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Do penile enlargement pills really work? Can anyone give me a testimony?

I need a penile enlargement, but I dont know whether it works, and i dont know where i will be able to get them from, or, does anyone know the pharmacological name of the drugs used?

the drug really only opens the capilarries in the penis to allow more blood to flow at all times. the pills only increase the relative size while the member is not erect. when erect, the penis is exactly the same size as before. rmember, size only really matters when erect.

as for stopping the drug, there are some side effects. the capilaries shrink and in some cases close completely, causing tissue damage. my advise is to not worry about it.  (+ info)

Can I get a Hydrocele operation and Penile Implant at the same time?

I came up with a Hydrocele AFTER Inguinal Hernia Operation a year ago. It doesn't hurt,,but big enough to bug me,,gotta wash my sac more than usual. I suppose it will have to be fixed before i can get a penile Implant. AGE is not my problem MEDICINE is the problem,,blood thinner,,blood pressure meds.

The new ED drugs have made penile implants very, very rare: are you sure you need an implant?  (+ info)

Can girls get pearly penile papules from guys?

My friends husband has pearly penile papules and recently has devolped similar bumps on her clit and near her vagina, is it an std or pearly penile papules ?

pearly penile papules its not an std my ex had them and it freaked me out I took her to an std doc they said no problem big sigh of happyness from me lol  (+ info)

How I getting penile reduction surgeri please and no tell to my girlfriend, yes?

If I move from Chernobyl I think penis stop growing, no not true. I have trouble on bicycling now and need reduction penoplastic surgeris, but Marushka say "No way!". I afraid to get surgeri because if Marushka find out I will need bigger surgeri.

We call the kind of penile reduction that you need, a haircut.  (+ info)

What are all the symptoms of Penile Cancer and what age usually has it?

Can a 13 yr old get penile cancer? What are the chances?
What if there are small s near or in the glans? Is that a symptom?

Usually it is a non-healing sore often with a foul smelling discharge on the glans. The average age of onset is about 60 years-old.

EDIT: Penile cancer is pretty rare and the chances of 13 year old having it is slim to none and no you do not have symptoms of it. Cancer should not be the first thing that comes to mind for every little bump, lump, pain, scratch or sore. If it doesn’t go away in a week or two, tell your mom and don’t pick at it.  (+ info)

How to strengthen the penile erection in the best and safest way?

I'm an Asian guy, 53 years old. The erection is strong enough, but it doesn't last long. Thank you.

I guess your mind wanders of the subject:imagine things.Fool around.Get yourself more excited:it will all help.
Use your imagination:costs nothing.  (+ info)

How to clean the foreskin, when you have penile pain already?

it looks unclean so i want to clean it well..but it hurts when i touch it. Any other safer way to do it? I have had some history of baaaad penile pain.. but you know, i must clean it

Maybe U can get yourself a circumcision.It should help U in this
question.Or maybe it better U get yourself a DOC advise.I'm
think your foreskin might tight for U.So U feel hard to put up.Stop
wondering go to the DOC for a check! (",)GOOD LUCK!  (+ info)

How do you shave your penile area, (the base, along and under the penis and the testicles)?

I just tried and now it kind of looks like a rubber chicken with all of the dark brown spots. My friends all say that bushes are disgusting and that they all shave theirs. I figured I should shave it then, is it normal and what is the correct way of doing it?

You didn't do it very well. You have to cut the hair as short as you can first, then make sure you use tons of shaving cream or something like it. (soap doesn't really work).
You also have to keep shaving it untill all the stubble is gone. Then put some lotion on it. Shave it gently and ALWAYS make sure you are using a fresh sharp razor. Sharp razors don't cut you, it's the dull ones that cut you.

-Connor  (+ info)

What conditions can cause the penile tissue to feel hard, tough or "turgid" in the flaccid state?

I have been experiencing some very strange things with my penis since 6 weeks ago where I did some rough masturbation/jelqing under the influence of drugs. My penis feels slightly bigger, weightier than before. In its flaccid state, the penis feels rather hard or turgid, rather than soft.I am also experiencing severe erectile dysfunction to the point where viagra no longer works. I have no idea what could have caused this other than some tissue damage from the jelqing. I am very confused and depressed about the situation and would appreciate some help. I've looked on the net, and only found like Peyronie's disease, but my penis doesn't feel plaquey, it just feels a little bit tough all around. Please advise if you know any conditions. It's been like this for 6 weeks.

that sounds like an organic erectile dysfunction: refer to a doctor (urologist) ASAP.. there could be some sort of clotting of blood inside the penis..  (+ info)

Can penile implants be done for a cosmeticreasons to increase width or length of the penis?

I heard it is used to treat extreme cases of erectile dysfunctions but can it also be done to increase size?

  (+ info)

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