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Attempting to find RELIABLE information on the devlopment of paraphilias and the related childhood experiences?

Can anyone find a scholary source, and possibly ones that show how cartoon and ect influence the deleopment, and why?

http://www.merck.com/mmhe/print/sec07/ch104/ch104c.html  (+ info)

Whis is Katoptronophilia listed under Paraphilias Disorders?

I dont understand how this can be a disorder. Can someone explain???

Just another excuse to sell drugs.


It will wake you up out of this Matrix.  (+ info)

Would My Paraphilias Be Due To Bi-Polar Disorder?

My bi-polar kicked in back in 1998 due to a bad divorce, etc.
I also have some behavioral disorder.
One of them is two paraphilias that come and go but it seems one trades off for the other.
They are diapers, and panties if that is relevant.
I cannot have a normal sex life let alone a LTR with a woman.
Obviously it effects me socially, but I don't see myself giving this up anytime soon.
I just wonder where it comes from.
Also how could I at least cope with it, for a more fuller social life.
Sometimes I feel so embarrassed and shameful for being this way.

I disagree that the divorce had nothing to do with it. on the contrary, life stressors make things like this worse because the behavior is a means of relieving the anxiety. In addition, you point out that this is keeping you from a LTR with a woman; clearly the divorce has something to do with it. you don't want another divorce & so this keeps you away from the chance. I suspect until you come to grips with the meaning of your behavior & seek other ways to relieve the anxiety, it will continue. therefore, I suggest you get some therapy to help you understand what is going on better. good luck!!  (+ info)

What is the courtship disorder hypothesis?

Why are some paraphilias considered to be courtship disorders? I can't seem to find anything in google that would really define courtship disorders... help please... :(

Here is some information I was able to find on the subject...

http://books.google.com/books?id=Vb7-gZ4yVYUC&pg=PA114&lpg=PA114&dq=courtship+disorder+hypothesis&source=web&ots=1sCzkXW3oh&sig=VkkE6rKsdrYjxqZZzfeCJ09yb8I  (+ info)

is eproctophilia(fart fetish) a disease and do you think it can/should be cured?

alright I guess all of us have our own little quirks that turn us on...but if something seems different to us, we tend to write it off as strange or gross. I know there are many other paraphilias(fetishes) but girls farting seems to be popular right now... what are your thoughts? And do you think it could work in a stable relationship?

I don't think it's necessarily a disease and I've never heard of farting being popular in a good way either although it is quite hilarious. Besides, women have been farting as long as men have but we were just told it's not "lady like." Meh, if I'm comfortable with a guy I don't care if hears me or not.  (+ info)

Do you feel like there is something wrong with you sexually?

I answered a question earlier regarding fetishes or paraphilias. Like someone that enjoys rubbing up against strangers in subways and crowded places for sexual stimulation. Or, men that dress in women’s clothes for the mere pleasure, but are not gay. Even a common paraphilia, known as pedophilia. All these are basically fetishes, some sicker than others, so my question is, does anyone have any unusual fetishes that they want to share, this is for educational purposes. I minored in psych.
Mike RN

Dude, you are barking up the wrong tree! OK, we use nicknames and avatars, but lots of people in the mundane world can connect us to our web personalities, especially friends. After I have sat here and worked my way up to level seven, almost 33,000 points, and bragged to various friends about my achievements as auntb93, I'd have to be crazy indeed to tell the world that auntb93 has a particular fetish! Fact is, I'm too old for such things, but I'd have to be crazy to tell them what I used to do, too!

Actually, my sex life was completely normal before it dried up with menopause.

Whatever the heck "normal" is . . .  (+ info)

helpline for teenage physcology about sex?

i'm 13 i think i've accidentally developed some fetish/paraphilias since childhood. i know this is weird. THAT'S WHY I WANT HELP AND ANSWERS. i'm really confused about this. please dont judge me about my quirks and weirdness cos i'm not comfortable with them either.
i've tried to find helpline about normal teenage sex thoughts but most of them are for adults. i've tried to call helplines from america but there is no phone connection.does anybody know any helplines for singaporean teenagers?

I'm sorry you're struggling with 'stuff' - but one doesn't develop things 'accidentally', there is always an underlying reason. It doesn't mean you have to be ashamed of it, but if it is something that could cause danger or suffering to you or someone else, then you might need to address it. If it doesn't hurt, I guess you still might want to change things if you feel you're going to have problems meeting someone who can engage with whatever it is you're into.

Counselling/psychotherapy would be one way to go. I don't think any helpline, anywhere, is going to solve anything - all it might be able to do is reassure you that you're 'normal', whatever that means. I realise that if you're 13 you're not going to easily access money to pay for psychotherapy, but perhaps there are agencies providing free therapy for teenagers in Singapore - afraid I can't help you there, being in the UK myself. But in therapy you could (a) get some idea of how much of a problem your particular fetishes really are and (b) begin to connect to the underlying issues that lie behind them.  (+ info)

What is a courtship disorder?

Exactly what is that? How does Freund define courtship disorder and does he explain the causes behind this behavior. That is, why are the paraphilias made manifest? Are the disruptions in the courtship phases supposed to be used as indicators of the paraphilias?

Sources with answers are preffered. Thank-you.
Actually, not for homework. I was just curious. But, even if it was - wikipedia links are usually useless when it comes to writing research papers for homework.

  (+ info)

How can....................?

How can knowing about sexual stuff,paraphilias,masturbation,sexual acts etc. harm a 14 year old?

Difficult to know because every fourteen year old is different. These days, sexuality is so visible that children are introduced to that aspect of humanity much younger (for the most part) than ever before. By fourteen, most children have a very clear knowledge of what it's all about.

How young you become sexually active, or how young you start exploring your sexuality on your own is variable. If your 'knowing about sexual stuff' is a product of watching movies and/or talking with friends, then you may have questions or concerns that a trusted adult can help you with. If your 'knowing' is the result of being exposed in an inappropriate way, then there is more to be concerned about and considered.

All that being said, if you are the fourteen year old in this question, you may want to talk with your parents or the school counselor for guidance.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have a lot of...?

Paraphilias (fetishes)? I looked a long list and it turns out I have like 14, probably more. Is this weird?

I have no idea what you just said?!  (+ info)

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