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Is it possible that hygienist exaggerates about all pocket being 5-6 mm after no previous periodontal problems?

I have never had issues with gums and have had oral hygiene ED which I use daily, I did not see dentist for 4 years due to moving and insurance issues. New hygienist insists I have 5-6 mm pockets everywhere in mouth. I have experienced infrequent bleeding in isolated spots but it has gone away after focused brushing and flossing.

You haven't had your teeth cleaned in 4 years so I would not be surprised that your pockets have increased. Tartar left on your teeth irritates the gums and in that amount of time can cause a lot of inflammation and therefore the increase in pocket depth. But the good news is that if you get back on a regular routine, the pockets should get back to normal. Why did not having insurance prevent you from getting a cleaning? You still probably got your hair cut and your car maintained and you probably don't have insurance for those things. Sorry, but it bugs me when people say that they can't get dental treatment because they don't have dental insurance.  (+ info)

how do dental hygienists remember periodontal pocket measurements without writing them down?

I went to the dentists and the hygienists measured the pockets on my teeth, but did not write down the measurements until she was completely finished. I asked her how she could remember all those numbers. and she said she could. I know last time I had this done.the dental hygienists had someone with her as she called out 2, 5,3 then the tooth number, etc.
This hygienists did not use a specialized instrument that remembers the depth numbers. just a regular measurement probe.

she can't remember them. She was likely checking for unhealthy sites and if there were none she didn't need to remember anything other then healthy. Many hygienists do not chart a previously healthy mouth every single visit once you are an established patient. She may do it yearly. If she was calling numbers out she may have had a tape recorder or a dental assistant behind you. If you are not healthy and have periodontal disease there is no way to remember all those numbers.  (+ info)

why there is no periodontal pocket in children?

everyone has pocketing - it isn't checked on a regular basis for children because they are still growing/loosing and gaining teeth.  (+ info)

Can periodontal disease be treated after cosmetic dentristry has been applied?

I had 3 veneers & 1 crown placed (teeth # 7-10) and started having problems after the installations. #7 (the crown) also abcessed. I have a pocket between my 2 front teeth and a larger one between #7 & 8. I am scared! I am on Peridex and antibiotiocs now, and more pockets are forming. Can my gums return back to normal? Please help!

Its better to get your periodontal problem treated first & then go in for cosmotic fillings. If its the oter way, it could remove the fillings.  (+ info)

If my periodontal pockets have shrunk, are my gum bones still dissolving?

I've been told that periodontal disease is not curable, but treatable. My pockets have shrunk to 3 mm or less, so does that mean that damage to my gum bones have halted, since the pockets are smaller and the bacteria don't have as much access to the lower regions? Or does it mean that damage to them is still going on, but just more slowly?

It means that you have stopped the progression of periodontal disease and no further damage such as bone loss is occurring. You should realize that once bone loss has occurred, you will not grow back new bone. Periodontal treatment can only stop thing from getting worse. So hopefully you did not have much if any bone loss. And if you maintain these pocket depths you will have no problems in the future. Good luck  (+ info)

How many millimeters is considered more than 50% periodontal bone loss?

I have periodontal disease. My insurance only covers treatments for pockets where there is greater than 50% bone loss. How many millimeters in depth are pockets where is there is greater than 50% bone loss?

Over 4 millimeters is considered periodontal disease.  (+ info)

Gum disease - How long have you had periodontal disease?

How often do you visit your dentist? Did you get any special treatment done other than regular (deep) cleaning? How bad is it if you have pocket depths of 5 and 6? Is it too early to have gum disease in your 30s?

A person should be visiting the dentist and hygienist every six months for cleanings. The "deep" cleaning you are referring to is called scaling and root planing and is only done on patients with periodontal disease who have deeper pocket depths than someone with healthy gums. Patients with periodontal pockets should be visiting a gum specialist called a Periodontist as often as every 3 months in order to stop or at least slow the progression of the disease. This disease is caused by inadequate brushing and flossing over a long period of time and irregular professional cleanings. It is a complicated process but basically the bacteria in the plaque and calculus on your teeth and under your gums eventually causes bone loss around your teeth and the eventual loss of your teeth.

Pocket depths of 5-6mm are considered fairly serious and need to be treated right away. The calculus on the root surface needs to be removed by a professional. Also, periodontal disease can absolutely occur in your thirty's and is even more serious because if it starts progressing at such an early age you could lose your teeth at an early age as well. I hope this info. helps! I am a dental hygiene student.  (+ info)

How much should it cost for planing & scaling if I were diagnosed with periodontal disease?

Most of the pockets were 5 to 6 milliliters, and I will need planing and scaling on all teeth according to the dentist.. The dentist quoted me $2800.00 for the service, which includes the follow up visit, sonicare tooth brush, and other incidentals that I would use to maintain my teeth after the process is complete. That seems really, really high to me. Are there any less expensinve alternative treatments I can try first that may also prove effective? I've heard that regular flossing, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide , and regular brushing can also stop the progression of periodontal disease. I am also interested to here of any other over the counter products that can be used to slow or stop the progression of periodontal disease. I am a male, 42 years of age, and in otherwise excellent physical condition. Any informaiton you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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too bad for you if you are to proud to switch dentists  (+ info)

What is gum recession and periodontal pockets?

I've read about it but do the gums recede between your teeth or do they recede above and below the teeth. Same thing with the the pockets. Where are they and how do I know if I have them. I was at the dentist a month ago, and he said my gums were inflamed but he would have told me if I had recession or pockets around my teeth right?

My mother is a dental assistant first off...but gum recession can some from actually brushing your teeth too hard or not flossing enough. The gum line recedes away from the tooth/teeth and sags which forms the periodontal pockets that you're talking about which can lead to periodontal disease. You would know if you had them because the dentist would surely tell you. He would also mention to you about the recession of your gums.  (+ info)

Does Listerine get down into periodontal pockets?

While I'm waiting for my root planing/scaling treatment for my periodontal disease, I'm wondering if Listerine molecules are small enough to get down into the periodontal pockets to kill the bacteria? I also use fluoride rinse. I don't want to use a Waterpik, I have heard those can be too rough.

Listerine may help a bit, but a better rinse is chlorhexadine called Peridex. Your dentist can call in a prescription or it or may have a bottle in his office to give you. Good luck with your perio treatment.  (+ info)

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