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Can anyone tell me what is phlebitis and if they have ever had it?

I was told about a month or so ago that i could possibly have phelbitis as i was getting serious amounts of pains in my legs and losing feeling.

I was on the pill last year and when i was on it my leg pains got worse i noticed an increase in blue veins all over my body and swelled veins on my feet. But when i came off the pill the pain was bearable and the notice in veins stopped.

I then stayd off it for a couple of months to see what would happen and then tried the contraspective patch.

But the pains came back and i had more veins, i was told so many different diagnosis by doctors but the one that seemed to fit my symtpoms was phlebitis.

Does anyone know anything about that or had similar problems??

phlebitis is inflammation of the wall of the vein sometimes seen as a complication of varicose veins. Part of the vein becomes painful and tender and the skin becomes hot and red. Treatment is usually with support stockings and sometimes drugs  (+ info)

what is phlebitis?

i need the definition, how to assess it, the causes of the dx, complications, treatments, patient care and any tests. thanks!

Its inflammation of a vein that can be caused by inactivity

Check out this site:

http://www.emedicinehealth.com/phlebitis/article_em.htm  (+ info)

What is phlebitis?

Inflammation of veins  (+ info)

a condition in the legs called phlebitis's?

An inflamation of the veins—often with blodd clot formation; like deep vein thrombosis. This can be dangerous as you can throw clots to your lungs and have pulmonary infarcts (dead lung tissue). DVT is more common in the bed ridden but can occur on long car or airplane rides (why they recommend moving atound or in seat exercise). Such clots should be treated with blood thinners and perhaps surgery (less likely) ASAP. If you might have this get a medical consult now.  (+ info)

Phlebitis Disease?

Remedies to Keep It at Bay

Former President Richard Nixon had it and that has something to do with the blood vessels in his leg. Get off the pill. If you've had a history of phlebitis or blood clots you definitely shouldn't use oral contraceptives, The incidence of deep vein phlebitis in oral contraceptive users is estimated at three to four times higher than in nonusers, Such a relatively high rate of deep vein clotting also puts the superficial phlebitis sufferer at an unacceptable high risk for recurrence.  (+ info)

If your legs swell for no reason , could it be phlebitis???

Age around 50. weight 165, height 5"4

Probably not, however, it is important to see a doctor right away, it could be any number of things. Is it only one leg? If it is, chances are it is a blood clot in that leg, whick is very serious. Is it both legs, it could be any number of things, or you may need to take water pills.

I'm talking from experience, as my mother has this problem often. Her father died of phlebitis, and she gets worried every time her legs swell, but as of yet, she doesn't have it. But she has had blood clots in the legs and takes water pills.

Good luck, and please consult a doctor.  (+ info)

Superficial Phlebitis OV?

Okay so I have this thing called superficial Phelbitis - It is the vein near the skin that has become irritated (infected). It was caused by an IV I had on Wed. of last week from emergency operation (D&E). I guess there is also a clot in the vein but they are saying this kind of blood clot is not dangerous because it is in a vein that is not a super highway to my heart and lungs.
I have to go back to the hospital in two days for another ultrasound procedure. They just want one more look at it to make sure it has not moved in location. If it has moved towards a major vein they plan to give me blood thinners.

For now they have prescribed a 10 day supply of antibiotics and I am to rest the arm in an elevated position and apply heat/warmth water wraps 3x a day.

I don't want to be afraid but I kind of am eventhough they seem to really think I'll be fine with this.

Has anybody else had this and what was your experience like?
Miss Jen M you TOTALLY ARE GOING to get those points girl ;)

thank you sweetie. you are the one that inspired me to get my booty to the dr.

I should so get best answer for answering your question yesterday--I thought it was phlebitis! :-)

You should be fine. They wouldn't have sent you home if they really thought there was a chance of something bad happening. Just go back on your scheduled day. Good luck but you will be fine.  (+ info)

What is the meaning of phlebitis?

I know i had an dictionary and i had the answer,but ofcourse now i'll ask you this question.

Phlebitis is an inflammation of a vein, usually in the legs.
Although many prominent suffers are men,most people with the condition, perhaps 80 to 90 percent, are women.
When phlebitis is associated with the formation of blood clots (thrombosis), usually in the deep veins of the legs, the condition is called thrombophlebitis.

Signs and Symptoms
Redness (erythema) and warmth with a temperature elevation of a degree or more above the baseline
Pain or burning along the length of the vein
Swelling (edema)
Vein being hard, and cordlike
If occurring due to an intravenous infusion line, then slowed infusion rate

Bacterial: Pathogenic organisms can gain access and stimulate inflammation.
Chemical: caused by irritating or vesicant solutions.
Mechanical: physical trauma from the skin puncture and movement of the cannula into the vein during insertion; any subsequent manipulation and movement of the cannula; clotting; or excessively large cannula.
Medications including Celebrex, antidepressants, and others.
Genetic as it is known to run in families.  (+ info)

My partner is suffering from sore varicose veins?

he said it feels hot, was burning since earlier today
he saw doctor who said he didnt think it was Phlebitis or thrombosis, just sore varicose veins and to take Diclofenac.

he dosent know whether to take this or whether 2x paractemol would do as the pains gone off is achy but not severe pain

is voltarol (diclofenac) not a really strong painkiller? im sure my mum took it when she had sciatica. would paractemol be ok to use?

help please?

voltarol 50 mg is an anti-inflamatory. So it would help with this problem. take the paracetamol aswell, both tablets together should ease the symptoms. can he not get surgery to sort the veins out? I know nhs dont operate on varicose veins routinely anymore unless they are painfull and problematic. Which it sounds like they are. The operation is done with lazers these days and usually can be done as a day case  (+ info)

What do you think the diagnosis is?

My friend felt a wierd pressure on the side of her head(specifically, 2 inches above her ear). She was tying her hair when she realized there was blood on her hands and the blood was coming from the same area where the pressure was. I have a feeling it might be a swollen vein or phlebitis.

Phlebitis usually occurs in the legs, not the head. My suggestion would be if she is bleeing from the head to go and see the doctor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You may also find that it was just a "sore" that exploded whilst tying her hair up!  (+ info)

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