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What is the connection between malignant neoplasms and crabs?

The more common term for malignant neoplasms, cancer, is Latin for crab, and the word "carcinogen," meaning a cancer-causing agent, comes from the Greek word for crab, "karkinos." What is the connection between these two seemingly unrelated things?

Cancer, both the disease and the astronomical constellation, derive from the Latin cancer or cancrum, meaning crab. The astrological sign, of course, is said to resemble a crab and the disease was so named by the ancient Greek physician Galen (129-200 A.D.) who noted the similarity between a certain type of tumor with a crab as well—the swollen veins around the tumor resembling the legs of a crab.

Old English adopted cancer directly from Latin and used it for a variety of spreading sores and ulcers. This early sense survives in the modern word canker. From c.1000 in a manuscript called Læce Boc (Leech Book), collected in Oswald Cockayne’s Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England, Vol. II, 1865:

Gemeng wið þam dustum, clæm on ðone cancer.
(Mix with the dust, smear on the cancer.)

And from Wyclif’s 2 Timothy, 1382:

The word of hem crepith as a kankir

The word was being applied specifically to the disease we today call cancer by the beginning of the 17th century. From Philemon Holland’s translation of Pliny’s Historie of the World:

Cancer is a swelling or sore comming of melancholy bloud, about which the veins appeare of a blacke or swert colour, spread in manner of a Creifish clees.

The astronomical sense of cancer is from the Latin name for the constellation of the crab. The name was known to the Anglo-Saxons, but only as a Latin name and was not assimilated into English until the Middle English period. It appears in Ælfric’s De Temporibus Anni, written c.993, in a list of the constellations of the Zodiac:

Feorða • Cancer • þæt is Crabba
(Fourth, Cancer, that is the crab.)

The Anglicized name appears c.1391 in Chaucer’s Treatise on the Astrolabe:

In this heved of cancer is the grettist declinacioun northward of the sonne...this signe of cancre is clepid the tropik of Somer.
(At this first point (head) of cancer is the greatest declination northward of the sun…this sign of cancer is named the tropic of summer.)

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)  (+ info)

What exactly are the benefits of a penile massage?

I had my first professional massage done today and in the middle, the man asked me if I wanted a light penile massage. I said okay, and he did it. I have never heard of a "penile massage" and couldn't find anything relevant on the internet. Is this a legitimate procedure? What are the benefits?

OMG, your questions always leave me lul-ing.

I can't believe half these people took you serious.

Benefit= ejaculation  (+ info)

What should be the average penile length of a 14 year old?

I am a 14 year old and my penile length is 5 inches. I masturbate regularly. Will my penile length be the same till the end or will it increase?

that's til' the end...  (+ info)

What penile enlargement pill do you reccomend?

I am 17, about to be 18, and I was wondering which penile enlargement pill you reccomend, either from experience or just what you've heard?

same question, new day.....boring  (+ info)

Is it possible to get pearly penile papules at the age of 17?

I'm 16, Is it possible to get pearly penile papules at this age? I have a few bumps around the glans that look exactly like them and I'm positive that there not an STD ( or genital warts ) because I'm still a virgin. I have a gf and i want to make sure that it is not an contagious before i do anything with her.

I'm 18, and I've had them since about 16. So yes, I think so. But I'm just one person, so it might not be true. I'm also a virgin, and I'm terrified of what I would say if a girl ever asked me what they were and decided not to have sexual relations with me, despite the fact that they are not contagious and utterly harmless.  (+ info)

Are there some penile enlargement exercises i can do at home?

dont say size doesnt matter and it just depends on how you use it. i just want it to grow so i can feel more confident. no pills please. any ancient techniques or practices for penile enlargement that i can do myself?

masturbate, if in puberty will grow, over puberty will strengthen  (+ info)

What exactly are penile pearls and should I be freaked out?

When I was in the shower, I noticed these white tiny little bumps underneath the head of my penis. After doing some research, I found out that these little bumps are called penile pearls. Should I consult a doctor immediately? Should I be freaked out?

nah, lots of guys have them. They do look gross but its not that unusual. Do a google & you will find out more.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly Penile Papules is pretty much ruining my life because whenever I sleep with a women she thinks it's an STD and I am tired of this almost happenening everytime. To make things worse I also have Fordcye spots on the shaft and my testicals. How can I get rid of Pearly Penile Papules and Fordcye spots without surgery?

i have the same problems and have wondered the same things myself, check out these links. for PPP the only treatment is laser surgery but for Fordcye you can get creams or pills from a Dermatologist and they should go away.  (+ info)

Good dermatology to treat pearly penile papules in Australia?

Hi guys,
Ive had pearly penile papules for awhile now and i have made up my mind to visit the doctors and get rid of them :(
Could anyone recommend me a good experienced dermatologist who treat pearly penile papules in Sydney area?
And if you have experience of getting them removed, how much is it to remove them?
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately i am unaware of any good ones but i hope this link helps you locate a few you like the look of.

http://www.healthdirectory.com.au/Medical_specialists/Dermatology/search  (+ info)

What causes penile bleeding in infant boys?

My 7 wk old infant son was circumcised at birth and he healed well but I've just seen some bleeding on his diaper - around his penile area. The bleeding isn't much but I'm not sure it should be there at all. There is no bruising. He doesn't seem to be in pain. What could this be?

You really need to talk to his doctor. I mean really  (+ info)

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