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What are the actual differences between paranoid schizophrenia and paranoid personality disorder?

I was looking up symptoms for both, and the only difference I could find was that with schizophrenia, you hear voices and have delusions. However, being paranoid someone's poisoning you sounds like a delusion in both cases. I myself have most of the symptoms if not all, and occassionally hear voices, but I'm a functioning individual as well. I don't want to think I have schizophrenia, but I meet all the criteria for that...I can't find any differences. But if I'm gonna be labeled, I'd rather be labeled with PPD

One of the primary differences is the quality of the delusions. A person with paranoid PD might believe that a person they know is trying to kill them. A paranoid schizophrenic might believe that bigfoot is trying to kill them. Besides, with paranoid schizophrenia, there are also the essential features of schizophrenia, which BTW, means split mind. It is characterized by uncontrollable shifts in thought (inability to control your thoughts or maintain a continuous thought process). Either way, a qualified psychiatrist would be the best person to answer the question.

Also, paranoid personality disorder is not necessarily a set of learned behaviors. There is still a lot of debate about that one.  (+ info)

My mother shows all the signs of Paranoid Personality Disorder. Does anyone with this ever except it?

I read a very good book about it and left it on a table at her house hoping she might pick it up and read it. Instead she told my sister that I left it there and for her to give it back to me and tell me that she is not paranoid. Really, she fit all the criteria in the description.

Be careful about diagnosing your mother. Some of the criteria can overlap and you really need a professional to diagnose her. Take a look at http://www.thenook4pds.com
There are others on that site that you can speak to that might be able to guide you. Good luck sweetie, my mother was personality disordered too.  (+ info)

What's the disorder called that you're always paranoid?

I sort of worry all the time and I don't really know what the disorder of being paranoid all the time is called. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm just a typical 14 year old.

Paranoia is a disorder. It's when you think that you're being watched all the time, and that people are out to get you. If you are worried all the time, you may have depression. Talk about it with your parents.  (+ info)

Any literature on treating paranoid personality disorder with family therapy?

I am looking for literature on the efficacy of couples counseling or family therapy with a person with paranoid personality disorder. There does not appear to be much information on this due to the low rate of people with PPD seeking treatment or quitting treatment shortly after they've started. It seems that a person centered, long term individual counseling would be best. However, I would like some info on the possibility of conducting family therapy with someone with PPD.

True paranoids will suspect that they are being expoloited or deceived, they will be afraid the information given will be used maliciously against him, will be unforgiving of criticism, may hold a grudge or feel demeaned and be suspicious of family or loved ones intentions.

Remember that there are associated and overlapping conditions familiar to PPD:
psychotic episodes, delusional disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, agoraphobia, ocd, alcohol and substance related disorders, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, borderline personality disorder.

Would family therapy benefit anyone under these circumstances? Probably not.

If the PPD has been in recovery long enough to accept that his disorder is causing his delusional thinking, then maybe, if he is willing, the family could attend therapy-- but for what purpose? What would you hope to accomplish?  (+ info)

What is the disorder called when your mind literally makes up something for you to fear or be paranoid about?

What if your mind constantly makes you fear something that is not real or true? Like it has you questioning your health or your sexual orientation? What about when it has you questioning your sanity? Feel like your about to go crazy? Where are all these unwanted thoughts coming from? And why? Is it a serious mental disorder?
Can staying home often contribute to this?

Knowing the name of such disorder is not going to cure. You have to find a natural solution or consult doctor to take medication.  (+ info)

Is this an eating disorder or am i paranoid?

Lately I haven't been eating much, and today i just ate a sandwich and some fries. I just ate the fries liek a half hour ago, for dinner. But like 20 minutes after eating them i started to feel really sick and i still am...
My friends think it may be stress that i havent been eating, but eveytime i eat, i feel kind of nauseas
Is there something wrong with me or am i just paranoid?
Please help.

an eating disorder is a MENTAL disorder...it isn't eating and then feeling sick at your stomach.  (+ info)

What ways are there to stop a feeling of total paranoia? I don't mean the strange ideas of paranoid?

schizophrenia. I mean more the paranoid personality disorder. I try and control my thoughts but the sense of paranoia is always with me, that God, life and others will destroy me.

you should see a docter of course and also the things that youre scared of you should face like god you are scared that he will distroy you but that is not true look into the bible and see that it is not true it just isnt and life is full of things that could happen yes but there is hope for the future if you read the bible it will make yoyu not scared maybe not totally if you have a mental contdition but it will definantly help
if you want more info or need to talk feel free to email me from my profile  (+ info)

How to tell my spouse he is suffering from paranoid personality disorder with psychotic features.?

He feels that he is perfectly alright and is a very un co-operative patient. Help please. Thanks

If he is paranoid then you don't need to tell him anything. he will just see you as part of the problem. the fact that he has psychotic features can make him very dangerous. If he has actually been seen by a mental health professional and received the above stated diagnosis and is being uncooperative or medication non-compliant then you need to contact that mental health professional right away. If you agitate a paranoid person and he reaches an acutely psychotic state you have a serious problem on your hands. If he is not taking his meds contact a mental health professional.  (+ info)

What is the long-term treatment for paranoid personality disorder?

I heard it was difficult to treat.

Go to a psychologist or psychiatrist; get diagnosed; get medication; stay on medication.

One of the problems with this, many diff schizophrenia disorders, and bi-polar disorder is that the medication can make you feel somewhat distant. Many times your extreme emotions are dulled (anger, depression, excitement, joy, arousel) from the leveling effects of the drug. Many people dislike this, and many feel that they don't need the medication after a period of time has gone by... and they stop taking them.

It is hard to treat: the very nature of the disorder is that you don't trust the world. So trusting this one person with your well-being, possibly your sanity, may very well be terrifying. That alone is hard. Being dependent on medication is also hard. But perhaps trusting one person will help you to trust others, and be less paranoid in the long run, naturally and wholly without drugs.  (+ info)

I am paranoid I may have anemia. Anyone out there have it? What are the true symptoms?

I am 15, and I have been a vegetarian four nearly three years, now. I was anorexic for about eight months about a year and three months ago. I am beginning to develop poor eating habits again. I also have multiple anxiety disorders. Am I just over-analyzing this, or could I really have it? Help, please!

Yup. I'm anemic. For me, it's genetic instead of diet-influenced, but the symptoms are exactly the same, because the condition is the same: I get tired a lot, and sometimes doing physical exercise is difficult (I can't get enough oxygen into my blood because the red blood cells won't hold the oxygen, so it makes me breathe too fast. so if I exercise too hard, I can faint). I also easily get cold,

Anemia is definitely something to worry about if you have dietary issues; anorexia can lead to anemia and many other health problems. But, the good news is that you can easily determine if you are anemic, by a quick little blood test. no big needles required! just a little prick on your finger, and you are done. get the test, and you will know : )  (+ info)

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