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How serious is getting a swollen brain from Behcet's Disease? Will my brother be able to wake up?

How serious is getting a swollen brain from Behcet's Disease? My brother had a swollen brain after vomiting/fainting out of nowhere. He got surgery and after, doctors purposely put his brain to sleep (induced coma? I think). Doctors found out that what he has is Bechet's Disease. Is this disease serious? Will my brother be able to wake up? Will doctors wake him up?

Behçet's disease is an autoimmune disease that results from damage to blood vessels throughout the body, particularly veins. In an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks and harms the bodies' own tissues. The exact cause of Behçet's disease is unknown. Most symptoms of the disease are caused by vasculitis (an inflammation of the blood vessels). Inflammation is a characteristic reaction of the body to injury or disease and is marked by four signs: swelling, redness, heat, and pain. Doctors think that an autoimmune reaction may cause the blood vessels to become inflamed, but they do not know what triggers this reaction. Under normal conditions, the immune system protects the body from diseases and infections by killing harmful "foreign" substances, such as germs, that enter the body. In an autoimmune reaction, the immune system mistakenly attacks and harms the body's own tissues. Behçet's disease is not contagious; it is not spread from one person to another. Behçet's disease affects each person differently. The four most common symptoms (as listed) are mouth sores, genital sores, inflammation inside of the eye, and skin problems. Inflammation inside of the eye (uveitis, retinitis, and iritis) occurs in more that half of those with Behçet's disease and can cause blurred vision, pain, and redness. Other symptoms may include arthritis, blood clots, and inflammation in the central nervous system and digestive organs.

Check out the website, its the offical site and should have some helpful info  (+ info)

What kind of neurological disease causes brain deterioration?

This kid has been suffering from some disease since and his brain function has deteriorated. Symptoms of seizures, memory loss. Not epilepsy or cancer.
He's a teenager

early onset aging.
mercury poisoning.
lead poisoning.
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What parasite caused a disease for one that developed seizures & a single brain lesion consistent with a tumor

This girl developed generalized seizures. A CAT scan revealed a single brain lesion consistent with a tumor. Biopsy of the lesion showed a cysticerus. The patient lived in South Carolina and had never traveled outside the state. What parasite caused her disease? How is the disease transmitted? How might it be prevented?

It's a question for my college-level Introduction to Microbiology Course under the category for "Critical Thinking." Thanks in advance to any responses.

Just because she never traveled outside the state, doesn't mean that people and animals she came in contact with have the same history. Parasites are transmitted a lot easier than some people realize.

To me, the critical thinking ought to be on what to do for the poor girl to get rid of the parasite so she can heal. Even if you can't identify what kind or the cause of the parasite, you can still treat her with a thorough parasite cleanse that will help kill of the cause of her symptoms.

Hmmm. Now, that's a thought. :-)  (+ info)

If being an alcoholic is a disease, where in the brain is the disease located?

I have a hard times believing that being an alcoholic is a disease. If this is truly so, where in the brain is the disease located? Why cant surgery or kemo help it? Or is it supposedly a blood disease? If it's a blood disease, what specifically in the blood is the disease itself that isn't in other people's blood?

that's just an excuse alcoholics use. they're shameless and selfish. that's kind of mean but kind of true.  (+ info)

How does alzheimers disease affect the brain?

How does this disease affect the brain?

it slowly makes the brain "un-remember" things in different stages- starting off almost unnoticable ending with a dementia-type state. it causes the person affected to forget things from the present first, working its way to the past, so the things they will remember most are things that happened in childhood, early adulthood, etc.
there are 10 distinct phases but i can't really remember them all from nursing school... i know one is wondering without purpose, and another is denial... im sure you could find them on google.  (+ info)

What's that that disease called when you have a brain injury and it gives you a speech impairment,lik a accent?

What's that disease when you injure your brain and it causes you to have some kind of speech impairment and it sounds you like you have an accent?

Its called Foreign Accent Syndrome

It occurs after brain injury but is very very rare. Most speech pathologists believe it is merely a result of separate speech problems that are common in brain injury, combining to mimic an accent. You can find out more here;


And this is an interesting article telling the story of a woman affected;
http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008315220_foreign27.html  (+ info)

Vascular disease involve only the heart and the brain?

IS it true that vascular disease involve only the heart and the brain? If not, please explain why. Thanks!

Vascular disease harms blood flow in arteries and veins throughout your body. It causes everything from leg pain to poor kidney function and stroke. Problems of the vascular system are common and can be very serious.
For example:- Varicose veins are a vascular disease.  (+ info)

Can electric shock therapy cause degenerative brain disease?

My mother recieved fourteen treatments in Jan-Feb on this year. Last week a neurologist said she now has degenerative brain disease.

I think it may cause some memory loss, but there isn't proof that it causes structural damage or degenerative brain diseases.  (+ info)

Please suggest any cure for PSP (Progressive supranervous Palsi) a Brain Disease similar to parkinson?

This is a very Deadly Disease in which your Motor Skills , Eye Vision, Thinking, Stammering, Breathing Trouble. Actually The Size of the Mid Brain is Diminishing, If anybody has a Cure or any Information please send the answers.

Currently, there is no effective treatment for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), although scientists are searching for better ways to manage the disease. In some patients the slowness, stiffness and balance problems may respond to Parkinson's disease medications but the effect is usually temporary. Speech, vision and swallowing difficulties usually do not respond to drug treatments.

Simple lifestyle changes may benefit patients with PSP. For example, patients frequently use weighted walking aids to deter their tendency to fall backwards. Bifocals or special glasses called prisms are sometimes prescribed for PSP patients to remedy their difficulty of looking down. Formal physical therapy has not proven beneficial but certain exercises can be performed to keep the joints limber.

When a patient experiences severe difficulty swallowing and choking is a risk, a surgical procedure called a gastrostomy may be necessary. This surgery involves the placement of a tube through the skin of the abdomen into the intestine for feeding purposes.

Being a caregiver for a PSP patient can be physically and emotionally demanding. Support groups can play an important role in coping with the disease and maintaining quality of life for the patient and caregiver.
http://www.rxbharat.com/mental/71-mental-disease/61-progressive-supranuclear-palsy-psp  (+ info)

How would you be able to tell if you had some brain eating disease?

that may sound silly, but it's an incredibly scary thought, and i'd just like to know. I've been getting major headaches lately, i have trouble concentrating, things i would normally "get" seem pretty hard at the moment, and even doing things i've done before i just seem off on. These may not necessarily be the symptoms of a brain eating disease, but the thought crossed my mind and it would be interesting to know....

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