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What makes patellofemoral syndrome pain not so bad?

im 13 and i have patellofemoral syndrome and my knees hurt a lot. What are some ways that really do relieve the pain? What braces work? do the shoe inserts help? do excersizes work? thx for the answers

The other contributors have addressed the physical therapy side of things, so I thought I would address the shoes and inserts.

Orthotics can be very helpful in treating patellofemoral pain syndrome (there is significant research to support this). But what needs to be identified is if there is a biochemanical problem with the way your feet and legs are working to be causing this pain.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is often seen in people with rolled in (excessively pronated), flatter feet. This is because it can cause twisting of the lower leg, causing the knee cap to mal-track.

Have you a look at your foot type and see if you have problems with fallen arches, rolled in feet etc.

Custom Foot Orthotics are commonly implemented for patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Check out this link for more on how Custom Foot Orthotics can help knee pain.

  (+ info)

Can I exercise if I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

I do leg squats with 10 to 30 pounds dumbells, I have the Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. But the MRI shows that my cartilages are fine, and my knee is fine. Can I continue my exercises to build stronger legs? I'm worry that it might make the pain worse or something.

Some exercises help strengthen your muscles and relieve your pain. The link i provided has 9 exercises that are good to do if u have PPS. Check it out and best of luck to ya! =o)  (+ info)

Is my knee pain Patellofemoral pain syndrome?

I have been having knee pain for nearly two months now, but recently it has gotten worse, so I did some research on the internet. I think I have patellofemoral pain syndrome. Does anyone else out there know anything about this and its prognosis? Would the doctor tell me to go to physical therapy?

My symptoms:
Ache in knee after sitting with knee bent after long periods of time, pain when squatting and lunging. I can run and everything fine though?
So do I you think I have this?

the only way u are going to find out is by going to the dr.  (+ info)

What are some ways to ease the pain for someone who has Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Patellorfemorl Pain Syndrome is also known as runner's knee. My doctor said just to put ice on my knees when they hurt, but it doesn't seem to help. Neither does heat. Does anyone know anything that might ease the pain?

tylenol an open velcro type knee brace ibuprofen 3 or 4 over the counter pills 3 x a day with food  (+ info)

Is there anything you can do for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Im 15, and may have this condition. Is there anything I can do? I've been in constant pain for about a year and a half, and im pretty much over it.. Pain killers dont work, i've had quaterzone injections and been on medicine that is ment to make the pain better in under 2 months ( Lyrica ).. But nothing is making the pain any better. Is there anything more I can do to help it?

try starting here
See if those help.pp  (+ info)

patellofemoral syndrome Pain, Can I do leg squats with wieghts?

I have patellofemoral syndrome Pain, I do leg squats with 10 to 20 pounds dumbells. After I exercise I put Knee Ice Pack to ease the pain, but I wonder what would happen after few years of doing that exercise? it will get better or worse?
Thanks for help

If the patient is doing leg-strengthening routines, it is necessary to stay away from leg presses and squats which put stress on the bent knee. Bending the knee more than 30 degrees may cause symptoms to flare up.

i put the site here for you. good luck!  (+ info)

What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?
My doctor told me i had that, and put me in my third round of PT. Well he is now talking about surgery if the pain sarts to become unbearable, im 15 and don't understand any of it please help? My pt said think of it as a train going off it track and it goal it to teach me how to keep it there. Is that true
What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and what do they have to do to cure it, and how long will it take, I am going to physical thereapy for the thrird round
He also put me in a brace to help it, the brace kinda helps but latley the pain is getting worse. What should i do?

First of all DO NOT go to a chiropractor b/c a chiropractor will NEVER help patellofemoral syndrome (PFS). It is true that patellofemoral syndrome is a poorly tracking knee cap. There are several causes as to why the knee cap doesnt track properly. What you and your PT need to work on is the strength of the muscles in your hips and butt. Those muscles control the side to side motion of your knee when you are standing and therefore can help with the tracking. Also, your PT needs to take a look at your feet...if you have flat feet then your foot will roll inward, causing your knee to roll inward slightly, which will leave your knee cap in the wrong place. The brace is meant to help keep the knee cap in place. In most cases PFS can be cured with physical therapy...if it works you must continue with the exercises on your own once finished with PT. Occasionally it doesnt work and then a lateral release surgery is done. If you would like more info or have other questions feel free to message me.  (+ info)

I am suffering Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

When the knee bends or straightens, the knee cap glides in a special groove on the thigh bone called the 'Patellofemoral groove', controlled by the quadriceps (thigh) muscles. However, for several reasons it may stray from this path (usually towards the outside of the knee).

How long should i rest up before returning to regular running.

I would recommend resting for a few days and also check with your doctor to see what other suggestions they have that can be of help in this situation.  (+ info)

My case is chondromalacia patella patellofemoral pain syndrome.?

My chief complain is pain when sitting even for just a short while. Kindly help advice on how to remove or avoid pain when sitting. Thank you.

You have the muscle/tendon shortened up on your kneecap so your kneecap is now riding up on your knee and is being pulled into the knee as well. When you are sitting for any length of time it has pulled your kneecap into your knee again so when you are getting up it has to get the kneecap released before you can move your knees properly. Here is the easy way of releasing the muscle/tendon pair that is creating this problem for you:
Kneecap: (Use a chair that has no cross members on it.)
While sitting start with your leg out in front of you extended out to a comfortable length. Wrap your hands around it so you leave a open working area. Place your thumbs about two inches behind your knee and press into the top middle of your leg hard and hold. Relax. After 30 seconds, slowly slide that leg back until it is pulled up under the chair as far as you can make it go. Then release the pressure but hold your leg there for one minute longer.
It is very important to keep a good amount of pressure on it during this whole time especially when you go to bend the knee for that is when you are getting the proper length back into that tendon. If you don't have enough pressure it won't work, just try it again. It will work and it will take away your pain.  (+ info)

Can patellofemoral pain syndrome be treated surgically?

what they would do to fix it?

There are a few options available to someone that has this problem but my question is why go there? The results are not always what was promised. See a physical therapist and have them work on the knee. There are so many techniques available to you today. There is physio-taping, braces, biofeedback, McConnell tapings, and exercises that specifically address the problem.  (+ info)

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