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can you get pelvic inflammatory from a urinary tract infection?

  (+ info)

How often is pelvic infection causing bowel perforation in women older than 40 years of age.?

How can a pelvic infection cause a bowel perforation?? they are two unconnected systoms??  (+ info)

After open surgery in abdomen(Hysterectomy) pelvic infection may cause?

Yes pelvic inflammatory disease or the infection can occur even after hyterectomy.... But relatively less likely than before since uterus is absent...

When uterus is present, than the infection can travel along the uterus>> Fallopian tubes>> Pelvis... But when uterus is removed, vault is closed completely, so the pathway of the infection is blocked...

But sometimes it so happens that, the sutures may separate and can leave a small gap.. This can give a passage for the infection to pass thro and reach pelvis and cause infection...  (+ info)

i might have pelvic inflammatory infection?

i recently went to the clinic and they told me that i might have pelvic inflammatory infection. they gave me these tablets to take for 2 weeks. if i take them what happens? will i not have it anymore ? will i be able to have kids? im really worried please help!!

The infection will go away after you take the medication. How long have you been sick? The longer the infection, the greater the chance of you damaging your reproductive organs. So it you had a std for several months then you may have some scar tissue that prevents you from getting pregnant.  (+ info)

What causes a Pelvic infection?

STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. Other non-STD bacteria can cause pelvic infections as well.  (+ info)

Could I have a Pelvic Infection?

I was on penicillin for about 20 days is there any way that it could have caused me to have a pelvic infection? i am in so much pain through the day and can barley move at the end of the day

Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your vagina which commonly causes yeast infection, if untreated this can become exceptionally uncomfortable. See a Dr to rule out anything more serious  (+ info)

what causes a pelvic infection and how to treat it?

intercourse is usually the case....  (+ info)

What is the difference between a pelvic exam and a pap smear?

Are they the same or not?
I recently had my pap smear done where it came positive for yeast infection. It has been treated and symptoms dissapeared. Do I need a pelvic exam done as well? I never had one yet
When do you need one?
I am 21 years old and sexually active. Also, if I am sexually active 7 days out of 30 days in a month, should I be on pills or any other contraceptive?

I am seeing a gynecologist this next week and don't know whether I should see him or not

I will appreciate suggestions

A pap smear is simply one test performed during a pelvic exam. It is a sample of cervical tissue placed onto a slide and sent to a lab to test for precancerous cells.

The pelvic includes the pap and a general exam of both internal reproductive organs and external genitalia for signs of problems or disease. The doctor will insert his/her fingers into the vagina, take his/her other hand and press on the abdomen to feel the ovaries, uterus, etc.

But when making an appointment with the doctor's office, if you say you need to schedule your annual pap, they will automatically assume the pelvic exam or vice versa. The terms are often used interchangeably.  (+ info)

What causes a bacterial infection and can it keep you from concieving?

My husband and I started TTC in August, and when I started bleeding, I assumed it was my period. However, I spotted for about 2 weeks, and for about 2 days of that, I was bleeding severely. I started thinking maybe I had a miscarriage and made an appointment with my gyno. When I went in, he did a pelvic exam and said I had a bacterial infection and gave me some antibiotics. He said the spotting and the heavy bleeding was probably due to the infection.

What could have caused the bacterial infection? And could that have been the reason I didn't concieve, even though we had sex when I was ovulating?

Many women get bacterial infections.

Our vaginas are full of bacteria that are helpful to us, and sometimes this balance goes awry.

I get frequent bacterial vaginosis, it is just something that I deal with when it happens.

It often takes longer than one month to have a baby.

NORMAL, health couples are told to expect it to take up to one full year.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have mild cramping after a pelvic exam?

I had a pelvic exam nearly 36 hours ago, and am having slight cramping. Is this normal? The pelvic was part of diagnosing a yeast infection, in case that makes a difference. Any wisdom or advice would be much appreciated.

Most doctors will inform you , that you may have mild cramps after a pelvic exam . I wouldn't worry about it unless it continues for a long period .  (+ info)

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