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Does anyone know a good non-medical treatment for periostitis(shin splints)?

Since there's no medical treatment, and it's only recommended to rest and cool the inflamed area, I want to know if anyone knows some traditional treatment that helps relieving the pain from inflammation? Something that really works, that you've tried on youself, not something you've heard or read about.
Help appreciated. Thanks everybody.

Deep tissue massage along the length of the shin from ankle to knee. The object is to remove as much fluid from the tissue..you can't do it yourself..it's too painful but it does speed things up. I used to do about 8 minutes each leg on my athletes every other day. Ace wraps, tape..all that stuff...does nothing for it. When finished with the massage, use an ice cup to alleviate the pain...5 minutes each leg.

Proper footwear is a huge deal, too. Not enough cushion in the heel and doing a lot of up hill walking or running will also bring on or worsen shin splints. If you have any point tenderness....small areas about the size of your finger tip that are super sensitive when you rub over them...go see a doctor...you may have some stress fractures starting.

Rest is ultimately the best to heal this issue. Ibuprofen and lots of water will also help.

Good Luck.  (+ info)

Does Anyone Here Have Degenerative Arthrosis (aka. degenerative osteoarthritis)& How You Deal With The Pain ?

I wonder how people with degenerative arthrosis also known as degenerative arhtritis or degenerative osteoarthritis, have deal with the unbearable pain and work. Have this condition stop you from working ? How can I return to work, and with what medications to kill the severe pain on my feet and knees joints ? I dont want to become bedwritten, Im only 29 years old and already have Degenerative Arthrosis on my both feet & both knees, periostitis atributed to enthesopathy, tendinitis, synovitis,crps, rsd, a fracture on my foot that havent healed yet in 5 years since it happened, etc, not to mention the depresion this have caused me, but im not giving up yet. Althouht im in a lot of constant severe pain, I will like to know if this condition will get less painfull with time or if is going to get worst and what can I do, since doctors are afraid to give straight answers on this questions. Anyone suffering from any of this conditions, I will appreciate any comments on this. Thanks.
I dont think that baking brownies with marihuana is for me...lol. I dont even smoke it, much less eat it....Thanks thou.

My deepest sympathy. I'm 49 and have osteoarthritis. Too many years of joint damaging sports. I use heating pads, a hot tub, a physiotherapist/Chiroprator and a good NSAID (Aleve). I find the problem is agravated with life style choices. Ensuring I am well hydrated, back off the booze and moderate non-impact excercise (walking, swimming) tends to help.

Best of luck, getting old is not for sissy's.  (+ info)

Is it legal that a doctor diagnose you several chronic conditions put doesnt want to document them ?

I have been in about 13 different doctors for my extreme pain, after over a year being off work by the doctors one of them ordered a bonescan & I was diagnosed with DEGENERATIVE ARTHROSIS, DEGENERATIVE CHANGES IN MY KEES AND FEET & PERIOSTITIS ATRIBUTTED TO ENTHESOPATHY, RSD, CRPS, TENDINITIS, SYNOVITIS, & AN UNHEALED FRACTURE ON MY FOOT, DEGENERATIVE OSTEOARTHRITIS & also I was told by the doctor Im flat footed. Im also having problems with my back & right hand because of my conditions side negative effects. I was told by one of this doctors I saw recently that my foot condition was severe & chronic & that there was nothing that could be done for my foot, no injections, or surgery. He said to me that i cant work in this condition because of the pain this is causing me. When Im ready to leave I ask him to please give me a copy of his medical opinions & diagnosis he just told me & he refused and said " I cant write all that, all I can write is CHRONIC FOOT PAIN. ?? is this legal ???
Obiously people that doesnt have my conditions, wouldnt know how painfull it is even when your are sitting,but since just a very few people know the pain this causes so let me add some more info. Even when youre sitting this hurts a lot on your feet & knees for some reason they locked & is very painful even when youre sitting.My lower to middle back also hurts a lot now because of all the changes in my body & alignment this conditions caused.Is very easy for someone that doesnt feel the pain to say:Cant you find a job were you are sitting?Very easy to say.Most of these people that thinks like this are the ones that makes a huge deal & issue when they get a simple headache or get their period,is easy to try to force someone to work when it isnt you who will feel the severe,chronic pain.Take this in consideration.TheQ was is it legal to put something severe & chronic like is something very simple & not serious. Check the definitions & effects of this conditions first if you can.Thanks
I also forgot to mentioned that Ive being off work by the doctors on Physical Therapy for over a year and on medication wich theyve changed several times, but it doesnt help at all. I have the objective evidence on MRI and a Bonescan that shows all this problems and conditions, but none of this doctor wants to as some of them have told me "compromise themselves by putting themselves in the line by declare me disable because you are too young. If you were 50 or 55 old with your exact conditions I would have problems"

by the way Im 29 with all this conditions that are normally comon on persons over 60 years old. I wonder if I have being discriminated because of my age.... All I know is that my conditions didnt care about my age....
correction: they say that if I were 50 or 55 years old they would have no problems declaring me disable, but since Im too young they wont do it & put their name on the line.....

I do know the pain that you are speaking of and the frustration of dealing with doctors over documentation. I honestly think that alot of it is to avoid getting wrapped up in diasabilty hearings. When I first filed for disability I was shocked about how little documentation was available, keep in mind that I go to physical therapy every week and I belong to the pain clinic. Makes no sense.
I really don't think legally you can do anything much though, they are just gonna say that they have enough info for them.
They are obligated though to give you any medical records you request. I go to a hospital clinic, and when I request something I have to pay by the page, but it is pretty reasonable. I don't know how a private doctor would do it.

All I can suggest to you is to keep a notebook with you and while you are with the doctor, write everything down they say, this works 2 ways, 1 they will know that you are on top of things and they can't just easily blow you off, 2 you will have info at your fingertips always when you need it. I
have a day planner and write everything, document appts, times, dates, what we did, anything that i thought was lacking in my appt., etc. I know they think I'm crazy, but these days if you don't take care of these things yourself, you might not ever get anywhere.
I don't know if this helped or not, because there aren't many answers here, but I do understand. :=) )=:  (+ info)

What are the dangers and contraindications of massage to acute soft tissue injury, circulatory disorders, and?

fractures, thrombosis, bursutis, periostitis, myositis ossificans, infections, skin disorders, allergic conditions, risk of haemorrhage, areas of altered skin sensation

Do what snetterton says...we are not here to do your homework, you will learn nothing this way.  (+ info)

can i work w degenerative arthrosis on both my knees & feet & CRPS or is it dangerous &should I be dissabled ?

I was recently diagnosed by several doctors w. degenerative arthrosis on both my knees & feet & also with an unresolved fracture(unhealed fracture)from a foot fracture that i had back in 2001 & with CRPS.I was disgnosed with degenerative changes on my feet & ankle joints as well as on both my knees & with periostitis attributed to enthesopathy.All this was recently diagnosed via some tests including an MRI & a bonescan.Ive being off work since may 2006 because the severe pain caused by my conditions.Last year I was also diagnosed with chronic tendinitis & Synovitis.My doctor dont want to put me as disable because he say even thou Im in a chronic & severe condition Im too young & that he dont want to put his name on the line just cause Im only 29,another doctor told me the same that Im too young to be disabled,but that if I was 50-55 w the exact same conditions that it would be different & they wouldnt have any problem on disableling me.I feel discriminated by my age.Im on pain allday.

If you do not feel like you can work then a some type of disability may be required since you are in too much pain to work. If you feel like a light job or some small job you could handle then disability is probably not what you would like to do. I would talk to your doctor and ask them what they would suggest since you are in so much pain. Good luck!  (+ info)

Crazy shin pain!! I dont know what to do?

I run cross country and track, and this track season i injured my right leg. The doctors tell me that its periostitis/shin splints. I have not ran for a month and a half. last week the pain was pretty much gone from just walking around. My orthopedic doctor gave me some inserts as well as my physical therapists for my arches. I've been to 1 physical therapy session for this injury. The sports doctor at my school says that physical therapy wont help with my periostitis. Then today all of a sudden the pain is coming up through my shin, feels like the bone. when i compare my 2 legs i can rub them and the bone on the injured one sticks out a little. I just want to know if it is shin splints or compartment syndrome or something else....i had a stress fracture in my other leg last cross country season.

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Help with bone pain required...?

I am under investigation for Lyme disease. They are pretty sure I have it but its hard to diagnose. I have been receiving treatment for Lyme and have started to show signs of improvement. However here in the UK the medical profession don't seem to know much about it so some specialists prefer the diagnosis of M.E.

And now to cut a very long story short and to get to my question...

I have terrible pains in my bones (forearms and feet especially). I have been told this is called Periostitis. Apparently this is linked with Lyme disease. The only way I can describe the pain is to say that my radius and ulna's feel broken and like they want to explode.. If I were to ask you to imagine a rotten piece of wood. when you put pressure through it, it would explode in to hundreds of pieces. thats what I feel like.

My question is this (finally)..

What can I do to relieve the pain in my arms? Has anyone experienced Periostitis in their arms and had this treated?

Many Thanks in advance.

Periostitis is caused by inflamation due to infection. I don't know if it's connected with Lyme disease or not. However, pain caused by inflamation can be helped by anti-inflamation medication such as ibuprophen. However, you may want to consult your doctor to make sure it is okay to mix this with your other medications.  (+ info)

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