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Bullous Pemphigoid??

I just found out that the skin condition that my boyfriend has is Bullous Pemphigoid. I was under the impression that he just had a bad skin condition and he was embarrassed by it and never really talked about it before. I researched it and discovered that it is an autoimmune disorder that is rare in young people but can be brought on by various things. I am 7 months pregnant and my question is...is this genetic? Can it be passed on to our child? I have researched and researched and I haven't gotten a clear answer to my question. I am concerned about my daughter being pre-disposed to an autoimmune disorder. If anybody knows the answer...please help.

bullous pemphigoid,usually a illness of the aged.but as you know younger people can get the disease..unfortunately the disease can be hereditary.check with your doctor for possible treatments  (+ info)

treatment for bullous pemphigoid?

Google is your friend.

http://www.medicinenet.com/bullous_pemphigoid/page2.htm  (+ info)

Info on Bullous Pemphigoid?

I'd like to know more information on this auto immune skin condition. I have a 90-year-old bedridden grandmother that was biopsied to have this infection. I don't know the names of the medication she is on, but they have put her on an antibiotic and a steroid. I've only seen the blisters on some parts of her arms, hand (not palm), and around her ankles. I've seen pictures of this infection online. She does not have as many blisters and it's not as widespread all over her body. Is this infection treatable? How long does it take to treat? Is it spread through any kind of contact with her? Thank you for your time!
Also, how do you think she got it?

Bullous pemphigoid is not an infection. It is an autoimmune disease, most common in older people.

There is no specific known cause, although there has been research that identifies right down to the molecule what the immune system does to the skin.

The steroid is to treat the pemphigoid. The antibiotic won't help that, but they may be giving it to her for infection in the blisters or something else. If the antibiotic they are using is minocycline or a different type of tetracycline, they are using it as an anti-inflammatory. There are other treatments, but in a 90-year-old patient, they have to consider carefully what drugs she can tolerate.

This is one of those diseases that they have treatments for, but it is considered a chronic condition.

I found several internet articles on it, so you can take your choice.  (+ info)

Ear infection (bullous myringitis); when will I get my hearing back?

I recently had bad case of bullous myringitis, that resulted from an untreated ear infection. I finished a strong course of antibiotics and steroids. The infection seems to be gone but my ears are still plugged, my hearing has yet to return and it has been over two weeks. Is there anything that can be done about the hearing loss, or do I need to just wait it out?

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I have Citricial pemphigoid. in my mouth. Anyone else have this and what has your Dr recommended?

It is a worry because it is so rare most Dr's don't even consider it. I have been prescribed cortisone gel. but find it verydifficult to apply.

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can anyone tell me anything about Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid?

I have just been diagnosed after two years of unexplained blistering in my mouth and eyes. GP has prescribed allergy eye-drops and a steroid mouth wash. But I would like to know if there are any preventative actions I can take. He seems to know little, and I know less! Would like some info, and to talk to any other sufferers if possible.. can't find any forums or support groups.

Mucous membrane pemphigoid is an autoimmune or "self-allergy" disease in which a patient’s own circulating antibodies become altered so that they attack the fibrous attachment of the skin and membrane epithelium to the underlying connective tissues. Women are more commonly affected than men and the disease is usually diagnosed between the ages of 40-60 years. The typical lesion is a small or large, clear-fluid blister which breaks fairly rapidly in the mouth to leave a flat white, somewhat tender ulcer with a thin red line around it. The gums are especially likely to be involved, resulting in sloughing during eating or tooth brushing ("desquamative gingivitis"). Usually patients with oral involvement will lack major skin involvement, but the eyelids and genital mucosa are quite susceptible to the blistering phenomenon. There is no cure for this pemphigus vulgaris look-alike disease, but lesions frequently respond well to topical or systemic corticosteroids. Death from this disease is extremely rare, but scar formation of the eyelids and eyeball surfaces may lead to blindness if the eyes are not closely monitored by an ophthalmologist.  (+ info)

What is the medical condition "bullous phemigoid"?

Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is a chronic blistering of the skin. It ranges from mildly itchy welts to severe blisters and infection, and may affect a small area of the body or be widespread. The vast majority of those affected are elderly, but it has been seen at all ages  (+ info)

who knows the latest trends in RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS and mucous membrane pemphigoid diseases and treatment?

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What is Emphysematous Bullous disease of the lungs?

Emphysema with destruction of the air sacs ( alveoli) of the lung causing giant blebs, or pouches. Below is a link which shows photos.  (+ info)

Has anyone got any information on a condition called bullous emphysema.Need advise?

Try wikipedia!  (+ info)

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