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Cure for paresthesia?

Treatment for paresthesia depends on the underlying cause of the problem. In ordinary cases of the temporary "pins and needles," the sensation can generally be relieved by vigorous movement of the affected limb. Generally, as soon as pressure on the nerve is relieved, the problem will begin to go away on its own. When the paresthesia is related to a more severe condition, the sensation of numbness will often be cured with the treatment for the condition. Patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis frequently take prescribed drugs that alleviate many of their symptoms, including paresthesia.

Some forms of alternative therapy may also help get rid of paresthesia. For example, as paresthesia is often related to a vitamin deficiency, it may be helpful to take vitamin supplements, as recommended by a physician. Massage and acupuncture have also been known to help treat paresthesia.  (+ info)

Paresthesia....Wisdom Tooth extraction...?

I just had all 4 of my Wisdom Teeth removed ( at the dentist....no oral surgeon ) It has been a few days....but my lower lip and chin are stll numb ( as are about 4 teeth ) Ive already been back to the dentist and know that it is nerve damage ( He has only seen one other case in 20 yrs practice ) My question is this....Has anybody else out there had this problem....and if so; how long did it take to resolve ? My dentist said his previous case took 2 months to regain feeling.


What indicates dental Paresthesia is going to heal, and what indicates that it isn't?

About a month and a half ago I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was left with the entire left section of my tongue being numb, right down to the back of my throat. It's getting to a point now where I'm becoming increasingly worried that this isn't going to heal. The pain in my jaw is now gone, but my tongue is still numb, even some of the left side of my mouth feels numb. I have a strange sensation in the front of my tongue, it's not a constant tingly feeling, but when I stick my tongue out, it almost feels like there's string or wire in front of my tongue and that it's being pressed against it as I stick it out. It almost feels like this feeling is the deviding line between an area where my tongue can feel and can't feel.

How do I know that I'm going to regain feeling in my tongue and how do I know that it's permenantly damaged? This whole experience is truely depressing and the lack of information the health service provide is worrying, it's almost like they know something they don't want to tell me, like they know it's not going to return.

How do I know the feeling is about to return, also how do I know the feeling is gone forever? Also, is there anything that can be done to repair the nerve should the latter be the case? Any info is appreciated...

One of the first signs of healing is that instead of complete numbness, tingling sensation begins. Unfortunately nerve tissue heals very slowly and often can take several months or more to recover. There is no way the nerves can be repaired and only with time will there be improvement and recovery (which happens 90% of the time) Good luck to you Gary  (+ info)

Hi! Please give me a simple definition of the ff. words: dysesthesia,paresthesia,hypesthesia,hypalgesia.Thanks

and also for astereognosis,anagesia,anaesthesia. I need simple definitions only. Thank u very much.

Dysesthesia is pain not experienced by a normal nervous system.

Paresthesia or paraesthesia (paraesthesia in British English) is a sensation of tingling, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect, more generally known as the feeling of pins and needles.

hypesthesia - impairment of tactile sensitivity; decrease of sensitivity

astereognosis - a loss of the ability to recognize objects by handling them

An analgesic (colloquially known as a painkiller) is any member of the diverse group of drugs used to relieve pain and to achieve analgesia.

Anesthesia or anaesthesia (see spelling differences) has traditionally meant the process of blocking the perception of pain and other sensations.  (+ info)

has anyone ever had paresthesia after a dental extraction?

i had a tooth pulled yesterday, my dentist warned me that it is near a nerve and if damaged could possible result in numbness in my lip/gums/tongue & chin.

it looked like a simple extraction & she said it shouldn't happen but if she was concerned she would refer me to a surgeon......the extraction took about 40 minutes because it wasnt as simple as it seemed.

i now have numbness in the left side of my chin under my lip, it doesnt affect any other part of my mouth (thank god) like i read in peoples stories, just a small patch of my chin that feels strange when i touch it.

has anyone had similar problems? if so how long (if ever) did it take to go away?...i know this is like the "how long is a piece of string" question as it can take days/weeks/months/forever, just wondering as mine seems like a mild case


p.s. sorry for any typos :)

Every dentist needs to make every patient aware of the possibility of a paresthesia whenever giving a mandibular block injection. The chances of it happening are usually slim but if the nerve running along the lower part of the jaw gets entangled with the root tips or if they should pierce the nerve or even graze it patients can have the numbness in the lip, cheek or tongue, or all of them. In some instances the paresthesia will gradually decrease and the patient will notice more feeling coming back in the area. Your dentist or Oral Surgeon should be made aware of your situation so they can monitor that for you, and if they have any recommendations for you, now would be the time . In our practice it has happened 2x in the past 24 years. Both patients regained complete function within a couple of months and the feeling came back gradually with no residual affects.  (+ info)

can breaking a toe cause Paresthesia?

I broke myj 2nd toe (next to the pinky toe) last year. I thought it healed fine. I've been able to run and walk on it until a few weeks ago when I tripped while out for a walk. I was training to walk a 5k. Since thin I decided to give it a rest and haven't been walking. Now the toe is really bothering me. When I put more pressure on that foot I can feel the toe pop a little (doesn't hurt) and then I get a weird kind of tingling feeling. What's going on?

see a podiatrist  (+ info)

The skin on my forearm is very tender?

It is really bugging me. It feels like it is burning. Could this be paresthesia?

Go see a doctor or call them or something. i wouldnt take advice from unprofessional nerds like us here.well at least not sumthing like this. thats searious. k  (+ info)

Does soaking in a bathtub help itching?

i have itchy skin (no red spots or skin discolorations) - just a sensation of bugs crawling all over (paresthesia). I am being tested for diabetes soon; someone suggested a skin cream which i'll try. But i was wondering, does it help to soak in a bathtub to relieve the itching?

warm water will probably make you itch more so try cold- oh and like oen of the otehr people said try epsom salt or oatmeal-but there is eucerin-but thats for dry skin-but cold compressed cold water help-not warm water though it will make your itching worse or at least it does for me-  (+ info)

can I take decadron and phentermine together?

I am recovering slowly from having 3 wisdom teeth extracted with one dry socket developing where the impacted bottom tooth was taken out. I am on phentermine 37.5 mg already but am wondering if the prescribed Decadron 0.75 mg that I am also taking is being compromised because I am in huge pain. The dry socket was diagnosed 8 days after the surgery and was a shock to me because I also am dealing with Paresthesia (bad numbness) on my lower chin, lip, cheek so ironically I didn't even suspect a dry socket, just kept telling the oral surgeon on my one week follow-up visit that my front teeth were throbbing. Boy, did it hurt bad when she packed the dry socket with the medicated "seaweed". Have to get another packing tomorrow and am DREADING it!

I'm a dentist.

First and foremost, did you tell your oral surgeon that you were on phentermine? Always tell any doctor you see everything about your health history, including all your medications.

Second, I've never heard of someone being prescribed a course of Decadron after wisdom teeth extractions. One dose pre-op (usually 8mg intravenously) is most common. I'm sure your oral surgeon knows what she's doing, nonetheless.

I cannot think of any problem with taking a steroid (Decadron) with an amphetamine, except for the fact that both Decadron and phentermine (an amphetamine) can increase your blood pressure.

Since you're likely a young person (under the age of 20, I suppose), it's unlikely that this would be a major issue, especially from what is likely to be a short course of Decadron. Nonetheless, check your blood pressure to make sure it's not high.  (+ info)

can you suffer paxil withdrawl after taking it for only three days?

took paxil for three days stoped taking it now i have muscle twitches headaches and Paresthesia. Is this withdrawl or a serious problem

The Doctor who prescribed it to you should be more than happy to go over all of these questions with you. Call them or go up in person.:)  (+ info)

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