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What is the connection between malignant neoplasms and crabs?

The more common term for malignant neoplasms, cancer, is Latin for crab, and the word "carcinogen," meaning a cancer-causing agent, comes from the Greek word for crab, "karkinos." What is the connection between these two seemingly unrelated things?

Cancer, both the disease and the astronomical constellation, derive from the Latin cancer or cancrum, meaning crab. The astrological sign, of course, is said to resemble a crab and the disease was so named by the ancient Greek physician Galen (129-200 A.D.) who noted the similarity between a certain type of tumor with a crab as well—the swollen veins around the tumor resembling the legs of a crab.

Old English adopted cancer directly from Latin and used it for a variety of spreading sores and ulcers. This early sense survives in the modern word canker. From c.1000 in a manuscript called Læce Boc (Leech Book), collected in Oswald Cockayne’s Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England, Vol. II, 1865:

Gemeng wið þam dustum, clæm on ðone cancer.
(Mix with the dust, smear on the cancer.)

And from Wyclif’s 2 Timothy, 1382:

The word of hem crepith as a kankir

The word was being applied specifically to the disease we today call cancer by the beginning of the 17th century. From Philemon Holland’s translation of Pliny’s Historie of the World:

Cancer is a swelling or sore comming of melancholy bloud, about which the veins appeare of a blacke or swert colour, spread in manner of a Creifish clees.

The astronomical sense of cancer is from the Latin name for the constellation of the crab. The name was known to the Anglo-Saxons, but only as a Latin name and was not assimilated into English until the Middle English period. It appears in Ælfric’s De Temporibus Anni, written c.993, in a list of the constellations of the Zodiac:

Feorða • Cancer • þæt is Crabba
(Fourth, Cancer, that is the crab.)

The Anglicized name appears c.1391 in Chaucer’s Treatise on the Astrolabe:

In this heved of cancer is the grettist declinacioun northward of the sonne...this signe of cancre is clepid the tropik of Somer.
(At this first point (head) of cancer is the greatest declination northward of the sun…this sign of cancer is named the tropic of summer.)

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)  (+ info)

What muscles of the pelvic floor should be strengthened to help control urinary control?

Following childbirth, a woman may lose urinary control (incontinence) when sneezing or coughing. Which muscles of the pelvic floor should be strengthened by exercise to help control this problem?
It's for an anatomy class, so yeah. I figured I could find someone to help me.

I'm not sure what kind of an answer you're looking for. Are you expecting people to name the individual muscles?
Most people will not even know what pelvic floor muscles are, let alone be able name a specific muscle or muscle group.

Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor in general will help. It's pretty hard to feel the difference between the specific muscle groups anyway.

Just do your Kegels and you'll be fine.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease?

Can anyone tell me the symptoms and causes of pelvic inflammatory disease? How long can you have it before any symptoms begin to show? Is bloody discharge a symptom?

Vaginal pain
Abdominal pain
Unusual vaginal discharge
Pain during sexual intercourse
Irregular menstrual bleeding

Pelvic inflammatory disease is often caused by STDs, usually either Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. Though it can also be caused by miscarriages or a coil (birth control device).

Unfortunately you can have it for months without is causing any symptoms. Many woman first begin to suspect something is wrong when they start seeing symptoms. Sadly, this means that the condition is often discovered too late, which increases the risk of infertility, due to scaring of the fallopian tubes.

In answer to your question, sporadic bloody discharge can be a symptom.

I would suggest you consult your doctor as soon as possible.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a pelvic exam and a pap smear?

Are they the same or not?
I recently had my pap smear done where it came positive for yeast infection. It has been treated and symptoms dissapeared. Do I need a pelvic exam done as well? I never had one yet
When do you need one?
I am 21 years old and sexually active. Also, if I am sexually active 7 days out of 30 days in a month, should I be on pills or any other contraceptive?

I am seeing a gynecologist this next week and don't know whether I should see him or not

I will appreciate suggestions

A pap smear is simply one test performed during a pelvic exam. It is a sample of cervical tissue placed onto a slide and sent to a lab to test for precancerous cells.

The pelvic includes the pap and a general exam of both internal reproductive organs and external genitalia for signs of problems or disease. The doctor will insert his/her fingers into the vagina, take his/her other hand and press on the abdomen to feel the ovaries, uterus, etc.

But when making an appointment with the doctor's office, if you say you need to schedule your annual pap, they will automatically assume the pelvic exam or vice versa. The terms are often used interchangeably.  (+ info)

When can I start walking after I broke my pelvic bone?

I was in a car accident on saturday and broke my pelvic bone, so its been like 4 days. Has anyone experienceda broken pelvic bone and how long did it take you start walking again?

OUCH. if it doesnt hurt when you walk, then try it. but if its too painful then wait awhile. what'd your doctor say?  (+ info)

What cardio is allowed for someone with pelvic pain?

What cardio would be best/safest for someone with chronic pelvic pain syndrome? I heard that cycling should not be done. What about running, rowing and elliptical machines?

Try pool therapy exercises.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Can a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound pick up cervical cancer?

I have been suffering with pelvic pain and bloody discharge for months now. I have had blood tests, internal examinations and a trans-vaginal and pelvic ultrasound. My doctor has now referred me to the gynecologist. In the above tests, what has the Doctor ruled out? I'm doing the silly thing of roaming the internet and the only thing I can find that would not have been detected by now is cervical cancer or endometriosis. My Auntie has endo and I wonder if it could be hereditary. Any advice while I wait for my referral appointment?

Ultrasound might be able to pick up a cervical cancer IF it is advanced enough to cause a lesion, otherwise, a pap smear is the best way to find that.

I'd guess that the ultrasounds would rule out abdominal structural abnormalities, adhesions, tumors, fibroids, some endometriosis lesions and bladder stones.

Your doctor should have referred you to a gyno months ago. Abnormal bleeding needs to be investigated. The good news is that reproductive cancers are normally very slow growing, so a delay in diagnosis by a few months usually won't adversely affect your prognosis.

You might have something as simple as an endometrial polyp or endometriosis. Your gyno will probably want to do an endometrial biopsy and/or a D&C/hysteroscopy. All of these can help narrow down the cause of your symptoms.

I hope that your diagnosis is simple and the cure is easy!  (+ info)

When will I start having pelvic exams during pregnancy?

They did a pelvic exam the day they determined I was pregnant (6 weeks, 5 days). Since then, they have just been listening with the doplar each month. I have the 20 week ultrasound (which i assume is ontop of the belly) on Monday. At what point do they generally want to do a pelvic exam at each appointment?

They start doing checks on your cervix at 36 weeks, unless you're showing signs of preterm labor before that. Congrats on the pregnancy!  (+ info)

How is pelvic support surgery and having a fibroid removed?

Sorry if the question is worded wrong. My mother is going to have pelvic support surgery and a fibroid removed on her surgery (her fibroid isn't too big) which is soon. Is the surgery dangerous? :(
Anyone how has had this surgery, or knows about it, can you please tell me what my mother can expect (as in the next few days after surgery).
Thanks so much to everyone.

Hi Lizzy. I had it done, and went home the next day. It was no where near as bad as i expected it to be. She will be tired, and sore from the incision, but i didn't even take pain medication once i went home ( needed Demerol in the hospital, but that was right after surgery, and only took it once ). It took me a few months to feel 100% again, but that was just mostly a tired feeling after i would shop, or try to clean the house, etc. I'm sure she'll do just fine. I wish her a speedy recovery. <<>>  (+ info)

Is it normal to start your period after a pelvic and pap smear?

I had a pelvic and a pap yesterday. I had light spotting and cramping after wards and this morning i think i started i was supposed to start on the 7th of june! Is this normal or should i be worried?

it's normal to have some spotting and/or cramping after the doctor manipulates down there. It might have just triggered your period to start. I wouldn't worry.  (+ info)

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