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Paresthesia in different parts of my body...?

I've been having paresthesia for about 6 months now. I've had numbness and tingling (though I haven't had it lately) as well as internal vibrations and that creep crawly feeling. When I had the numbness and tingling, it was in my limbs- arms, feet legs, hands, fingers...I was also having vibrating sensations in my feet. Recently, I've had that creepy crawly feeling in a very small part of the back of my neck, in my face and right above my upper lip. I've gotten blood tests and they said it was normal except that I was low on iron. I have another appointment later this month. Does anyone know what all this could be?

First get your iron taken care of. If you are anemic that alone can cause the symptoms. There are many other conditions which could cause it but sorry to say, it's impossible to say in your situation without more information, for example if you are having eye problems or other symptoms, how old you are other medical problems such as diabetes etc.  (+ info)

Singer Paresthesia high risk patient for upcoming wisdom tooth extraction?

I am scheduled for extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth in 3 days. I met with the surgeon today and was told that I am high risk for paresthesia on both sides. My left bottom wisdom tooth is close to the High Lingual Nerve which could result in loss of sensation on the left side of my tongue. To make matters worse, the right bottom wisdom tooth's roots has actually pushed the Inferior Alveolar Nerve over and is touching the nerve, so extraction of this tooth carries high risk to loss of sensation in my right chin, bottom lip, gums, part of tongue and cheek.

I asked if I would be able to talk/sing properly following surgery, and I was told by the surgeon that my actual speech would not be affected. My dentist said she didn't know to what extent my clear annunciation would be affected. After this 'assurance', I've researched online only to find numerous cases where people's speech has actually been affected (slurred speech or talking like you have food in your mouth). Loss of sensation clearly is upsetting, but loss of being able to speak/sing and annunciate words clearly worries me the most, since this is my livelihood. I have a major music project that I am about to promote within the next 12 months so you can imagine I'm almost panicked about the prospect of not being able to sing/speak properly.

Is it possible to 'only' lose sensation but still be able to speak clearly? If you experience numbness (esp in the tongue on both sides), how is it possible to still manipulate your lips, tongue and chin with accuracy? To maintain all the subtle nuances of speech/singing?

If I could keep the wisdom teeth in, I would. I recently had an acute infection in my right 2nd molar and a year ago, my left back wisdom tooth, so according to both dentist and oral surgeon, getting at least the right bottom 3rd molar out is the only option if I want to avoid future dental complications.

Is there any professional out there who can clarify if my motor functions will remain intact and my speech not affected at all?

Since it's Friday, I can't reach my oral surgeon and the only time I'll be able to speak to him next is the morning of surgery. Advice over this weekend would be greatly valued.

thank you!!

Well written question...you should not have any trouble with speech or annuciation. Even if you experience the parathesia, the tongue will adapt and the speech should not be affected. Good Luck with this tough decision...I expect everything will be fine.  (+ info)

Dental Paresthesia?

Just looking for some answers really to this ongoing problem. On the 17th of April I had the first of 2 root canal appointment on an infected lower molar. Everything seemed okay until the anaesthetic didn't wear off completely.

The tip of my tongue, along with the right side of my tongue and my inner right gum are all still reasonably numb. Is this classed as paresthesia, will the feeling ever come back, any suggestions as to what I should do?
More details - I did return to the dentist on the 22nd of April regarding this problem. I was told then they would expect the feeling to have returned within 7 days from then... but it hasn't! :(

I had the same thing happening to me at the end of March, after some crowns were put on.

It's now 2 months and it has improved pretty much but it's still not totally ok.

My dentist told me that zinc and vit B complex supplements can help with nerve regeneration, so try them.

I think they are working some in my case, but sssslowly.

Good luck!  (+ info)

please help me ...paresthesia?

I have paresthesia for over 10 days. This happened after I caught a cold which lasted about a week. These pricking/crawling sensations are all over my body including my face/back/butt/thighs. The bottom of my foot feels like it is vibrating. The sensations go from one place to another within seconds.When I stratch with my fingers they tingle and then the feeling goes away. and checked for for all auto immune diseases. They say I have all my reflexes, and strength and it is anxiety. Could this be related to anxiety or is the neuropathy. Please advise I can't take this anymore...life is miserable and tough

Get a second opinion.  (+ info)

Anybody ever have numbness in your pinky and ring finger?

About 4 days ago my pinky and my ring finger started to have a tingly sensation and hasnt stopped since. I researched about this and I found out its a symptom of Paresthesia and its a pinch of the ulnar nerve. Just curious if anybody else has experienced this.

Do you mean when you're finger feels like its a beanbag, I sometimes have the beanbag feeling in my finger.  (+ info)

help my mom might have paresthesia?

she told me that her arms and hands fall asleep(numb) at night and various times through the day. what could this be? bad stress, health? carpal tunnel? what can we do

  (+ info)

I have feeling in my thumb and index finger but I'm having paresthesia. What could it be?

(PLEASE DON'T CUT AND PASTE) I am semi-premed but I'm looking for someone else's thoughts on this (I'm prone to overreact). Its the thumb and index paresthesia- in addition, recently I've been having a lot of myoclonic jerks (mostly at night). I've also had some cognitive disorientation.

I'm thinking vitamin deficiency or diabetes or MS ....I don't know. The thumb and finger paresthesia just started this morning - the jerks in the last few days. What do you think?

Some sort of neuropathy, probably distal; but, as you mention, consider a leukoencephalopathy (doubt).  (+ info)

I've been suffering from a severe and constant feet Paresthesia for the past 6 hours..HELP!?

Actually It happened for a month straight, then stopped for a week and a half and now it started back up yesteday.

Imagine a constant non stopping umconfortable paresthesia, it even hurts a little sometimes, Although it doesn't feel as bad or as intense when i'm standing or walking, but i feel like it's swelled around my left ankle.

Any Homebrew ways to stop that from happening, at least temporary, i don't have any possibility of visiting anything alike a hospital or a clinic right now.

Compressed nerves lower in the body govern the feet, and standing up and walking around could relieve the sensation. More rapid relief could be obtained by gently and systematically massaging your feet.

When the paresthesia is related to a more severe condition, the sensation of numbness will often be cured with the treatment for the condition. So you will need to see a doctor if the condition doesn't improve with the simple remedies above.  (+ info)

how does hypothyroidism lead to paresthesia?mechanisms anyone???HELPPPPPP~~!!?

The mechanism isn't entirely understood. Here's my sketching understanding, which is probably not completely accurate: Thyroid hormones are known to play a role in the metabolism and development of nerve cells, and this role is disrupted by hypothyroidism. It appears that the myelin sheath on axons begins to degenerate without sufficient levels of thyroid hormones, and regeneration of damaged nerves also seems to slow down. Loss of the myelin sheath is what ultimately causes the nerve sensations. Mylein prevents various ions from diffusing into nerve fibers. When the myelin is lost, electrolytes stimulate the nerves which causes tingling sensations.  (+ info)

Will I ever get the feeling back in my mouth again?

I went to the dentist in 2005 and they did an extraction of my wisdom teeth. While they were doing the procedure, they kept on sticking the novacane needle in my mouth (it had to be around 5 or 6 times). After two weeks, I still didnt have all the feeling on the left side of my lower lip and chin. Two of my teeth still felt weird, like my gums were still numb. I went back to the dentist and he said that I have something called paresthesia and the feeling might not come back at all or can come back gradually over the years. Do you think that it was caused from too much novacane or damage to a nerve? And does anyone know if theres a chance that I will gain back the feeling in my chin and lip?

Chances on recovering feeling? Has it improved any over two years? If not, then I would say no, you won't recover feeling. It is caused by nerve injury during the extraction, not by the amount of Novocaine. It is, unfortunately, a fairly common residual effect of having wisdom teeth extracted due to their proximity to the facial and cranial nerves, and the trauma involved in their extraction.  (+ info)

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