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What are the signs and symptoms of left sided heart failure due to decreased cardiac output?

What are the signs and symptoms of left sided heart failure due to pulmonary congestion?

Left sided heart failure causes blood to back up into the lungs, which cause shortness of breath. It's usually a systolic heart failure, meaning the problem is in the left ventricle and it's inability to pump effectively to maintain cardiac output to perfuse the body. A way to understand symptoms is to think forward from the left ventricle: cardiac output is insufficient to deliver the needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells, so there will be fatigue, weakness, reduced ability to exercise, decreased ability to concentrate,decreased urine output, etc. Then think backwards from the left ventricle: blood backs up into the left atrium, then into pulmonary system. This causes shortness of breath with activity, or when you lie down, persistent coughing and white or blood-tinged sputum (phlegm), weight gain from fluid retention, just to name some.  (+ info)

What are the signs and symptoms of Gonorrhoea?

What are the signs and symptoms or Gonorrhoea. Like what signs are present and what do you feel from it?

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in males:
- purulent discharge from penis
- dysuria - painful urination
- frequent urination

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in females:
- often asymptomatic (women often seek treatments after complications occur (eg PID-pelvic inflammatory disease)

Additional symptoms listed in reference.  (+ info)

What are some of the signs and symptoms of being pregnant?

I would like to know the signs and symptoms that pregnant women have had before they knew they were pregnant. Did you dream about food at all?

Sore chest, very moody, missed period, super tired, crazy dreams  (+ info)

What are the earliest signs/symptoms of pregnancy?

I was wondering what they are because I had nausea and slight lower back pain and discomfort. And when I try sucking in my stomach it feels harder than usual to do it and it feels stiff. I was wondering, can someone give me the signs/symptoms of really early pregnancy, I would love to know. I am wondering if my symptoms were related to pregnancy. I hope so. Thanks!

Nausia, Vomiting, Gas, Burping, Diarreha, Cramping, Back pain, Fatigue, Excessive saliva, Excessive disscharge, Swollen and tender Breasts, Headaches, Frequent Urination, Darkening of Areolas, Food cravings, Nose Bleeds, Insomnia, Constipation,And ofcourse a missed period.  (+ info)

what are signs and symptoms of mis carriage, and what does stress do to a baby?

I want to know how stress affects a baby during pregnancy. And what happens when a woman goes through a miscarriage. Symptoms and signs.

i had bleeding for a week that was really light like spotting then it started to get heavier and heavier like a period with clotting and then i woke up one night with terrible cramps that took my breath away and A LOT of bleeding and i went to the ER and i lost the baby there  (+ info)

what are signs or symptoms of a thyroid problem or disorder?

Hello, I have not had mine checked yet, but one of my doctors (for anxiety) told me to because I have anxiety and night sweats. I am in the process of finding a doctor to do blood work for me to get it checked. In the meantime though, can you tell me what other signs or symptoms are associated with thyroid?


P.S.. I am 27 year old female, if that makes a difference.

hypothyroidism/Hashimotos disease:
weight gain or inability to lose weight even when dieting
high (bad) cholesterol
low (good) cholesterol
high triglycerides
joint pain
light sensitivity
dry skin
cold hands and feet
low blood pressure
tingling hands & feet
sleeping too much
heavy periods
cold intolerance
low body temperature

hyperthyroidism/Graves disease:
heart palpitations
weight loss
bulging eyes
eye problems
trouble sleeping/inability to sleep
weight loss/inability to gain weight
heat intolerance
elevated body temperature
high blood pressure
tacchycardia  (+ info)

signs and symptoms you might expect to find in a heat emergency patient?

All the following are signs and symptoms you might expect to find in a heat emergency patient with hot, dry, or moist skin EXCEPT:
a)rapid, shallow breathing
b)generalized weakness
c)dilated pupils
d)heavy perspiration

I think it’s d) heavy perspiration, but I’m not sure. If I’m wrong, can you correct me and tell me why? THANKS!

The except is c)dilated pupils.
The patient can prespire heavily, then when very dehydrated, the sweating stops, but there is no reason for the pupils to dilate.  (+ info)

What are the signs and symptoms of binge eating?

For most of my life, I have been chubby or fat. I had a baby almost four months ago, and now, everytime I eat, I feel guilty, but it makes me want to eat more! It's really all that makes me happy anymore. That and compulsive shopping. I just want to know what the signs and symptoms are for binge eating.

Binge eating is eating little-normal amounts of food and then out of the blue consuming portions that are in great excess (i.e. eating normally all day and then eating 6 candy bars later, etc...) If you consistently eat in excess than that is something different.

I also suffer from binge eating. I say suffer but really it is my own doing. I too feel like it is one of the only things that makes me happy. Usually I am not a compulsive shopper but this week I have been.

I just really came to the realization that I needed help. I hope you are able to come to grips with the reason for your binging and deal with it appropriately. Good luck!  (+ info)

What's the difference between 'signs and symptoms'?

When you are ill or on medication the doctors or literature will talk about 'signs and symptoms'. I don't technically recall with the difference is between the two.

I know there is a difference but I can't remember it, and even if I could...I don't know if I could articulate it well enough to get my point across in 'everyday' English.

Signs you can see (rash, bumps, etc.)

Symptoms you feel (aches, pains, etc.)  (+ info)

How can these 3 sign and symptoms deteriorate into major conditions?


If it was a rash it could be a sign of an underlying illness Diarrhoea can cause dehydration which can be dangerous. Fever depending on the cause could indicate anything from a virus to pneumonia  (+ info)

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