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What is the best recommended medicine for fever and vomiting?

What is the best recommended over the counter medicine for fever and vomiting? Does anyone know?

That can be tricky, since some medications, like Advil, or other Ibuprophen drugs can upset people's stomachs. Tylenol is usually OK, it does not cause nausea or stomach problems in as many people. Aspirin or Ibuprophen are harder on the stomach.

Peptol- Bismol or something like that can help the nausea, but the most important thing is to try and keep fluids down. Not so much that it comes right back up, but a little at a time, like sips of water, warm tea (non-caffeinated if possible) or ice chips. Liquids and as any woman who has been pregnant knows, sometimes saltines or other crackers can help get a little food down.

Peptol Bismol has some aspirin in it (not a lot), so be careful if someone is sensitive or allergic to aspirin or has taken aspirin for pain or fever. For diarrhea you can also take Peptol-Bismol or Immodium AD. It can make you a little constipated after you take it, after the diarrhea stops.   (+ info)

How high of a fever is safe before considering taking to the doctor?

My 7 month old started a fever today of 99.9. As soon as I noticed, I have gave her tylenol to keep it under control. She started feeling a lil warm again before her next dose. How high of a fever is when you start worrying or take to the doctor??

I have taken my 3 year old twins to the emergency room SO many times with fevers. They say that you shouldn't freak out until around 104, but to me that's WAAYYY too late. Keep in mind that anywhere you take the temp it will come up 1 degree lower than it actually is, unless you do it rectally. For example, if you took it in her ear or under her arm, she would really be at 100.9. I would try to alternate the Tylenol with Motrin (you can overlap doses) because that's what the hospital has always recommended for us. It brings the fever down much faster. If that doesn't work, I would absolutely get in to the doctor. It could be teething, but it could also be an infection. Why risk it? They're certainly not going to think any less of you for being cautious! Good luck!  (+ info)

How long does a fever from MMR vaccine last?

My 1 year old son got his MMR vaccination last week. A few days after his shot, he caught a slight cold (little runny nose and cough). On the 6th night after his vaccination, he had a fever of 100. He's had the fever (99-101) the past 2 nights. When will it go away? Should i be worried since he also has the cold?

When my daughter got her vaccine she got a slight fever the next day but no cold symptoms. You should probably bring him to see a doctor if you are concerned he has likely picked up something else.  (+ info)

What is the best medicine to bring down a kids fever?

My daughter has suddenly got sick today, she is vomiting and has a 102.5 fever and a runny nose. All the doctors offices are now closed for the holidays. So I will take her to the hospital if I cant get her fever down, any suggestions?

any doc i have gone too, all say the same..... alternate every 4 hours....tylenol and advil. WORKS LIKE A CHARM how old is your daughter? if she is still little, use INFANTS formula, when they are sick, its a stronger does in a smaller form, so they dont have to take so much, they already feel crappy.... 1ml compared to 5 mls...what a treat!  (+ info)

What should i do if i keep getting fever?

Please i need help, i've been getting fever for the last three days. I don't feel pain is just fever. I have been taking tylenol it helps the fever to go away, then i feel good for a couple of hours and then the fever returns. Occasionally my head hurts.

rebounf fx should ceer you of anything. chek out theignition.org  (+ info)

What is considered too high of a fever in a 6 month old?

Her temperature is 102 degrees, rectally. I gave her a little bit of tylenol to see if that will bring it down some, I am planning on taking her to doctor, but the office does not open for another 1 1/2 hours. I could not remember what is a really high fever rectally though, because i know that is normally a tad higher than doing the ear.

a high temperature is classed anything over 100, more info in the link below, hope she's better soon.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of a fever in an hour or 2?

8th grade formal is in 2 hours, and I really want to go, but I am down with a fever. How can I tone it down in time for the social?
AWE I picked out my dress and shoes and they cost alot. I don't want to have to miss it!
I already took a cool shower and I feel a little better but it's still kind of there.
and I took a two and a half hour nap!

Take advil, ibuprofen, OR aceteminophen. Not all, just choose one brand of painkillers and take the recommended dose. Get a cool cloth and place it on your forehead and/or neck, having a cool bath helps also to lower your entire body's temperature. Get some rest because your body is trying to fight something. Try having at least a half hour rest (even if you aren't asleep) before you go. And most importantly, be VERY conscious of your germs when you are there. It sounds like you are coming down with something, so make sure to wash your hands a lot :) Enjoy your social!  (+ info)

How high does your fever get with swine flu?

I have heard so much about the symptoms of Swine flu but not about how high of a fever to expect.So my question is whats the beginning symptoms like when you are first getting it to expect and how high does your fever get?

heres more info. read and rate five stars!! thnx!!
http://www.ehow.com/how_4933020_avoid-swine-flu.html  (+ info)

What is a deep coughing and high fever with onset of sore throat and nothing else?

I had sore throat three days and then now I got severe deep consistent cough, with chills or high fever.

What could this be?
It seem to send half the people at the shop home for two weeks.

All your symptoms point to H1N1. Don't go to work and go see your doctor right away.  (+ info)

How fast does a fever fall after it spikes?

When I woke up this morning at 6:30 my fever was 103, which is the highest it has been, about 4 hours after that it was 102, now it's 100. Did my fever break, or is it just changing?

It sounds like it is breaking. I would see a doctor if it goes above 103 and persists there for 1 for a day or so. If your temperature goes up a couple degrees at night, I wouldn't really worry to much because its natural.  (+ info)

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