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Can Pericoronitis cause Labyrinthitis?

I had an infection in my wisdom teeth. I took antibiotics and got better. For many reasons, I didn't have the surgery to have them removed afterward.

The infection is back. I have all of the same symptoms as before, but they're much worse this time.

When I open my mouth, there is a lot of pain. I have a hard time opening my mouth and chewing food. I've been having issues with vertigo and tinnitus. I'm nauseated and have a bad head ache every day, especially near bed time. I can't hear well out my my right ear. It pops(not crackling, though) when I yawn, but it hurts(and it usually doesn't). Fluid continues to drain out but it doesn't help my hearing.

So I was wondering if anyone has experienced or heard of pericoronitis causing labrynthitis.

The doc will figure it out soon enough, I'm just wondering mainly for my own amusement, and if I should be taking aspirin or not, lol.

Thank you!

P.S. I'll be seeing a doctor in 3 weeks and a dentist after that.. So anyone with the advice of "GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!1!!!!1" I'm on it, thanks.

not sure  (+ info)

Pericoronitis (infected gum over wisdom tooth)?

How long does it take for this to go away??

5 dyas, but see a dentist for this  (+ info)

If they gave me antibiotics at the ER, is it because I caught biotics?

I have a pericoronitis and I'm taking antibiotics until I can see my dentist. It may sound like a silly question but I'm serious. Why is it called ANTIbiotics? And what are biotics?

Antibiotics kill bacteria. Probiotics are supplements with good bacteria your body needs to function properly. The side effects of antibiotics are because they kill off the bacteria causing an infection and the good bacteria in places like you digestive system.  (+ info)

Are there any pain relief remedies for a small gum infection while I wait for my dentist appointment?

I suspect I'm suffering from pericoronitis (small, painful gum infection caused by being stubborn and not having my wisdom teeth pulled sooner). I have a dentist appointment but its a ways off and the pain is moderate.
Symptoms include: Sharp pain behind and around my bottom left wisdom tooth, pain opening jaw, pain swallowing, aching lower left jaw, and bad breath. I'm getting some relief with 800mg of Motrin 3 times a day with meals but its starting to wear off quicker and I'm afraid to take any more. I've pushed on the tooth and it doesn't hurt, so I'm pretty sure its my gums. I think.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing for the problem so far. As long as you are otherwise healthy, you can take 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours for a week or so. If this stops working, don't take more. Take 400mg ibuprofen and 1000mg Tylenol (2 extra strength tabs). Rinse the area with warm water and salt (1 teaspoon salt in 8-12 ounces warm water) once every hour to get some relief and to kill some bacteria in the area. Unfortunately, even when you see your dentist, he may not be able to take it out for you that day. Very often, you may need to wait to have the actual extractions done or be sent to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted. Also, if you have other wisdom teeth, you may want to go to sleep to have all of them removed at once so that this doesn't happen again. I hope this helps.
Lastly, do NOT dissolve anything taken by mouth against your soft tissues of your mouth. Aspirin as acetylsalicylic ACID and will BURN YOU if you let it dissolve in your mouth, creating a whole host of other problems. I hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

Pericoronitis...does it feel like a canker sore? its behind my wisdom teeth and trying to self-diagnose..Thank

Yes, it can, but it eventually gets even worse.

Since it's Friday night, you can soothe this by rinsing with warm salt water 3-4 times a day. You can also rinse with peroxide and spit 3-4 times a day to kill the germs.  (+ info)

how to treat Pericoronitis?

my cheek is swollen....and im going to the dentist until wednsday...what do i do in the meantime?

-u may start with antibiotics.
-gently clean the area and under the flap with a soft bristled tooth brush only without any paste.
-use a jet of water as well, since the pressure will force out the bacteria from there.
-use mouth rinse twice a day.
-do not chew hard foods and avoid extremely hot or cold liquids.  (+ info)

Is pericoronitis fatal? Treatment?

just wondering cause i'm pretty sure i have it. my right gum is huge and my mom is being an idiot and refuses to make a wisdom tooth extraction appointment. ugh. treatments besides antibiotics?

I don't see how it could be fatal if you are under antibiotics. That should work over a period of time. You shouldn't have your wisdom teeth removed if you have an infection. I doubt any dentist would want that.  (+ info)

I have PERICORONITIS.............................?

is it absolutely necessary that i have the wisdom tooth removed or will it eventually turn out alright????? also what should i do to keep the area clean???????

Pericoronitis is a common problem in young adults with partial tooth impactions. It occurs when the wisdom tooth has failed to erupt completely through the gum bed, allowing bacteria into an open space around the tooth, causing infection.

What Are the Symptoms of Pericoronitis?

1. Pain

2. Infection

3. Swelling in the gum tissue (caused by an accumulation of fluid)

4. A "bad taste" in the mouth (caused by pus leaking from the gums)

5. Swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck

6. Difficulty opening the mouth

Treatment is usually provision of antibiotics to control the infection. In cases where pericoronitis has recurred, with two or more episodes in the last year, removal of the impacted tooth is indicated.

Pericoronitis that causes symptoms should be treated as soon as possible. If it is not, the infection can spread to other areas of the mouth. The most severe cases are treated in a hospital and may require intravenous antibiotics and surgery.  (+ info)

Will Pericoronitis ever go away!!!?

I really don't want to and cant afford to extract my wisdom teeth!!!
My lower left wisdom tooth hes a horrible smell coming from it no matter how i floss, and brush after i eat, chew on the other side... i really dont want this to get me bad breath :(

do i HAVE to extract the tooth... its been about 3 years since its been coming up and its been about 4 months since i have had this problem...

what can i do to get rid of it? My dentist says i should come for a deep clean but will that STOP it in its tracks or could it happen again?

is there any way to force the eruption of the tooth? like cutting off that excess skin from over it... i swear i am about to do that :(

TIA!! :)

In short, the answer to your question is NO. Unless you remove the offending tooth, the problem will continue. This occurs as food and debris is lodged under the tissue where you can't remove it. This is why no matter how much you brush and floss, the bad taste/smell remain. The debris is lodged in places you just can't get to with normal brushing and flossing. If the skin over the tooth is removed, this will only prevent the problem for a short period as the tissue will almost always grow back and the problem starts over again. Worst is if the tissue gets inflamed/infected. This is VERY painful and the treatment takes some time to work. You can't "force" the tooth to erupt without Orthodontics if it has already stopped it's movement. I would guess you have a tooth above this tooth that has stopped it's eruption or it has bumped into the tooth in front and can't move up anymore. Either way, extraction is really the only long term fix. Sorry.

Dr. Dan  (+ info)

my Pericoronitis is so bad i cant even chew my food- home remedy besides salt water please?

i have no insurance and cant get to a dentist until sometime next week at the earliest. so far the pain is localized to just the back bottom gum but now my jaw is starting to hurt and i swear even the roots of the teeth (in the front of my mouth on both sides can feel it). please help me. im starving but wasnt able to eat because the swelling is so bad that it wont even let my teeth touch
wow, im in pain and you idiot spammers still decide to spam me. no wonder people treat you like the shit that you obviously are

Just a couple of things- take some advil (motrin or ibuprofen) and maybe some tylenol as well (you CAN take them both together) to get rid of the pain- that will reduce the swelling too. Then to help with the starvation :( maybe you can try some slimfast or carnation instant breakfast shake, or tomato soup, or fruit juice, or chocolate milk, or make a thin smoothie in the blender using a banana and milk or yogurt or ice cream. The banana gets pulverized so your poor teeth won't even know it's there. The meds might take an hour to kick in but once they do you might be able to eat pudding or jello or applesauce or veggie soup, or even real food. Ice will also help the swelling, which, in turn, will help the pain. Keep a dishtowel between the ice and your skin, and hold ice on your jaw area for 10 to 15 minutes, every hour or two. Oh, I feel so bad for you! I hope this helps. (Oh yeah, report those spammers every time!)  (+ info)

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