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what to do about paranoid schizophrenia?

what should i do about my paranoid schizophrenia? besides go to the doctor, is there any self help metheds to deal with this disorder? and yes i am pretty sure i have it.

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How do you know if you have OCD or paranoid personality disorder?

everyone on here says my symptoms are of paranoia but I have been diagnosed with OCD. How can you tell?

Please talk to a mental health professional, not random people on Yahoo Answers ... this is your life and not everyone here has your best interest at heart.  (+ info)

If I suffer from several personality disorders should I go see a mental therapist?

I am still in high school
disorders include being avoidant, narcissistic, paranoid, obsessive-compulsive, and histrionic

If you are worried about your health - mental or otherwise - it is a good thing to see a doctor.

It is quite common for people, especially people in their teens, to believe that they are suffering from mental or social illnesses. The worry generated by their self-diagnosis is usually much more debilitating and damaging than the supposed illness.

One or two talks with a sympathetic doctor will very likely set your mind at rest and allow you to live a happy and normal life.  (+ info)

Does having a paranoid personality disorder prevent someone from living a fullfilling life?

Eg relationships, jobs etc
I have no friends. I have no family to turn to. I lost my friends ago because I thought they were somehow against me. I live a cold life.

yes people start hating you and you start hating them back and you have to live in the corner in a cave just like the terrorists.  (+ info)

How do I stop being paranoid?

How do I stop being paranoid?

I think I have paranoid personality disorder. I have a hard time trusting others and I always feel like there is an underlying motive behind what everyone does to me. Whether it be good or bad. It's driving me crazy and I don't know how to solve it. Any suggestions?

I can not speak to you or you having paranoid personality disorder. However, you do raise some interesting points. "I have a hard time trusting people". I usually hear this comment from individuals who have some low self-esteme issues and who have difficulty setting clear boundries and limits (example: having a hard time saying no when on wants to) with people without feeling guilty. An inability to set boundries allowes people to infringe on the individual and their space causing the individual to feel a breach of trust.
Also, people who are "people pleaser's" usually have trust issues because they give into others wants and minimize their own wants and needs. They usually take a position: I am not so important; they will not like me if I say what I want; it the other person really cared for me they would figure out what I want and do it. This is an illogical, no win, Catch 22 behavior that makes the individual feel others are taking advantage of them. Therefore, if they take advantage of my goodness, they can't be trusted.
Finally, individuals who make the "I can trust people comment" often come from families where there has been a pattern of chronic stress or addiction. In those types of families one often experiences communication problems, boundry problems, emotional regulation problems, and a general feeling one is devalued. Those experiences drive feelings of paranoia.

"I always feel like there is an underlying motive behind what everyone does to me." Well that is a true statement. All behavior is driven by motive - conscious or unconscious. However, I do not believe people have a maniacle purpose as your comment seems to say.

If you are dealing with true paranoia - medication is indicated. If you are using the word paranoia to describe a general feeling, individual therapy might be in order.

In any case - Only you can "solve it". Others can only act as guide and support. Good luck on your quest.  (+ info)

What would be done to treat a person who had Paranoid Personality Disorder?

Probably a combination of medication and counseling. There are drugs available from professionals that help someone better interpret what is going on around them. For example, my sister has paranoid thoughts sometimes and has learned to recognize when they occur. It took a lot of practice with her psychiatrist, but now she is much better able to tell when she is overreacting to people and events around her, and taking them too personally. When it happens, she has people from a support group she can call to talk about her feelings, and medication that she knows will help her be calmer and think more clearly. However, paranoia is not her primary problem. It will probably be difficult to persuade someone who is truly paranoid that it is okay to get help.  (+ info)

What is it called when your paranoid of vomit?

What's this disorder called when your scared of seeing,smelling,hearing,etc vomit?

Normal. It's called normal. It all changes after you have children, when you have to learn to adjust to spending your life cleaning up poop, snot and vomit.  (+ info)

how i reconnect with my son who has paranoid personality disorder?

my son says i am not the mother he he knows as his mother would have assisted him in his requests for assistance (in his delusion) and i did not.
how do i go about regaining our relationship and his trust.

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My boy has Paranoid Schizophrenia is there something I need to know?

My boyfriend and I want to marry, I love him and will never leave him. He is on medication and it controls his symptoms. He has a milder version of the disorder. I have Bipolar II, which is a milder version. I know our kids will most likely have a disorder since it is in both our families. Is there someone out there who loves someone romantically with this disorder who can share tips or cautions or anything that I may not know about triggers or anything?
For the people who think it is wrong to have kids with a disorder, I was born and have lived and loved and would never change a thing. My lover is the most beautiful person I know and whatever kids we have will be loved and will be given the tools to succeed because we will be prepared from experience to help them through any tough times. By the way mental disorders can attack any child in any family at any time regardless of genetics. So before you condemn others, ask yourself: where would I be without Van Gogh, or Silvia Plath, or Virginia Woolfe or Hunter S. Thompson or any of the other beautiful minds who bring us art, literature and poetry. You closed-minded bigot. Love everyone, even the bigots.


What is paranoid personality disorder?

If someone finds out their friends are talking about them behind their back in a bad way, a bit of bullying occurs, and then they assume they can no longer trust the friends or anyone else, is that a sign of a disorder?

No thats not a sign of paranoid personality disorder. personality disorders are very serious and can be quite complicated to diagnose. try doing more research online or at the library about it. but from whoat you've mentioned thats not paranoia.  (+ info)

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