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Can anyone provide me with informations about Phencyclidine and its active ingredient?

i want some info`s abt Phencyclidine and its active ingredient and how does it interact or react with food can anyone give me some websites i can gather some info`s from? help !!!

Phencyclidine = Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine = "PCP"

I have never known anyone to eat much while on PCP. It is actually a "dissociative hallucinogen." I don't know why you would want to eat on PCP.

While it was initially tested and marketed as an surgical pain medication, the side effects were so severe it was taken off the market almost immediately. Pity the poor WWII soldiers that were given this drug for pain and got much more than bargained for.

While the changes in behavior change with different doses, you can expect to have numbness, intoxication, unsteady gait, loss of balance and speech problems. This drug lasts longer than you want it to. Everyone who has any experience taking PCP knows the stories of people flipping out with 'super powers' that destroy property and are unable to be calmed without serious medical intervention. Even then it's difficult calm an enraged person on PCP.

I will tell you that I used PCP in a 'former life' and it made me dizzy and I had a hard time walking. I felt like the "keep on trucking" guy from the 60's and my legs were incredibly long and I had a compulsion to walk. That may sound cool to you, but it sucks, both for you and the people who are trying to deal with you.

I've since worked in hospitals and had to deal with people coming in "dusted" who had to be restrained, and drugged, and their families were so upset. They end up in ICU because of the level of drugs and constant restraints that have to be used. The cost to both patients and society is incredible.

Luckily we don't see alot of PCP use anymore. It's one of those drugs that are 'grown out of' like LSD. You don't see rational (aka smart) people using it for very long. The whole dissociative/hallucinogen thing gets old pretty quickly. There are some people who for whatever reason, are absolutely not to use this class of drugs. For instance, if you aren't hard wired very well. If you have any schizophrenia or bipolar or psychosis issues in your history or in your family, you should never ever use any of these types of drugs. Sorry but you can be kicked over the edge with these kinds of drugs. Schizophrenics don't even do well with marijuana, and that is a very minor hallucinogen.

Anyway, if you are thinking about using PCP for fun, think twice. The high isn't worth the risk. Good luck to you. <3  (+ info)

What is the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction?

I am witing something freelance and just wondering if anyone can give me an addequite difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.

The definition of an addict is: 1. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit-forming substance
2. To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually or compulsively

Definition of drug abuse: he use of illegal drugs or the inappropriate use of legal drugs. The repeated use of drugs to produce pleasure, to alleviate stress, or to alter or avoid reality (or all three).

The use of a drug for a purpose other than that for which it is normally prescribed or recommended.

the habitual misuse of a chemical substance

They are very similar definitions. Almost the same.

Why are people either classified as a drug abuser or a drug addict? Drug abusers don't usually get the intese care an addict does. Remember, the definition for addic includes psychological addiction... not just physical.

when you are addicted, you are abusing them..so, not much difference  (+ info)

What are good songs about abuse related sadness or anger?

I love Rihanna's new Albut 'Rated R' because she is a woman who has been through the abuse and she came back around and wrote some good songs. Use that as an example. Please help with good music. Thank you!

Love Is Blind by EVE. Its either hip hop or R&B.
Very good music & words.
Its not a new song out.  (+ info)

How long does it take to become a substance abuse nurse?

I was wondering how long it takes to be a substance abuse nurse. Or if you can tell me the requirements a substance abuse nurse needs.

Just to clarify I want to become a nurse not a counselor.

Thank you for your help.

You would need to get your BSN in nursing which would take four years and then perhaps some extra certification after that. usually an employer will specify what else is needed.  (+ info)

How does the enabling of substance abuse addiction work?

I have heard that sometimes, families can even sort of encourage the individual to continue on with his substance abuse addiction. How so? What are they doing that actually acts to the detriment of the individual?

Enabling substance abuse addiction simply means that the person tolerates the addiction of the individual. They make it easy for the patient to continue on indulging in the substance. Enabling substance abuse addiction can be manifested in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:

* making excuses for the person's behavior
* doing something for the person instead of letting him do it himself
* not recognizing the problem or denying its existence, therefore allowing the behavior to go on.
* helping the individual fuel his substance abuse addiction by giving him money, finishing his work for him, or just plain ignoring his behavior and shortcomings.

If you happen to know someone who is a substance abuse addict, then you should take care not to do the things listed above.  (+ info)

What can Percocet abuse do to your baby during pregnancy?

A girl I know is due in August and has been abusing the pills before she found out and ever since she found out. She has been taking 5-8 a day. The doctor supposedly tells her everything looks/sounds good but I'm doubtful. Could something be wrong with her baby when it's born? Thanks for any answers. She also has not told her doctor about her substance abuse.
Could the doctor be able to tell anything is wrong through listening to the heart beat? Or any ultrasounds? It's not fair to make your baby suffer while you get high.

Pain killers dont pose much risk of birth defects, BUT the biggest risk they pose is the baby being born addicted. If she tells her dotor, he will likely keep her on them, or switch her to Methadone or Subutex which are narcotics used to treat addiction. The reason the dotor wont want her to stop is she will have really bad withdrawals which can harm the baby worse than the drug. However the baby will be born addicted and will have to then be weaned in the hospital for a week or so. The other big risk is respiratory difficulties. Then of course the third issue is she will likely have to deal with Child Protective Services (or whatever the agency is called where she lives), who may or may not step in and take the baby. She should tell her doctor now so she can get on treatment therapy (the best option Subutex) which will lessen but not completely obliterate the withdrawals in the baby, and will also show the children's agency she's "getting treatment" for her addiction. If she doesnt tell them, the doctors/nurses will recognize the baby is in withdrawal and the baby will most likely be put in protective custody until she is able to pass about 6 months of drug tests.  (+ info)

What are some ways to overcome verbal abuse?

The pain and trauma of it that is. I am a victim of verbal abuse. What are some ways to overcome it?

Ignore them and walk away!

:-)  (+ info)

How do you recover from psychological abuse?

Any tips on how to recover from verbal/mental abuse? I have had to endure psychological abuse, and physical abuse. I think I am having a tougher time dealing with the psychological. Please help, 5 years of hell.

The best way to deal with the effects of any kind of abuse is to seek counseling and talk about what happened...get angry, let the hurt out, cry if feel like you need to in the safety of a therapist's office. You never really get over it, it's always gonna be with you, but through counseling and dealing with the feelings you'll be able to handle the memories better and with some rationality. Trust me, I'm going through it now myself.  (+ info)

What does excessive eye blinking and nose scrunching in a child with a severe abuse history indicate?

A child that I knew had these symptoms from about age 9 to 12. The girl had a history of physical and sexual abuse from her mother and stepfather. Those symptoms stopped when she was permanently removed from that environment. I know the abuse and symptoms are related somehow, but specifically how? Is there a psychiatric term for these symptoms or disorder? I am doing research on adult survivors of child abuse and this is very pertinent.

It may just be a nervous tick of sorts... Kids do that sometimes too. May not be as a result of the abuse.  (+ info)

What is the difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse?

I'm really confused. Are they different or are they similar? What are the differences between alcoholism and alcohol abuse (if there are any)? Which one is worse?

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse, although used similarly sometimes, are two different cases. In alcohol abuse, the person usually drink secretly. He experiences moments of black out, loses interest in other things and develops a drinking ritual. An alcohol abuser is also easily irritated especially when his drinking habits are questioned. An alcoholism victim, on the other hand, always have that craving for alcohol. He experiences a particular dependence on alcohol and feels like he can't function well without a daily dose. A person experiencing alcoholism cannot stop himself from drinking whereas a person abusing alcohol can so I guess alcoholism is worse.  (+ info)

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