".  (+ info)

How do I know if my contact is inverted?

I just got them today and I'm afraid that I will put them in inverted
What's the difference?

For one, the contact will not form a perfect bowl looking shape. It will look different. Also, if you can look at the edges, when they are right they should have a rounded off shape. If wrong they will have a sharp looking edge. I know I have the worst way of describing this but I am trying. Also after you get it in, it will feel weird some people say, but I would have never known unless I covered my other eye to see how good I could see and it was all blurry then I knew for sure it was inside out.  (+ info)

Has anybody used the Avent Inverted Nipple Solution to correct inverted nipples? Did it work and how long?

I've had inverted nipples my entire life and want to find out if anybody has used the Avent Inverted Nipple Solution and did it work and if so how long did it take and was the process painful? Also did it make your nipples chapped? Was it hard to wear under your clothes?

I have always had inverted nipples but while breastfeeding i used a breast pump avent brand i might add lol and idk if its from that but i don't have inverted nipples anymore.. so if the Avent Inverted Nipple Solution is anything like the breast pump im sure it will work.. oh and yeah it is sorta painful kind of like a pinch.  (+ info)

are inverted nipples a huge problem if you really want to breast feed?

i've heard that women have problem breast feeding if they have inverted nipples, i was just wondering if any one had or knows any success stories!

Nope. THey are certainly not a huge problem. Things may not be as easy for you as for other women...but if you want to breastfeed, things will work themselves out within a few days. I had one flat nipple and one inverted...My daughter just turned a year and she is still breastfeeding. I used nipple cover things to help bring them out in the beginning (made by madela...the hospital gave them to me) and then I pumped for a week or so...and now they are out:) Good luck. Let me know if you want a link to where to buy those nipple cover things...you can get them at babiesrus for sure...  (+ info)

I have and I am embarressed about my inverted nipples. Is there anything that I can do?

I have always had inverted nipples. I feel selfconcious about them and want to know if there is anything out there to change their apperance without surgury.

nursing should help as would swedish nipple cups which are basically little suction cups that you put onto your nipples.  (+ info)

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