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I think I may have pericoronitis ...there is a swollen flap of gum behind my wisdom tooth, & my cheek is swollen also.. it hurts!!!!! what can i do to minimize the pain and swelling?? . I called my dentist but he can't see me until Monday.

It needs to be cut away, take antibiotics or tylenol and gargle with warm salt water, alos brush it well  (+ info)


My tongue just started to get the feeling like I was getting poked with a toothpick in the back of my tongue (Bottom). I researched and found out that all my symptoms match up with Pericoronitis.

I tried brushing it with a toothbrush but its in a real hard spot to get in to. I was thinking of using something to numb it like ora-gel. Would that be ok or should I look for some other treatment until I go to the dentist?

Also whats a good way to get rid of the taste?. Mouthwash isn't working for a long ammount of time.

Pericoronitis is the inflammation of a flap of gum tissue that surrounds a partially erupted tooth. You mention that your tongue feels like it is being pricked which wouldn't indicate pericoronitis unless you have a tooth (mostly a wisdom tooth) back there causing some referred sensations (which is quite common due to the nerve supply). If it is a partially erupted tooth, try using a mouth wash containing chlorhexidine (antibacterial) and getting it looked at by your local dentist just to be sure. A bad taste in your mouth usually indicates an infection and shouldn't be looked at.

Don't ignore mouth issues because they can flare up very quickly and without much warning, making treatment harder.

Good luck!  (+ info)

How long will my antibiotics take to work for my pericoronitis?

I was prescribed amoxil for my pericoronitis 5 days ago. I feel my tooth pain getting better, but I still have trouble opening and closing my jaw. I cannot eat properly yet. Will I be able to soon or do I need to go back to my dentist?

Antibiotics usually take about 72 hours to start working. It is important to take them all until finished too!  (+ info)

How long does pericoronitis last for?

Because I have it and its absolutely miserable. It hurts constantly and its so swollen my mouth has to be half open all the time or else I bite down on the infected gum area. Which of course means I can't comfortably eat solid food since I can't chew. I have been rinsing it thoroughly with mouthwash and hot salt water several times a day. Its been like this for 3 days now and its getting worse. I have a dentist appointment, but its not until monday. What will he do to help the problem? Just pull the wisdom tooth maybe? Will it get better on its own?

I have personally experienced what you're going through, and I know it's not fun at all.

You are doing the right things, cleaning as well as possible, and using antibacterial rinses.

Pericoronitis may resolve on its own in around ten days to two weeks. However, if the source of the infection is not removed, the problem can continue.

Usually your dentist will clean the area as well as possible, and treat the area to reduce the swelling, and allow you to open your mouth again. Once this has been achieved, removal of the tooth may be recommended, particularly if it is likely for the infection to recur, or if the offending tooth has other disease.

Antibiotics can be a temporary resolution for the problem, although you will need further treatment to prevent recurrence of your pericoronitis. Anti-inflammatory gels can also be worthwhile to reduce the swelling, and symptoms of local gum or cheek ulceration.  (+ info)

Is it possible to develop pericoronitis on a teeth other than wisdom teeth?

Absolutely. Most commonly I've seen it on lower second molars. But since third molars tend to take their sweet time coming in, and because they are far more likely to be impacted (and specifically because of their location close to the ascending ramus of the mandible) the opportunities for pericoronitis around lower wisdom teeth are by far the greatest.

Steve Bornfeld, DDS  (+ info)

I've got pericoronitis spread to my lymph nodes, throat, & ears im on antibiotics 4x a day when will it end?

Im on pennicilun and i want the pain to end!

That sopunds like one hell of an infection. The antibiotics take care of the infection aspect of the problem but you should be taking Tylenol for the inflammation. Both of them working together will help alleviate the pain. Try cold fluids as well.  (+ info)

Painful Pericoronitis due to wisdom teeth?

Is there anything i can do to numb the pain??? My lower wisdom teeth are rupturing and the pain is agonizing! I have been to the dentist but he didn't want to extract them just yet as they weren't impacted. He only suggested taking Ibuprofen and gargling salt water!

Any suggestions please (other than changing dentist - which i'm highly considering lol)


I am going through the same thing right now, but my dentist prescribed chlorhexidine mouth rinse to use...it was getting better, until today. Now there's like a hole in my gum leaking pus. So I'll be going back in tomorrow. If it doesn't get better within 5 days of the salt water or it gets worse, call your dentist right away. If you have a syringe, try filling it with the salt water and squirting right into the gum. That helped mine a lot.  (+ info)

We have no insurance and my husband has pericoronitis he will probably need either a Operculectomy?

or his wisdom tooth pulled im wondering approximately how much it will cost to get his wisdom tooth pulled and if he doesn't need it pulled how much will a Operculectomy cost

The wisdom tooth will cost at least twice as much as the operculectomy but may be a more permanent solution to his chronic pericornitis. Even after an operculectomy the problem can return. Many medical insurances will cover either procedure so you may want to check that out. Good luck with your decision Natalia.  (+ info)

Pericoronitis an infection of wisdom teeth?

Will this infection cause your tongue to have a white coating, I ask my dentist, and he said yeah its because I bite my tongue. Also this is a white coating that disappears with a tongue scrapper, but usually comes back, is this because of the infection I have

check your cheeks if its on your cheeks too its THRUSH.. and you need an antibiotic to get rid of it..  (+ info)

Is pericoronitis contagious?

Can you pass the infection to someone else through saliva?

Ok, I think you are confused. Pericoronitis is a dental disorder in which the gum tissue around the molar teeth becomes swollen and infected. Pericoronitis can develop when wisdom teeth only partially erupt (break through the gum). This allows an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause an infection. In cases of pericoronitis, food or plaque (a bacterial film that remains on teeth after eating) may get caught underneath a flap of gum around the tooth. If it remains there, it can irritate the gum and lead to pericoronitis. If the pericoronitis is severe, the swelling and infection may extend beyond the jaw to the cheeks and neck.

You can pass bacteria back and forth (the same as viruses) by kissing and sharing utensils and so forth, but there is nothing new about that.. Pericoronitis is a specific area of infection. If the person you are kissing has had their wisdom teeth removed or if the gums are intact, then they can not get this specific condition.
Go here for the full article:
http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/pericoronitis  (+ info)

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