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What's the difference between the central and peripheral nervous system?

I'm having a hard time understanding the difference. Can someone give me a simple description on them.
Also, which system are you using when you move your hand away from a hot stove?
What are some examples for them both?

CNS is brain and spinal cord. PNS are the sensory and motor neurons. The PNS breaks down further into the autonomic and the sensory-somatic nervous system. The autonomic breaks down further into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It is very complex but to answer your question when you touch a hot stove sensory neurons (PNS) send a message to the brain (CNS) and the brain process that the hand is being injured and reacts by sending motor neurons (PNS) to tell the hand to pull away. Good Luck.  (+ info)

How does the peripheral nervous system connect to the centeral nervous system?

The brain and the spinal cord ARE the CNS.

Everything else is a peripheral nerve.
There are different branches such as the Autonomic, Sympathetic,
Para-Sympathetic etc.

Don't confuse these with different "systems" of the body.
i.e. digestive, vascular, skeletal,respiratory etc,

I'm not sure if this answers your question or if your asking about
chain link ganglion, synapses ?  (+ info)

What are some cool facts on the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system?

I need these facts so people please help me.

As someone who has studied science for years, you came to the right place lol

I'll give you links to some sites i have used in my Biomed studies.
The first link has games and pictures which are a fun way to learn about the brain. There is no point in learning in the same old boring way, so the more creative you can be, the better.

The rest are great, fun facts abut all the things you mentioned, plus interactive exercises and fun. Brain links first, spinal cord second then peripheral nervous system.  (+ info)

Do neurological disorders usually affect the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system?

Please explain, thank you!

  (+ info)

Okay I have researched and i noticed that the central and peripheral nervous system are the same.Is that t?

It is for my project at school if you have any good websites for my question please tell me.

Central nervous system is your brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves that run throughout the rest of your body that relay information back to the brain.  (+ info)

Whats the difference with these terms in the Peripheral Nervous system?

Ventral, dorsal, afferent, efferent, somatic and sensory, which ones are anterior nerve? and which ones are posterior nerves? please no links, really need help, midterm monday, thanks

Ventral refers to the ventral nerve root (the anterior fibers of the nerve root)...they contain the motor nerves. The dorsal nerve root (posterior fibers of the nerve root) contains sensory information.

The ventral nerve root contains somatic efferent nerves (sends a message to the muscles). The dorsal nerve root (which contains the dorsal root ganglion) contains sensory affert information (brings information to the ganglion and then to the spinal cord).

They both come together to form a mixed nerve.  (+ info)

What does the peripheral nervous system do?

It connects the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body through nerve pathways. There are sensory pathway components that provide input from the body to the central nervous system and motor pathways that provide signals to the organs and glands.  (+ info)

What's the Main function of the Peripheral Nervous System?

Thanks to whoever answers

works together with the spinal cord to communicate/coordinate the body <>brain  (+ info)

peripheral nervous system and central nervous system?

I seen my neurologist today and he said he can tell me somethings but i have to wait until my test results from the brain mapping and scan to come back to get more detail. Well i went to see him for complications from meningits and he said that the virus usually only effects the central nervous system but in some people if they have a bad case it can also effect the peripheral nervous system as well as the central nervous system and in my case it has. What does that mean? what does the peripheral nervous system control?
which one effects memory and speech? cuz thats also effected

the central nervous system is your brain and spinal chord, your peripheral nervous system is the nerves that run through the rest of your body, it effects physical sensations, and muscle control.  (+ info)

The peripheral nervous system consists of the?

a)neurons located in the brain and spinal cord

b)nerves that extend from the brain and spinal cord

c)interneurons of the central nervous system

d)portions of the brain known as the medulla and cerebe;;um

I am not going to give you the answer, but here is a hint:

peripheral  (+ info)

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