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How long does paresthesia usually last?

I recently had dental surgery and the left side of my chin is numb on both my skin and inside my mouth. Could this be permanent? Have you dealt with this yourself? Did it drive you crazy? Any advice?
Is there a way to cure it, if say, it hasn't improved in a year?

This comes from receiving a block when you were numbed sometimes it can last up to a month and sometimes its permanent.Hopefully it will go away. I am sorry that I cant give you more info. this varies from patient to patient.  (+ info)

Is paresthesia (pins and needles) temporary? How long does it last?

I had an oral surgery two days ago. Oral surgery of my impacted wisdom tooth. Since then, half of my lower lip and half of my chin (left side) has been numb with occasional tingling, itching sensations that are really uncomfortable. I just wanted to ask, is this normal? How long would this last most probably?

if you had an injection with local anesthetic then you will probably feel a numb sensation in your lip/mouth for a while. I would say that you shouldn't worry about it the sensation eventually goes and your mouth will go back to normal. I've had about 4 teeth taken out (for braces) and the same happened to me then so I think you will be fine. For now just sit back and enjoy the weird sensation as you can pinch your lip without it hurting :D good luck.

of course if it doesn't change for a couple of days I would recommend talking to your dentist :)

edit: you will deffinately start to feel when the numbness wears off. the tingling that you are experiencing may actually be the start of it..and by the way this sounds pretty normal from my experience  (+ info)


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If you experience panic attacks, something frequently associated with paresthesia, then you're probably on some sort of anti-anxiety medication, and the risk of a negative drug interaction with the weed is very high. If you're smoking the weed because you're feeling anxious and haven't got anti-anxiety medication then I strongly recommend you cut out the weed and go and see your doctor or psychiatrist and get prescribed some proper medication, because the weed might give temporary relief, but afterwards I'm sure you know that it just makes you feel worse, plus you don't need the stress of carrying an illegal product around with you. Be sure to tell your doctor or psychiatrist when you last smoked weed, and how much, because they will need to take that into account when prescribing your anti-anxiety medication.  (+ info)

What causes paresthesia?

I mean i know stuff like alcoholism, dehydration, neurological disorders, etc cause it. But i mean what exactly causes it? Is there some kind of a chemical change in the body or what? I was just curious because I was just watching a scary movie and my entire body started tingling and am just wondering why? Why does emotion cause this? Not sure if this question makes sense but i hope it does.

  (+ info)

Does anyone have something that helps to relieve paresthesia (pins and needles)?

I am taking Topomaz and have the side effect of paresthesia which is pins and needles in my feet...the botton of heels to be exact and its driving me crazy! Its really severe and comes and goes but when its happening I cant get any relief? Does anyone have something they do to relieve this when they gets pins and needles?

Any suggestions so much appreciated!!

thanks =)

omg i get severe pins and needles too! most of the time when i get it its soo painful a cant move my legs but the best way to get rid of it is to move you feet and let the blood flow to them...even though it might hurt to move you feet, do becuacse it will get rid of it faster

-do you really get it from the sideeffect of a medicine??  (+ info)

Do migraines count as a neurologocal disorder, especially when experienced with paresthesia and aura?

I get those kinds, and I just wanted to make sure whether or not it was actuallly as *neurological disorder* < sounds scary :S

Yes. In the International Classification of Diseases, it falls under the category of Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs.

That doesn't mean it's a serious or life threatening disease. Myopia or Near Sightedness falls under the same category, for example.  (+ info)

Phosphorus deficiency: Paresthesia of hands and feet?

My professor said that one of the signs of deficiency of Phosphorus is paresthesia of both hands and feet. How come? can someone explain it to me please? thanks!

phosphorus works wit calcium and magnesium..so if u lack phosphorus , it causes paresthesia coz phosphorus helps regulates your nerve system wit the help of calcium and magnesium..the 3 of these elements work together  (+ info)

Tongue tingling after paresthesia?

I got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, and since then the right half of my tongue has been numb. This could be lingual nerve damage that may or may not be permanent...

This is a question toward people who have had this happen after getting their wisdom teeth out.

Now instead of being just total numb it's sort of...tingling...
Is this a good sign of the feeling coming back? Or is this just part of the paresthesia?

Its normal, it will come right in about 3 to 4 weeks  (+ info)

If a lingual paresthesia has not resolved within 4 months, do I still have chances of full recovery?

It was caused during the extraction of a wisdom tooth. Although I don't have painful sensations any more, I still feel unconfortable and haven't recovered sensibility in the right half of the tongue. I am taking Vitamin B pills

You should recover, however, there is no time table.
Some recover after a couple of months, and some after a couple of years.
Hopefully you will recover shortly.  (+ info)

what does bilateral pedal paresthesia mean? i am learning medical terminology and cant find this out ANYWHERE!

does anyone know the meaning of this?

thanks in advance
have a nice day

Bilateral - both sides
Pedal - feet
Parasthesia - partial feeling (tingling, numbness, needly)

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

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