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Can pelvic pain be a symptom of a yeast infection?

I have some pelvic pain and I think I also have a yeast infection. Could the pelvic discomfort be a symptom of a yeast infection?

  (+ info)

I have a pelvic infection, is it okay to have sex still?

I just found out that I have a pelvic infection. I took my first antibiotic today. Is it okay for me to have sex still?

NOOOOOOO!!!! Belive it or not you will give it to him then he will give it back to you. You should both be on antibiodics to make sure ya'll won't give it back and forth  (+ info)

How can pelvic infection be treated thoroughly?

This infection has been there since l had my first baby. I tried to conceive since then but was not possible until it was diagnosed to be a pelvic infection . lt was treated extensively with injections it has reoccured again. How can it be thoroughly treated please. The pain comes up during my ovulation period with discharges.

With very high doses of antibiotics. I got PID while pregnant with my daughter (is was almost expectant...had a lot of problems) After wards they tried literally 8 different antibiotics and finally they put this stint thing in my arm that I had to inject myself twice a day for a month. (that or go in the hospital and not see my baby) It did take care of it. I feel for you because that is THE worse 'double over' pain I have ever felt.

Good luck...and get your doctor serious about this.

You may need a sonogram to make sure that it is not the scar tissue causing the pain.  (+ info)

what do you get after a pelvic infection?

if the pelvic infection does not cure what will happen next? or worsens if it's not taken care of right away?

Prompt and appropriate treatment can help prevent complications of PID. Without treatment, PID can cause permanent damage to the female reproductive organs. Infection-causing bacteria can silently invade the fallopian tubes, causing normal tissue to turn into scar tissue. This scar tissue blocks or interrupts the normal movement of eggs into the uterus. If the fallopian tubes are totally blocked by scar tissue, sperm cannot fertilize an egg, and the woman becomes infertile. Infertility also can occur if the fallopian tubes are partially blocked or even slightly damaged. About one in eight women with PID becomes infertile, and if a woman has multiple episodes of PID, her chances of becoming infertile increase. In addition, a partially blocked or slightly damaged fallopian tube may cause a fertilized egg to remain in the fallopian tube. If this fertilized egg begins to grow in the tube as if it were in the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. As it grows, an ectopic pregnancy can rupture the fallopian tube causing severe pain, internal bleeding, and even death. Scarring in the fallopian tubes and other pelvic structures can also cause chronic pelvic pain (pain that lasts for months or even years). Women with repeated episodes of PID are more likely to suffer infertility, ectopic pregnancy, or chronic pelvic pain.  (+ info)

Pelvic Infection? Any woman ever had one? How do you get it?

I have sever abdominal pain and went to the urgent care and was told I had a pelvic infection...other than sex how do you get it?

Go here for all your answers. Hope it helps. http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/women/reproductive/sti/213.html  (+ info)

Can I go in for an internal pelvic ultrasound on day 3/5 vaginal gel for bacterial infection?

I started the gel tonight, 12/21.
My ultrasound is scheduled for 12/23

Should I skip it tomorrow night and just resume afterwards, or continue like normal. Will a gel inserted the night before an ultrasound do anything to the results?

It shouldn't affect the results and I'm pretty sure the medication will have absorbed by then. I think it's a 12 hour medication. Call the doctor in the morning and let them know, that way if they need to reschedule you don't have to waiste your time going in.  (+ info)

does a bladder infection ache always in the pelvic area the?

lower ab and when you drink are eat and go to the bathroom.

Hi there Tiger.....Actually with a bladder infection, you can have pain or pressure in your lower abdomen or even in your back............a burning sensation, or frequent or intense urge to urinate, although little comes out when you do go, dark, cloudy, foul-smelling, or blood tinged urine are also signs of a UTI (urinary tract infection)....
If you start feeling overly tired or shaky or start to get feverish or get the chills, it could be more serious....it could have reached your kidneys and started a kidney infection....you will need to go to your doctor for some antibiotics......
Start drinking alot of water.
Drink cranberry juice...which may fight UTI causing bacteria......this will flush the bacteria out......
Crannberry juice is excellent and contains a type of tannin that prevents e-coli ( the most common cause of UTI's) from sticking to the walls of your bladder which can cause an infection....
A mild pain reliever can help
For comfort, try a warm heating pad over your abdomen....
Feel better soon.....!!!!!!!
((((((((HUGS)))))))))...Linda  (+ info)

Is it routine for a urologist to perform a sort of pelvic exam if he thinks I have a bladder infection?

i went to the urologist today because i thought i had a uti but apparently it was a bladder infection and he put his finger *down there* he said it was routine but my mom got very angry and very concerned so i was wondering if this is really routine and if this has happend to other people
i went to the urologist today because i thought i had a uti but apparently it was a bladder infection and he put his finger *down there* he said it was routine but my mom got very angry and very concerned so i was wondering if this is really routine and if this has happend to other people i'm 19 btw

He needs to do aurine test and a metabolic panel of taking your blood  (+ info)

Where can I find a peer reviewed source for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or Uranary Track Infection?

You don't say exactly what you want - PubMed has the abstracts of almost all peer reviewed journals, and they will have a good deal of material on PID. If you need the articles themselves, you can go to you nearest medical school library and purchase a day pass which will give you access.  (+ info)

Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease be mistaken for a bacterial Infection?

I really wouldn't think so because there is a lab test to detect bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial Vaginosis can lead to Pelvic inflammatory disease if left untreated. One sure fire symptom of bacterial vaginosis is a fishy smelling discharge....especially noticed after sex. YOu don't get that with PID.  (+ info)

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