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How will a gynecologist check for a yeast infection?

Just to ease my mind a little. I have an appointment tomorrow for my yearly checkup and also to see if I have a yeast infection. How will he check for that? Do they take a urine test, or is it a pap smear/pelvic exam or something else? Thanks in advance.

They can tell by examining your vulva. My gyno took one look at me and said...yep, it's a yeast infection.  (+ info)

What are different kinds of fungus and infection besides yeast and vaginitos in the vagina?

Besides the most common STDS, yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis....what are other infections of the vagina?....

whats honeymoon disease?
pelvic inflammatory?Any others?

my cousin has vajina (vagina pijos) lice on her cooch and she is BAN from mi casa.

The most common is from prior infected partners.

revenge-es loco y sickooooooo!  (+ info)

Whats a pelvic infection?

Ive just come back from the doctors and they are doing tests to see if i have a pelvic infection (i am a women) , ive never heard of this before and was wondering if someone could explain what it is, how it could be dealt with and what effects it has on your body after...

thank-you so much for your answers :)

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the female reproductive organs (the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries)

For more information check out the link below  (+ info)

I am having pelvic pain that comes every so often, and am having pain in my left side, What could this be?

I am having Pelvic pain, that's more like a stabbing pain. I mostly have it at night when I am asleep, and wake up to this pain. I am also experiencing pain in my right side. Could this be a bad urinary type infection or something Gynecological, and could be very serious?

Pelvic pain could be an infection or even a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Right side pain could be your appendix... higher up could be your gall bladder or liver... get this checked out asap because any of these can be serious hazards to your health.
Good luck.  (+ info)

Why do I have pelvic pain while sneezing during pregnancy?

I have a sinus infection and have been sneezing, i'm 5 weeks pregnant, and whenever I sneeze I feel pain in my pelvic area, should I be worried?

No, that's normal. Your ligaments are stretched due to your uterus growing, and sneezing or coughing sometimes makes them ache. I would get sharp pains from sneezing or rolling over in bed but my dr said it was fine as long as the pain stopped and i wasnt bleeding.  (+ info)

Does a yeast infection caused a missed period?

I have had a yeast infection before. But now Im itching again down there and my period hasn't shown though I already went through pms last week. Two questions:

1- can a yeast infection be the cause of my missed period?

2-Can the internal vaginal procedures cause a Yeast infection? I went through a pelvic ultrasound and a HSG within two weeks of eachother about three weeks ago.

Yes, a yeast infection can be related to a late period, but it's not necessarily the cause. (It could be hormone changes that cause the yeast infection AND the late period.) Before treating the yeast infection, take a pregnancy test, just in case! If you are pregnant, it would be best to discuss with a doctor before using anything over the counter -- some types of yeast infection medicine explicitly say not for use while pregnant, but you won't know that until you read the fine print inside after purchase!  (+ info)

How am I positive for yeast when I'm not showing signs of a yeast infection?

I went to the doctor's and had my first pelvic exam and pap smear. It came back positive for yeast, but everything else was normal. I've never had a yeast infection and I'm showing no symptoms of it. Should I ignore the test result or treat it anyway?

your body always produces yeast, so it will be detected.
A yeast infection is when your body produced TOO MUCH and thats when you show symptoms. So some yeast is normal and if you dont have symptoms there should be no need to treat. If symptoms do occur then treat it.  (+ info)

can toilet infection also lead to pelvic inflamatory disease?

yes, the bacteria can travel to your fallopian tubes and you can get PID? it's also caused by STD's  (+ info)

Pelvic Infection from a jacuzzi?

Has anyone ever heard of developing a pelvic infection from their own jacuzzi? About 5 days ago I started having what I thought was lower back pain/pulled muscle but it has progressed to be more of a lower pelvic pain. It's more on the right side but kind of still hurts in my lower back & across the whole front. If I sleep on my stomach I will wake up with severe stabbing pain in my back. Today it actually feels more like it hurts in my "middle" (internally) than my front or back. I don't really have any other symptoms but just wonder if I could've pulled some sort of internal pelvic muscle or if it could be an infection, as I have been living in the jacuzzi due to the cold weather here. Also, I would think if it was a pulled muscle the jacuzzi would help and it doesn't seem to be helping at all. I hesitate to go to the Dr. if it's just a muscle pull as we do not have insurance right now, so I would appreciate any guidance you could give me!

Have you had a pelvic exam recently? This could simply be ovulation or a cyst on your ovaries. In any event, if you still feel this way over the next couple of days, I'd make a gyno appointment.  (+ info)


After having apendix like pain on my lower right side and an occasional aching on my left, I went to the ER yesterday to make sure everything was okay since it was making me very nervous and scared.

They did a lot of tests and they told me all my organs were okay, but because my pee was burning and there was no bacteria, they told me they think I have a pelvic infection.
I DO NOT have any kind of STD, I am 16 and have one sexual partner that I've known all my life and I am his only sexual partner as well. I'm very very scared that this infection will make me infertile since the doctors think the infection is on both sides of my reproductive system and have moved upward.
They gave me 5 pills to take and told me I am to have an ultrasound ASAP (might be a couple week's wait!)
I AM SUPER SUPER SCARED. Is it possible for a STD to just appear one day? Other than sexual contact, how else can I get an std? They are NOT sure if this infection is caused by an STD but by my online research this is caused by an STD like 99% of the time...

I know I want to be a mom one day, that's like my one and only goal. I want a lot of healthy kids. Is it possible I can have them still, or is it going to be unlikely? And can anyone tell me a breif overview of what this pelvic infection is?

one of my close friends has the same thing not sure how she got it but she can't have kids like it made her infertile.
the sooner you get it taken care of the better the outcome is, they gave you the pills to help you so maybe that might clear it up.
good luck and next time use a condom alot of people have stds and don't even know it so maybe one of the ppl u slept with had something and didn't know it good luck and I hope you get better and it goes away.  (+ info)

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