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Can anyone tell me anything about the leg condition phlebitis?

If it is not that - muscles can cause as much pain
Muscles like ropes are made of many fibers or strands. If some of the individual fibers that work in combination to make the muscle strong are not relaxing they bulk up in the middle and are stretched thin on the ends which results in the appearance of "knots" they are the tender spots. The muscles that effect headaches can come from as far away as the lower back and include shoulders, arms, neck and head causing a cascade effect. So a massage (professional if possible) will help.
Arms frequently have knots not just in the arm (especially upper) but shoulders, back, and neck. Until you can reach around behind you one arm up and the other down and at least come close to touching your fingers there are probably more knots. To help get the ones under your shoulder blade - keep you elbow down and put your hand on the opposite shoulder while (if you dont have anyone helping) lean into the corner of a building to apply pressure to the knot.
Specific to the leg - run your hand lengthwise down the section of leg that hurts. You will find tender spots these are the knots described above. Apply pressure to this area in a similar motion just over the length of the knot - it will take many sessions of doing this once or twice per session to get the muscle to relax.
Specific to the head - at the base of the skull where it connects to the spine there is a ridge in an upsidedown V like shape - press in and up to the count of three, three times to help relax the muscles there. All through the hair scratch lightly the head you will find tender spots those are knots (rub the rest of the head) the idea is to go over them semi frequently until they are gone.
General - Muscles need magnisium (regulates many things) and potassium - both can be found in bananas or molasses (a swig or two)
Hydrate with any nonsugar (even the substitutes) liquids - quantity = your body weight divided by 2 times ounces daily. The head of neurology (10 years ago) at UCDavis told my husband that running a body low on water is like running a car low on oil - there will be problems.
Reference - The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies teaches about muscles and how to help them yourself.  (+ info)

is it necessary to be off work for 2 weeks due to phlebitis?

i have just been dagnosed by my GP with superficial phlebitis, he gave me antibiotics and clopidrogel and put me off work for two weeks, is this necessary as the pain is not that bad at times

Clopidogrel is indicated in adults for the prevention of atherothrombotic events in patients suffering from myocardial infarction (from a few days until less than 35 days), ischaemic stroke (from 7 days until less than 6 months) or established peripheral arterial disease. It has no indication in simple phlebitis.

Most bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis settle within 2-6 weeks. No treatment may be needed if the symptoms are mild. Treatment aims to ease symptoms. The condition is not an infective one, so of course antibiotics are not indicated either.

You should keep as active as possible, use simple painkillers if needed, alternatively anti-inflammatory creams or gels may be used.

My biggest concern is the advice and prescriptions given by your GP.  (+ info)

Phlebitis What happens when legs swell ans become hot?

My mum has Phlebitis her leg is painful and very hot. Why??

Phlebitis is the inflammation of a vein, usually in the legs. The inflammatory process may produce redness, warmth, pain and swelling along the vein. If it is accompanied by fever, there may be an infection. Has she had a dr check it? If it is a large area of redness an swelling, it may be cellulitis. She would need to see a dr.  (+ info)

How to avoid phlebitis on the legs???

Its a problem for the women.......
I'm only 21 and I have phlebitis on my legs but when i'm doing exercises, activities, bycicling and playing volleyball after a while are gone away.....

But I cant do everyday gumnastic.....

somebody please tell me

what to do for the phlebitis?????
are not so bad but I dont feel very comfortable at the beach.......

Prevention of Phlebitis
Thrombophlebitis is often a complication of treatments and conditions in the hospitalized patient. Much routine nursing care is directed towards avoiding thrombophlebitis. Early postoperative and postpartum ambulation, range of motion exercises for the immobilized patient, good technique in intravenous catheterization, attention to fluid balance, and proper positioning of the patient are common nursing measures to promote good circulation and reduce venous stasis (stoppage or diminution of flow), and the development of thrombophlebitis.

People susceptible to phlebitis (or any other circulatory or cardiovascular problem) should not smoke since this promotes clot formation. Moderate physical activity is recommended to maintain muscle tone and promote circulation.

click the link below for further details  (+ info)

How to heal phlebitis??? please answer

phlebitis on the legs....

please tell me..... but not to go to the doctor
other way????

running ...helps or not?
I'm thin 47kg and I'm an athlete
I dont take pills nothing
I'm thin 47kg and I'm an athlete
I dont take pills nothing

You really need to be careful to in taking care of your feet. Always wear shoes or slippers. Anything that enters your feet through a cracks or cuts will cause you to get phlebitis. If you already are suffering from an episode elevate your legs and take some antibiotics or antiinflammatory drugs. You can also buy those elastic stockings. It's not a bad idea to drink grape juice and take an baby aspirin daily.  (+ info)

I had an IV in my left hand and now there is a lump on my arm that the doc said was phlebitis, has anyone ever

had this? if so, how long does it stay?

take anti inflammatory tablets as often as the packet recommends,keep the arm elevated on pillows whenever possible to reduce the swelling and to prevent tracking up the arm( tracking= redness and inflammation spreading up the infected limb),and if you have access to it from the hospital, ask for glycerin and icthammol ointment to be applied directly to the iv site. u can also try an iodine paste
or iodine patch failing this. both will draw out the redness and add anti bacterial properties to the wound.if it persists or worsens in any way, seek immediate advice from either casualty or your GP.  (+ info)

How is Phlebitis caused?

Thought it was caused by spider bites. Could be wrong tho, just ringing a bell for some reason  (+ info)

Is there to heal phlebitis? such as cream or botanical?

please I want to know
phlebitis on the legs

feel free to answer
botanical...I mean like a tea

infection of blood vessels(veins)usually after an injury varicoses, obesity, birth con troll pills leading clogging of blood vessels. usually with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs help in relieving the blood vessels,some times anticoagulants also used to reverse the condition----.please read---www.emedicinehealth.com/phlebities/article  (+ info)

what does phlebitis do?

when i get out of the shower my legs are super dark purple and grey and blotchy and they are purple and blotchy alot i was told by a doctor i probably have phlebitis but didnt go into much detail what is it and what does it do to me?? can it hurt me in anyway?? also im only 15 so will i have it my whole life??

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why phlebitis just occur at legs or arm only?

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