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How much does ankle surgery cost in the US?

How much does it cost to get surgery for chronic peroneal tendon sublaxation in the US?

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what are the normal CMAPs and normal SNAPs of the following nerves:femoral,peroneal,sural and tibial nerves of

i need the normal values (including the normal conduction velocity,amplitude and distal latency) for the previously mentioned nerves?............as soon as possible

Going to med school?
I suggest you read the books then...  (+ info)

what is ''schwanoma peroneal nerve''?

going for x ray and ct on legs noticed schwanoma peroneal nerve on referral what is it and does anyone else have this and how was it treated and how do you feel since treatment

schwanz cells are part of the casing of the nerve. schwanoma would be some sort of growth on the nerve, not really a tumor of the nerve tissue but of the tissue around it. (Do not panic at the word "tumor", btw - it may well be nothing).

The peroneal nerve is a nerve in your lower leg.

Just ask the radiologist when you go for you scans what it all means!

Good luck.  (+ info)

Peroneal nerve surgury - for sciatic nerve pain?

My good friend has pain down the leg, apparently eminating from the butt. It's a strong pain she needs too many and too strong of pain killers to control. She had disc surgery because there was a slipped disc and the doc's thought that had to be the cause. It didn't completely resolve the pain though. There's still pain even though everything looks normal in the spine /lumbar / disc neighborhood.

Enter this different doctor who has said the source of pain could be the knee. He prescribes what is akin to carpel-tunnel (wrist) surgery but the same principle applied to the knee. He says the peroneal nerve could be compressed in the (knee version of the carpel tunnel. The peroneal tunnel maybe?)

She had a test (EMG) and THAT doc (or technician) said:both legs were the same. That's supposed to indicate this peroneal nerve is NOT the matter, and he said - nope, it must be the spine area still, somehow.

From all of this what do youthink? Should she have tis surgury? Or is the Doc that thinks it's the cause just being prideful and over enthusiatic to follow a hunch?

It's a surgury they use sometimes to address a drop-foot /and the surgury has a change of leaving her with a drop foot. (a REMOTE chance. I think that's just one of those CYA precautions they have to hand out in case of the unliklihood of unintended results.)

I developed a bulging disc between lumbar 4 and 5 by running too much on the jogging trail and developed sciatica down my left leg.
I'll tell you what I did. You'll have to decide what is
applicable in your case.

I bought the Teeter inversion table. You can invert yourself partially
or completely for spine decompression. It feels great.
It costs a few hundred but I like it. This is the best bang for the
buck as far as I'm concerned. If there's a chance that your friend's condition is caused by spine compression on a bulging disk, then this may be a good start to see if it works rather than surgery.
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How would I go about getting a course of paromomycin (Humantin) if I live in Canada?

I have a Dientamoeba fragilis infection, but cannot take drugs that can aggravate neuropathies (Iodoquinol, Flagyl). I would like to try a combination of tetracycline and paromomycin antibiotic and anti-protozoal. However, paromomycin seems to be unavailable in Canada. How can I order it (I could get a prescription for it)?

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I've had achilles & peroneal tendinitis for 6 months now....?

I've had tendinitis of my achilles & peroneal tendons for 6.5 months now. I have done almost everything for it...Physical therapy, exercises/stretching, custom orthodics, pain medication, anti-flammatory meds, ceasing activity (other than walking and standing, which I've severely limited to only things that are necessary). I've gotten xrays, but my podiatrist doesn't want to do an MRI...only as a last resort. It is still so painful and nothing will help it heal. I will have my custom orthodics for 9 weeks on June 1st, which is when I have my second followup with my doctor for progress with the orthodics. Does anyone have any suggestions that might work? Or am I to the point where I may need an MRI, surgery, or immobilization? (It's in both feet). thanks,

I would say that you are at the point of "last resort." If your doctor has made you go through all that and does not want an MRI to rule our possible tears or other anomalies, then get a new doctor. You've been through the gammut of conservative care...time to find out what's REALLY wrong.  (+ info)

How long will I be in a cast?

I have a peroneal tendon subluxation in a foot & ankle and have to wear a short leg cast. Does anyone know?

at least six weeks  (+ info)

Peroneal Tendon Strengthening?

Hey, I've been having some pain in what I think (after doing some reading) is my peroneal tendon. It comes after running more than 2 miles. I'm going to rest for a while but was wondering if there are any exercises I can use in the future to strengthen it? Thanks.
Just realized I should probably explain what the peroneal tendon is since I was unsure at first. Basically it's the tendon around the outer ankle next to the achilles.

OK most of the time, the problem is not in the fibularis muscles ( new name for peroneal muscles).

The most common cause of pain in that area is actually a foot misalignment. This causes problems with the arch of the foot and then causes problems in those muscles. Since you run, this is the most likely culprit. Running actually compresses the joints together and causes this misalignment.

The next most common thing is a weakness in the tibialis muscles ( the muscles on the inside of the ankle). This causes the fibularis muscles to compensate which causes pain.

Ok so what you should do is as follows:
1) See a chiropractor- They should be able to get your foot realigned and this should relieve your pain.
2) Strengthen the tibialis muscles- You can look this up on line, but when you do leg muscle workouts, you can point your foot in and up or in and down to strengthen these muscles.

I really wish you the best  (+ info)

peroneal tendon injury?

a couple of years ago i went to the doctor and she told me that i had ripped my peroneal tendon on my left foot. well on friday(october 3) i was playing soccer and some guy hit the inside of my foot with his, he was trying to kick the ball as hard as he could and hit my foot. well when this happened something popped. the bump on my leg seems to have gotten bigger and now the pain in my foot has gotten so bad to the point i can barely walk for more than a couple of hours...i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it is ripped enough to the point where i will need surgery?

P.S. where my tendon is the size of a golf ball and it's blue

i cant tell you how bad it is w/o seeing it. but it sounds very painful and i would be led to believe, based on your info, it may have ripped.
get to a dr. asap if you are in this much pain and they will be able to tell you  (+ info)

subluxation peroneal tendon?

when i was a little girl i had ankle problems that caused my ankles tendons to snap back and fourth. I went to the sports doctor and he told me that it was nothing to worry about it was fine. Well following down the years I twisted my ankle and went back to a different doctor. She stated I had subluxation of my peroneal tendon, I needed to see a specialist. At that point I was 18 with no insurance so I never went to specialist. Well now I'm 23, Im a waitress so constently on my feet. a few weeks ago when I was working out I rolled both my ankles. I'm assuming I sprained both of them. It has been 2 weeks there is no bruising, but along the outsides of my ankles are still swollen and can't be touched with out sharp pains shooting up my legs. I can walk somewhat normal, with a limp. I can run but it hurts pretty bad. Over the years, randomly my ankles would give out and I wouldn't be able to walk for a few minutes. I was wondering because of lack of insurance if you think this is a just reason to go in, giving the fact that the pain and swelling are still there. Or should I tough it out. I just don't want to further damage my ankles more then they already are. Any help would be great!
Might i add, that moving ankles from side to side cause me pain. Also, when I refer to "in" I mean to the hospital.

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