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peroneal nerve injury?

I need to find some info on peroneal nerve injury and how to treat it. Also need to find out who can cross reference it with iliotibial band syndrome to make sure im treating the right thing.

treatment of nerve injuries are the job of a neruo surgeon and not of laymen.  (+ info)

Peroneal Nerve Entrapment Surgery?

Have you had nerve entrapment surgery in your lower leg? Or do you know of anyone who has had this or a similar surgery? Can you tell me the pros and cons? Can you tell me about the overall experience, whether or not you are satisfied with the results? What medical options were given to you (other than surgery), and why did youchoose surgery? Who made the diagnosis? Did you see more than one doctor and/or get more than one opinion? Did anyone tell you the cause of the nerve entrapment? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

google  (+ info)

What are those little welts you get after pulling a tendon?

I pulled my peroneal tendon and now I have two of these little welts under it. They lay directly under it, then go out to the side of it some. They are kind of hard to the touch, and showed up about 2 hours after I pulled it. Thanks for your answers.

First of all, you need to see a docter. This does not sound like a pulled tendon. This sounds like an acute tear or possibly subluxation. In an acute tear, which is caused by a trauma to the ankle, small blood vessels around the tendon will rip causing blood under the skin to form a welt or contusion. The two peroneal tendons are connected to the peroneal muscles and they are held in place by the retinaculum, a fiborous tunnel-like tissue. In subluxation, the retinaculum disconnects which will cause the peroneal tendon to snap out of place. This will produce a snapping sound followed by intense pain and ankle instability. Again, blood vessels surounding the retinaculm will burst and form a contusion. You definitely need to see a docter right away and get his opinion.  (+ info)

Achilles and/or Peroneal Tendonitis?

I think I have achilles and peroneal tendonitis. I started noticing that it was difficulty to bend my ankle up because of pain and tightness in my Achilles tendon. But then I started having pain on the outside of my lower leg where the peroneals are. I'm noticing that I can't bend my ankle as well as the other (when I'm squatting). Its always stiff after I sit for a long time or when waking up in the morning but it usually stretches out after a few steps or a quick 20sec stretch. I have been using heat and ice (both feel good), taking Aleve, resting, doing some stretches for the calves, and am breaking in new orthotics (only wearing 3 hours per day) for my pronated feet. What I was wondering was: (1) is it possible to have both achilles and peroneal tendonitis? (2) I was told to do eccentric heel raises - but won't this aggravate it? (3) is there anything else I'm missing for treatment?

Its not completely horrible so I don't want to go to a doctor yet.

You could be missing the right kind of massage work to treat what you have:


This may give you some ideas to help you treatment locally in your area.  (+ info)

How can I deal with growing pains in my ankle?

I had surgery on my ankle (peroneal tendonitis *sp?*) this year and I have HORRIBLE growing pains in it. :( It is almost to the point that I can't handle it!! I am sick of it and I need some help please?

Thanks so much!
-Miss P.

I will introduce Exercises for the ankles for you. I think it is good for you.
Ankle exercises are used for the treatment of joint sprains, flat foot, congenital talipes equino-valgus, plantar fasciitis, etc. The exercise can be carried out standing or sitting. The ankle is one of the weight-bearing joints and also absorbs concussions, so naturally it is vulnerable to traumatic injury. Functional exercise of the ankle trains the tibialis anticus and the peroneous longus and brevis muscles. The foot should be arched throughout the movements.

a) Flexing and pointing
The patient sits on a wooden stool with the right leg crossed over the left and the calf hanging. The ankle is flexed back as far as possible (Fig. 3-116) while being turned in and out, stressing the outward motion. Then the foot is pointed as far as possible, still being turned in and out (Fig. 3-117).

b) "The prancing horse"
The patient stands with hands on hips. The right foot is crossed over the left shin, and the sole is turned up as far as possible. The movement is repeated quickly on the other side (Fig.3-118).

c) Rotating the ankles
The patient sits with the right leg placed over the left and the ankle relaxed.
The foot draws clockwise then counter-clockwise circles, turning out, pointing, turning in, and flexing. The movement can be repeated several times (Fig. 3-119).

d) Standing on tiptoes
The patient stands with the feet together and hands hanging down.
The heels are lifted up gradually, with the hands on hips and the lumbar back straight. Inhale. The body weight is shifted forward slightly (Fig. 3-120). Maintain for a little while, then gradually lower the heels, inhaling and lowering the hands (Fig. 3-121 ).  (+ info)

Can anyone give me a list of ways to calm or END nerve pain?

I am hurting from neuropathies in my back (scoliosis w/broken rod in back), shoulders and hand. Have been for more than thirty years now. I've tried everything from physical therapy to prescription narcotics. They only help in making new pain and dizziness.

I do a LOT of hydrotherapy and absolutely love that, but it is only a maintainance routine at best.

Can anyone help? All I want to do is sleep. Some times I wish that I could sleep forever.

I too have been on meds for quite some time due to nerve root damage and disc problems and some other stuff. Have you ever tried the fentynol patch? I used to be on that for some years and I found it to be very helpful and didnt make me feel dizzy or sick. I now take morphine sulphate a time release tablet that I've been on for about three years now and it also doesnt make me feel sick or dizzy. I do take hydrocodone for break through pain and sometimes I know what you mean when you say you would just like to "sleep forever" people who do not experience pain we experience on a daily basis can not understand how mentally and physically taxing it can be. Along with trying to find the right psysicians and resourses over the years can be very discouraging and tiring as well. I'm sure you've tried things like neurontin (sp) and thing in that family as I did too..also I tried Lyrica with no luck for me but alot of people have had wonderful results with that. I just stopped that two weeks ago but possibly you could try that one. I mainly came on her to offer you strength hope and support tonight as I honestly do understand where you're coming from. Please pardon my spelling as I just went and had my nails done today and wow...I'd forgotten how it was to type with long nails. lol Take care and I hope you can find some relief soon....hang in there. I'm here if ya ever need to talk.
ps: dont give up :) You are not alone. :)  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed with cmt (peroneal muscular attrophy) and looking for anyone else who has cmt.?

From time to time I've seen questions on Yahoo about CMT, posted by people who have it. Try using the "Search for questions" box and type in "charcot marie tooth" and you will get quite a few results. Maybe some of them will be willing to accept e-mail. Good luck.  (+ info)

I Have Peroneal Tendinitis?

So, I'm a track runner and lately my peroneal tendon has been killing. It must of started last week but today I woke up and it was bad. It's not when I run either. It's when I walk. I went to my athletic trainer and she said that's what she thinks it was. If you've had it or know about it do you know what I can do to help it heal other than go to a doctor?

I would say the best thing to do would be to relax and let heal on it's own and be use deep heat ointment to relieve the pain . There isn't else you can other then that . Good luck and I hope you will heal soon so that you may get back to your sport . Have a great day .  (+ info)

I had peroneal tendon surgery 5wks ago and now having sharp pain all around back of ankle does anyone know why

peroneal surgery complications recovery time pain alot of sharp stabbing pain

Here is a wonderful yahoo group that have gone through surgery or going to have surgery. They love to help you with all your questions. Nice people, I belong to it also.
[email protected]  (+ info)

How long do pins and screws used to repair bones last?

I dislocated my left femur from the hi[ socket and fractured my acetabulum. Pins and screws were installed in 1981. My sciatic nerve was damaged ( peroneal branch) and I have drop foot syndrome. I have had a lot more pain the last few years- I am 48 now. I am wondering what I can do to ease the pain-it is getting intense and really effecting my daily living.

Metal pins and screws do not dissolve in the body. They are usually made of stainless surgical grade steel or titanium. Thus they are rust-proof, and do not degrade. The idea behind steel hardware is to hold broken bones in place, sometimes allowing bone to grow on/around them. If they were not removed a few months after they were inserted, then they will be there when some future race unearths your skeleton in a few million years.

What you can do is go to your orthopaedic surgeon and tell him/her that you have the pins and that they are starting to really irritate the ever-loving frak out of you, and if there is anything more modern that medicine can do for you. In the meantime do as others have suggested and take some high-grade ibuprofen. Keep yourself mobile. I know that bone-joint conditions are made worse by inactivity.  (+ info)

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