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concomitant disorders of Paranoid Schizophrenia?

In my online psychology class we have to make a presentation and Im doing mine on Paranoid Schizophrenia. Concomitant Disorders is one subject we have to cover in the presentation. Im not sure what "concomitant disorders" means though. Help??

"Concomitant" disorders means "accompanying" disorders.
"Paranoid schizophrenia" is a disorder with very specific symptoms.
"Concomitant disorders" must be symptoms that are not always part of paranoid schizophrenia but are separate from schizophrenia but accompany it. Maybe like a person who is in a car accident and breaks a lot of bones and has to stay in bed and gets bed sores. The bed sores are not symptoms of the broken bones but they are a disorderwhich accompanies broken bones.
People who hurt their back and can't work and have to stay at home in pain and fight with their spouse will often require treatment for serious depression as a concomitant disorder to their physical back pain.  (+ info)

what is the difference between paranoid personality and borderline personality disorders?

You are more suspicious, paranioid, you think people are plotting against you, doubt, counter-attack people, trust issues...Paranoid Personality.

Borderline is more centered around fear of abandonment and going to desperate measures to avoid abandonment. A Borderlne engages in self mutilating behaviour, mood swings, emptiness, have unstable relationships and are IMPULSIVE.

So there is a difference  (+ info)

what is the best way to cure Paranoid Personality Disorder without going to a phsycayatrist?

i have a hard time trusting my girlfriend of 2 yrs and i was looking on the internet and found a term Paranoid Personality Disorder i was wondering if any1 has any knowledge of this and if so what are cures for this disorders without going to a phsycayatrist...

There's no magic cures for psych disorders.

#1) You need to see a doctor for a REAL diagnosis
#2) If you ARE diagnosed with PPD, then only a professional can help.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How many personality disorders can a person have?

I am just curious,l how many personality disorders can one person have? Can someone have borderline, narcissistic, and paranoid personality disorders at the same time? Or more even?
I know some of them have qualities that relate somewhat but if the person meets the criteria entirely for more than one of them do doctors diagnose them with multiple disorders?


A person will only be diagnosed with on personality disorder. If they have traits of several they will be diagnosed PD NOS or given a cluster diagnosis.
A person that has both Borderline and Narcissistic traits is most likely an anti-social PD.  (+ info)

Are you born with personality disorders or can they develop over your lifetime?

Question: Can people born with personality disorders or can they develop over time?

I'm asking this because I found out that I might have Paranoid Personality Disorder on my own (no doctors) and I wasn't sure if my self-diagnosis is right. I think I developed it later because I haven't always had the symptoms.

Thanks a lot! :D

Personality disorders are a result of a combination of factors.
Borderline Personality Disorder is often found in people who have been sexually abused in their childhood, which is how the splitting first starts as a way of coping with the abuse.
However not every one who has BPD has any sexual abuse history.

In books I have read on what causes Personality disorders it always says its a combination of genetics, life traumas, childhood etc.

You need to see a psychiatrist if you think you have a disorder.  (+ info)

Is It Possible To Have Paranoid Schizophrenia, With Absolutely No Hallucinations?

I was reading a quote from Heath Ledger about the version of the Joker he played in the new batman movie and he described the Joker as having, among other mental disorders, schizophrenia. Obviously he didn't mean disorganized or catatonic schizophrenia, since the character wouldn't be able to function in the way he is supposed to, which just leaves the paranoid type.

So i am wondering, is this new Joker supposed to be hearing voices and/or seeing things that aren't there or can a person with paranoid schizophrenia have absolutely no hallucinations?

Yes, actually a common alternative to hallucinations in P.S. is delusions where instead of seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are created by the mind, there are thoughts and beliefs which aren't real. I had a client many years ago who believed that he had secret connections to the government and must place tin foil around the microwave at 3:00 so that they can give him their daily update. Technically, he didn't see, hear, or feel anything that wasn't there, he just imagined he had special powers, so to speak. strange, isn't it?

Dr. max L.  (+ info)

Could OCD be misdiagnosed for paranoid personality disorder?

I match alot of the symptoms of OCD, and my brother has it so it may run in the family. Is it likely these two disorders could be mistaken for each other?

I do not think it is very likely that OCD would be mistaken for paranoid personality disorder unless you had obsessions about other people plotting against you. The characteristic feature of OCD is obsessions, with or without compulsions. If you have unwanted thoughts that you recognize as being excessive and distressing, and that you recognize as coming from your own mind, then you probably have OCD. OCD has a genetic component, so if your brother has it then it is not unlikely that you have it as well, especially if you think you have a lot of symptoms.

If you actually hear voices like someone is talking to you as opposed to recognizing them as your own thoughts, that could be bipolar or schizophrenia. Go discuss it with a psychiatrist or psychologist so you can identify what you have and get the right treatment for it. Medications and counseling can help a lot with OCD.  (+ info)

Am I Paranoid? Do I have any sort of disorders...?


BTW: I am a 15 year old freshman in high school if that helps determine anything..

Today my mom and I were at the gas station, she went inside to go get some cigarettes but I locked the door because I'm always afraid of someone coming up and trying to kill or rape me. When she came back she noticed that I had locked the door in what she thought was a perfectly safe environment... She jokingly said that I was paranoid but I'm home alone now search paranoia and related disorders... I'm started to get really worried because a few of them sound a lot like me..

First of all, I ALWAYS feel like someone is watching me. Whenever I'm at home I always look outside to see if someone is hiding out there trying to take videos of me or something when I'm at home to send around to embarrass me.

Also, Everytime I enter a room with an area where I think a person can easily hide I always check to see if someone is in there trying to come out and kill me. For example, any time I go to the bathroom I always look behind the shower curtain then go into the laundry room which connects to it to make sure that no one is behind the water tank planning to come out and hurt me.

Every night before I go to bed I always check under my bed because I think someone can easily hide under there then I place a dry erase board between my door and my dresser so anytime someone tries to enter I immediately wake up.

Also, every night before I go to bed I have to pray to God and I always say "Dear God, please keep me safe as I sleep. If there is anything/anyone evil in this room please make them leave and do not let any come in" Then I will go on to pray whatever else I need to..

I've noticed that I've become so afraid within the last year of talking to new people because I feel like they won't like me, or are going to judge me so I don't talk as much and I feel like I'm developing some sort of a speech impediment, which makes me not want to talk even more.

I'm afraid of when my mom brings here boyfriend home. I can never go to sleep before he leaves or take a shower when he is here just because I've only known him for 6 months and I don't trust him. I feel like my mom doesn't know him well enough either and that he could do something to hurt me.

I have a terrible social life. I do nothing almost every weekend. It's come to the point where I'm afraid to ask other people if they want to hang out... I'm also afraid of having them come over my house because I feel like my house is crap compared to theirs.

During my childhood my dad would favor my brothers, yell at my mom, blamed the failure of their marriage on me, was an alcoholic, didn't support me, called me names like cun* and bitc*, once told me he didn't want me, and also told me (on easter) that I dressed like a hooker. I'm constantly afraid of my mom bringing in another guy into our family because she is depending on him to make our financial situation better then if one day he decides to leave we're back to being on welfare, going back to the women's shelter which I had to stay at for 3 months (2 years ago), or barely even being able to get by.

I'm afraid of telling my friends the things that I am going through because I don't want them to think I'm weird.. I don't know what to do and I'm starting to get really worried.. help me please.
I know it's very long but I need help, please read it

That was quite weird believing someone is going to hurt you or rape you seek help immediately get appointment with a psychiatrist if it get worst.  (+ info)

Can someone please tell me how paranoid personality disorder relate to anatomy?

Can someone please tell me how paranoid personality disorder relate to anatomy? Like which part of the human body does it affect and how does it work?

A Paranoid Personality Disorder is a psychological problem. Relates to brain, thoughts, unfounded suspicion that others are exploiting, harming, or deceiving him or her.
http://personalitydisorders.suite101.com/article.cfm/paranoid_personality_disorder  (+ info)

Can young children or babies have bipolar disorders? If so what are the symptoms and how to get them diagnosed?

Some people say that bad behavior is somtimes just a phase. However, mental illness runs in my family. Am I being paranoid? If not, I don't believe that if that is what is was I would put them on medication just find ways to better understand and care for them. What would be your opinion?

To properly diagnose bipolar disorder it takes around ten years.

Symptoms for it start in a cycle... usually each phase is 4 months long...it alternates between being manic and then being depressed.

sometimes children can have personality disorders that make them seem to have violate mood swings. You can always deal with this through different parenting techniques.  (+ info)

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