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Peptic Ulcer?

I have a Peptic ulcer caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.. I have been to see many doctors and they dont help, most subscribe a medicine called Nexium to put me on but it doest help.. does anyone know any remedies to help rid Helicobacter pylori infection? thanks.

There are ANTIBIOTIC regimens to eradicate H.Pylori , they are updated every several years according to variation in sensitivity and new drugs appearing , but you still need a doctors prescription .
I think the most recent one consists of Amoxicillin plus Metronidazole or Clarithromycin .
However here is a folk medicine you could use :
Gather PEELS of POMEGRANATES and let them SOAK in water for some time .
The water color will become BROWNISH RED .
This extract is RICH in antioxidants and natural antibiotics , plus it is alkaline which helps neutralize stomach acid .
It has been proven to help HEART disease a lot , but it's use against ulcer and stomach disease is little known .
I've tried it myself AND IT WORKS , even when taken by itself .
Try it , and if it works out for you , the LEAST you could do is give me BEST ANSWER .  (+ info)

peptic ulcer!!!............?

what is the drug and non-drug treatment of peptic ulcer?

Younger patients with ulcer-like symptoms are often treated with antacids or H2 antagonists before EGD is undertaken. Bismuth compounds may actually reduce or even clear organisms.

Patients who are taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) may also be prescribed a prostaglandin analogue (Misoprostol) in order to help prevent peptic ulcers, which may be a side-effect of the NSAIDs.

When H. pylori infection is present, the most effective treatments are combinations of 2 antibiotics (e.g. Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin, Tetracycline, Metronidazole) and 1 proton pump inhibitor (PPI), sometimes together with a bismuth compound. In complicated, treatment-resistant cases, 3 antibiotics (e.g. amoxicillin + clarithromycin + metronidazole) may be used together with a PPI and sometimes with bismuth compound. An effective first-line therapy for uncomplicated cases would be Amoxicillin + Metronidazole + Rabeprazole (a PPI). In the absence of H. pylori, long-term higher dose PPIs are often used.

Treatment of H. pylori usually leads to clearing of infection, relief of symptoms and eventual healing of ulcers. Recurrence of infection can occur and retreatment may be required, if necessary with other antibiotics. Since the widespread use of PPI's in the 1990s, surgical procedures (like "highly selective vagotomy") for uncomplicated peptic ulcers became obsolete.

Perforated peptic ulcer is a surgical emergency and requires surgical repair of the perforation. Most bleeding ulcers require endoscopy urgently to stop bleeding with cautery or injection.
  (+ info)

Peptic ulcer?

I am 27 years old and I recently had a baby (7 weeks ago). Since then, I've been having a dull pain and bloating around my upper stomach, by my breast bone. It gets worse after eating, and the discomfort sometimes radiate to my back and chest. My obgyn said it has nothing to do with recently having a baby and assumes it's just heartburn. I've been taking protonix, with no relief. I am going back to my GI doctor next week. Has anyone has a peptic ulcer and does it sound like what I am experiencing?
It's almost constant and is made worse after eating, no matter what I eat. It is usually worse at night.

this is Anil from India ,, i m not a doctor but i have hospital here ,, and it is simple acidity bcoz of pragnency ,, u feel heartburn and bcoz of that acid it creat gasses in your stomach and bcoz of its pressure ,, u feel headch and uneasyness too ,, so dont worry just meet your gynecologist and they will advice u some ,, medecines like Omaprazole 40 mg or Pentaprazole 40 mg with ,, Domparidone 10 mg ,, Pantaprazole is for acidity and Domparidone for vomating sensasions ,, so dont worry ,, drink milk and icecream twice a day it can desolve acide in your stomach ,, and its very common problem so dont worry much ,, some time enxeity also increase acide secration in stomach bbye tc all the best my english is not good ,, so i m sorry if i made spell mistakes  (+ info)

What is the best way to detect a peptic or gastric ulcer?

What is the best way to detect a peptic or gastric ulcer anywhere in the digestive tract?
Is it:
1.CT scan?
2.Barium? (swallow or enema)
3.Endoscopy or colonoscopy?
If some one know please answer with illustration because this is important.
And thank you in advance :)

An endoscopy or gastroscopy is the best way.

A CT scan won't show up any ulcers.
A barium swallow will only show up any hernia's or reflux.
A colonoscopy will only show up problems in the bowel.

There are heaps of videos on YouTube that show a gastroscopy and ulcers in the gut.  (+ info)

Can peptic ulcer bleeding cause blood poisoning?

If peptic ulcer bleed, can the wound be infected by bacteria and cause blood poisoning. If it does what are the symptoms?

Not that I've ever heard of. Most bacteria are killed quickly in the stomach.  (+ info)

If you have a peptic ulcer, should you diet high in fats or high in proteins?

What if you had a duodenal peptic ulcer? Would it be better if you eat many meals in small portions? Or few meals in large portions?

Have u done the antibitoics treatment for 14 days ....i usually eat like a pregnant woman with gas ...so small meals in portion....i really hat ehavin this  (+ info)

What is my peptic ulcer risk from daily coffee drinking? Doctors help me out, please?

I drink a cup of coffee 1-4 times daily, depending on the day (usually 2 cups). I have recently read in a medical journal that coffee increases the production of gastric acids which can cause peptic ulcers. Does this mean I am at risk for developing ulcers due to my regular coffee consumption?

Advice from MD or DO doctors would be greatly appreciated.

Do you need any extra information? I am a 17 year old hispanic/caucasian male.

The caffeine in the coffee isn't good for you. I had ulcers when I was younger but the things you need to avoid most is acidic foods, fried and spicy foods and soda pops, they recommend you shake most of the acid out before drinking them if you must drink pop. A couple of cups of coffee a day won't hurt but I would drink decaf if I had more than 2 cups a day, plus decaf will let you sleep better.  (+ info)

What are the physiological reasons for peptic ulcer pain?

I understand the causes of peptic ulcers, but what I want to know is how the ulcers themselves cause pain.

the ulcer destroys a part of the lining of the stomach. the area that looses the protective lining is very sensitive to the acid environment and you feel a burning sensation  (+ info)

how likely is it for a teen to develop a peptic ulcer?

how likely is it for a teen to develop a peptic ulcer?

Hi Benji,
If you are not taking food at the right time, spicy hot foods can cause peptic Ulcer. Also check for H.Pylori which would cause Ulcer of the stomach.It is essential to check with an experienced Gastroenterologist.  (+ info)

I have a peptic stomach ulcer how long will the pain last?

I have a peptic stomach ulcer, I have the tablets and antibiotics but the pain I have never known pain like it, I cant eat properly it keeps me awake at night bad stomach bloating yesterday I was in and out of the toilet, what symptoms are normal and when should it be over?

Try Omeprazole. I call them wonder tablets because the pain went away almost after two days. I had a course for 4 weeks and no symptoms have returned, so I am very happy and it is a great relief, especially being able to sleep and also to eat without worrying about that acidic feeling.  (+ info)

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