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How can I prevent getting yeast infections while pregnant?

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have had 2 yeast infections so far. Is there anything I can do to stop getting them?

oh darling... I know exactly what you mean.. I am already 26 weeks and still get them.. what I do is I buy monistat.. it's something normal to happen when the woman is preg.... I've already had like 4 of them.. ugh! I heard yogurt was good.. eating one or two daily was good cause they have live cultures that help develope " good " bacteria.. ; ) good luck  (+ info)

How do you keep away bladder infections?

I keep getting bladder infections and I'm drinking loads and loads but when I wake up in the morning or the past 4 days Ive got it.
I'm new to the states, apart from uristat whats good?

The best thing you can do to prevent bladder infections is to drink at least one glass of cranberry juice a day. It has to be 100% cranberry juice, not one of the mixed kind (ex: cranberry & raspberry). The mixed ones contain sugars that will actually worsen a bladder infection if you have one. You could alternatively take cranberry supplements, but drinking the juice is better if you can handle the taste.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of infections down there?

I keep getting them, they are not diseases, just uncomfortable infections. There is not 1 months that goes by that I don't get it. It really sucks. I just thought that maybe some of you would have some tip for me to use or eat that would change that...Any ideas?

see your doctor it can get a lot worse if left untreated  (+ info)

How do you deal with yeast infections?

I know all about monistat and the prescription drugs (I'm one of the unlucky women that gets chronic yeast infections. I've already been to the gyn, and she said it's just something that happens). But how do you deal with the "discomfort" and everything?

I have this same problem too! Aggh, it's so very frustrating, so I sympathize with you fully.

I started taking AZO YEAST tabs right before I get my period, which is when I usually get a yeast infection. This has helped. I also use Vagisil cream, and try to keep my bum as dry and as clean as possible by wearing a panty liner and changing it every hour or so.

I know diet can also effect the body ph, which is how yeast infections happen. Eating lots of plain yogurt with active/live cultures is helpful, as is reducing the ammount of sugar you eat when you have a yeast infection.

And get a new GYN, you should not have to "just live with this" problem.  (+ info)

What kind of infections can hair splinters cause?

I work at a hair salon and someone told me that cut hair can get in your skin like a splinter. They said that the hair contains DNA and that the DNA would cause the infection. Is this true? If so, what kind of infections, diseases and viruses?

That is completely false. You probably can get a hair splinter, but you'd be susceptible to the same things as you would with any other splinter. You can get a bacterial infection. Put some neosporin on the site and keep it clean.  (+ info)

Are antibiotics necessary to clear up sinus and ear infections?

I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection and am prone to ear infections (which is kind of odd for an adult) and I don't want to go to the doctor to get antibiotics. Do these things clear up on their own eventually? I've been doing a sinus rinse 2xs daily hoping this will clear it up.
Christina G - thanks for the pic. I'm going to give this a go.
M B - that's a great idea. I'm going to add this to my list of remedies.

I had problems for years with this but about10 years ago a friend made me lay down and put hydrogen peroxide in my ears---two time a day for a couple days should work and it also took care of the sinus infections although i dont know why--pour just a small capful pour in your ear and lay down--about 10 minutes or when the bubbles have almost stopped--ive never used nose sprays or cold meds again--however i do take a visteril ( benadryl) 1 a day and any time i feel one coming on i do this and it stops mmediatly--no q-tips!!  (+ info)

Can serious respiratory infections evolve from a cold?

My daughter has a cold, and I was wondering if it could turn into the flu, pneumonia, or brohncitis, or anything like these. Or do these more serious respiratory infections start of as itself and not a cold. I just want to know cause I have read some horror stories lately about respiratory infections that became fatal and I'm all worried.

Yes... although most people with healthy immune systems kick the cold without problems. If she has asthma, or some kind of immune problem, then keep a closer eye. I find (as an asthmatic) that i'm more prone to mild upper respiratory infections after a cold. They clear up without antibiotics, though.  (+ info)

Do Monistat 3 or other OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work?

I have a yeast infection and I am miserable. I don't have health insurance and can't afford to see a doctor. Will those OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work? I heard that they can cause more burning and itching before actually helping? What has worked for you in your experience?

I prefer Monistat 1-day treatment (it means you only have to use it once rather than 3 or 7 days). There is a potential that it will irritate you more for a day or two, but that's because it's working, and the skin of your vagina and vulva are REALLY irritated, so it makes things more uncomfortable for a day or so.

If you don't have insurance, you CAN still go to a public clinic or Planned Parenthood and get medical assistance there. Just an FYI.  (+ info)

What kind of infections can you get from being fingered with dirty hands?

I got fingered and we was at a park all night so he probably had dirty hands and I think I might have an infection, not sure though what kind of infections can you get from this and how should you treat them, going to a doctor is not an option.

jamie - PLEASE don't ever think "going to a doctor is not an option." "Being fingered" could lead to infections such as a UTI or bladder infection, or transmission of herpes virus or HPV (human papilloma virus), not to mention less common possibilities. Be aware that it is also possible, even for a virgin, to get a urinary tract infection without any sexual contact.  (+ info)

What are some foods that can help prevent yeast infections?

Right now I am on an antibiotic, so I'm worried about increasing my susceptibility to yeast infections (especially because I will be on this medicine for a long time). I've heard that yogurt is great for preventing infections, but I really hate yogurt. Are there other foods that work like this?

They have something called "probiotics" that are in pill form which you can buy at your local drug store. I hate yogurt too and when I was on antibiotics for over 6 months my doctor recommended I take this.  (+ info)

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