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what is fanatic paranoid personality disorder?

Please help? I have been told that I'm narcissistic and paranoid...is this what it is? If so please go into depth on what Fanatic paranoid personality disorder is.

google it  (+ info)

Does anyone know about Paranoid Personality disorder?

I think I may have it. I can scared of everyone, and I feel certain people are out to get me. What should I do?

It is making my live miserable.

I've dealt with it in my life before. Here's a link to read but i'm sure you've read plenty online about it already.  (+ info)

Does using Ecstasy lead to GAD(General Anxiety Disorder) or other psycological disorders years after use?

Anyone know anything about frequent ecstasy use (over about a year or more) leading to anxiety issues, or any type of issues with becoming abnormally paranoid when using marijuana, or having problems remembering things you were planning to do just a few minutes previously?

Any known treatments for this type of issue (i.e. Lexapro?), and any amount of time that one could expect it to resolve itself?

The short answer is -- YES.

It is now well known that prolonged Ecstasy use tends to damage the serotonin-producing neurotransmitters in the brain, which is a long-term and possibly permanent effect. As you get older, the damage may become even more apparent since there are other natural losses in the brain due to aging. It can cause all the symptoms you describe, plus others such as major depression.

Depression related to serotonin deficiency or too rapid uptake of serotonin in the brain can be helped with SSRI antidepressants such as Prozac, Lexapro, etc. HOWEVER -- a big warning -- if you start taking antidepressants of any kind, DO NOT take Ectasy. The combined effects of those two types of drugs can cause "serotonin syndrome", which means that the brain is flooded with far too much serotonin that it can't absorb or get rid of. Symptoms include sky high blood pressure, fainting, and even coma, and it can definitely kill you.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

What are the affects on children who are raised by a singer mother with Paranoid Personality Disorder?

Umm, they're tone-deaf and can't carry a tune?  (+ info)

I have Paranoid Personality Disorder and OCD. What treatment(medication) should I take to treat this?

I want to be in more control of my life and the changes coming within it.
Does the medication you take make you have problems, down there? Does it make you quiet, or doe it just make you stay in control?

I have OCD and take Fluvoxamine daily. It slows things down just enough so that I can recognize "obessive" thoughts when they occur. This allows you, over time, to ignore or not be so bothered by them. Your psychiatrist will probably have you try a few different SSRI class medications until you find one that works well for you. My experience is that once you find the right meds, you can lower the dosage to a "maintenance" level that doesn't interfere with your life but treats the symptoms. Good luck.  (+ info)

Do i have Paranoid personality disorder?

I dont know what wrong with me ever since i had a gf i have been paranoid as hell all the time, i read texts wrong, take things out of context, think the worse about her and have this feeling somethings of been ill. Do i have a Paranoid personality disorder?cuz am really messed up at the mo.

If it's really worrying you, go and see your doctor, he'll be able to diagnose what's wrong.

It may just be a phase that you'll get over... don't worry.  (+ info)

All of the following are personality disorders which a music therapist might find the need to know if?

working in a mental health setting except:

A. Grandiosive

~Dr. B.~  (+ info)

does anyone know how to deal with Paranoid Personlity disorder?

I do think I do I have this disorder I have all the signs of having this but I'm afraid of seeing someone,I'm afraid that they won't believe me or that they say they want me to go to group threapy. I freak out everytime someone tells me that they want me to do group threpy I shut down. I starting to fell depressed from this and getting panic attacks too. I keep thinking my boyfriend is going to cheat on me or someone is going to backstab me in some way. I can't get these stupid thoughts and feelings to go away. Is there anything I can do without seeing people about it....

You need CBT, it is a therapy but that's what you need. It doesn't need to be group based you can do it one on one with a therapist until you feel comfortable enough to join a group. You can not solve this alone and you need to seek help. The CBT helps you understand your thought processes and why you think the way you do, in your case I really think you could benefit from this, just give it a try. Good Luck  (+ info)

Can Major Depression make someone paranoid, suspicious, volatile, and unstable?

Or would social anxiety disorder contribute to that? Don't say biplar because this patient doesn't manic episodes that last more than a few hours.

No major depression can't make someone all of those things. Someone with those symptoms could very well have social anxiety disorder or one of the forms of schizophrenia (there are several). All of these symptoms don't sound like just one disorder to me it sounds like there is a lot going on there.  (+ info)

Could i be pregnant or am i being overly paranoid?

Me and my bf have been having unprotected sex for the first half of our intercorse, then using a condom, there has only been a few times where he's neay you know whatted but pulled out!

I am now 11days late on my period, i've been getting ALOT of discharge which i never usually got, and i'm quite boated, but other then that i'm normal..

I suffer with G.A.D (Generalised Anziety Disorder) How ever you spell it lol.. Would this have anything to do with me being late?

******Sigh........I thought they banned this kind of stupid question from Y!A.  (+ info)

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