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Pilonidal Sinus?

What is the general recovery period after a pilonidal sinus operation?

Depending on the size and depth, and if it is packed rather than stitched then about 3 months.  (+ info)

pilonidal sinus?

i 1st had a pilonidal sinus around a year ago and had a op to have it removed now its back. Ive been given antibiotics for 2 weeks to see if it clears up and i was just wondering IF any of you guys or girls had any experiance on how to cure it with out another op? Thanks hope to start any other treatments tonight as i want it gone asap (It hurts *sad Face*)

Not diabetic not over weight was thinking about getting another operation in a few weeks time as im doing alot over then ext few weeks ie a gig that ive been waiting to go to for MONTHS is next week and so long as it holds off untill Thursday i dont care lol

There are so many things you could try, tea tree oil, cleaning 3x daily with alcohol and making a paste from magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts) to draw out the infection and dry up any boils (this often works really well). More details would be helpful...are you diabetic or overweight?A low glycemic diet helps in general to make the environment less friendly (stable blood sugar). Do not use topical creams as this will make it worse. Oral antibiotics plus above measures may work.Good luck.  (+ info)

How to take care of a small pilonidal sinus?

I have developed a small pilonidal sinus. So far I've just had a bit of bleeding and some puss. Its not sore unless you press really hard against it, and there is some redness around it. Ive looked at it and there is a small hole around my buttocks. Im worried I will have to go in for surgery for this. Im a university student and cant really afford this right now. Whats your opinions?

You can soak in a hot bathtub a minimum of once daily to keep this open and draining. Once it seals itself up, it sets you up for a larger pocket forming which would then require surgery to open and drain it. An antibiotic would also help heal this up while you are doing the soaks trying to promote natural drainage of this area. If you are a student, you can go to student health and get an antibiotic to help heal this up. Do not squeeze the area but right after soaking in the tub, gentle pressure on each side with flattened fingers against the skin to express any pus will help get it all out. Squeezing with fingertips often drives the infection deeper, causing more problems.  (+ info)

I have terrible nausea is this due to my pilonidal sinus?

I have a pilonidal sinus, i had been taking Magnapen Antibiotic for 2 weeks, which did help but over the last 2 months i have nausea and terrible acid reflux, i dont know what is going on and im really worried, I have been prescribed Omeprazole but have yet to take it due to the side effects,
Can anyone tell me what to do as i work offshore and i feel terrible all the time.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of this website but see link below?  (+ info)

Can a 15 year old get a pilonidal sinus?

Im 15 years old and the other day when i was taking a shower, i noticed a small round hole very close to my anus. it is about the size of a small pencil rubber or smaller. i have always assumed that this was a haemmoroid or an anal tear but ive been searching around on the internet and it says that it could be a pilonidal sinus.
Is it possible for a 15 year old mlae to get a pilonidal sinus? should i go to the doctors? is it dangerous/deadly?

Although a pilonidal cyst is developmental, and basically present at birth, it might not be noticed until it becomes inflamed and enlarged. In this case, it would be wise to show it to your doctor, just to make sure of what it is, and to make sure that it doesn't communicate with the spinal cord.  (+ info)

Are there other treatments for pilonidal sinus other than surgery?

I have a pilonidal sinus and it keeps getting infected, i saw a surgeon today and i had a huge panic attack and said i cant have the surgery!! im sorry i know ppl think its dumb but i suffer sever anxiety, are there other natural treatments i can do?? at least 2 make it a little better less infections or something ?? thanks

Go to mayoclinic.com, then "diseases and conditions." the letter "p" and then pilonidal cyst. It will tell you what causes it, symptoms, much more.

Treatments and drugs
By Mayo Clinic staff
Treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst may include:

Incision and drainage
The initial treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst, or pilonidal abscess, is usually a procedure performed by your primary care doctor or a surgeon. You're given a local anesthetic to numb the area before your doctor opens the abscess, drains the fluids and removes hair and other debris. The wound is packed with dressing so that it can heal from the inside out. For about 50 to 60 percent of people with an infected pilonidal cyst, this treatment is effective and no further treatment is needed.

A surgical procedure is necessary if you have a recurring infected pilonidal cyst or if one or more sinus tracts are present. A surgeon will expose the cysts and all sinus tracts in order to clean out hairs, pus and other debris. The preferred surgical procedures generally fall into two categories:

Open wound. The surgical wound is left open and packed with dressing to allow it to heal from the inside out. This process results in a longer healing time but usually a lower risk of a recurring pilonidal cyst infection.
Closed wound. After cleaning out the cyst and sinus tracts, the surgeon stitches the wound closed. The healing time is shorter with these procedures, but there is a greater risk of recurrence. To improve healing time and lower the risk of recurrence, the surgeon may make the incision off to one side and create a flap of skin. Therefore, when he or she stitches the wound, it is not in the cleft of the buttocks, where healing is particularly difficult.
Wound care is extremely important after surgery. Your doctor or nurse will give you detailed instructions on how to change dressings, what to expect of a normal healing process and when to call the doctor. Postoperative care will also include shaving around the surgical site to prevent hairs from entering the wound.  (+ info)

How long should a Pilonidal Abcess/Sinus take to heal?

My Mother has had this one for three and a half months, has had an operation to remove everything but the wound has not yet healed. She is still having it packed every second day, but the nurse says the crater is getting bigger - is this normal?

ooh sounds like this could be infected mate! am student nurse (nearly qualified) have seen many of these and this sounds like she may need to see the doc....her nurse should've picked up on this!! this area is prone to getting infected due to being a 'warm' environment that bacteria like_ get her to see her gp!  (+ info)

What do you know abou Pilonidal sinus?

Have u ever had the exprience?

There are certain "hollow tubes" in your body that apparently do nothing. They are according to experts a freak of evolution.

The term for a "hollow tube" in medicine is a sinus, some of them, like the ones near your nose have a function.

Many of the ones at the base of your back and in the groin area seem to serve no purpose.

Hair roots that are constantly compressed by clothing and sitting down get irritated and may start to swell. If the hair snaps at the root, the already inflamed root gets irritated by the sharp stubby hair.

The body's healing process produces something akin to scar tissue very rapidly to cope with this irritation.

This may trap the hair under the skin.

Further irritation results and the area gets infected. The build up of pus further traps the hair, which in turn produces more pus.

All of this eventually breaks out into one of the sinus cavities. The trapped hair may break off at the root again and roam free in the cavity several times. Each time it does this it produces more irritation, resulting in even more rapid infection and swelling.

Treatment is surgical. The cavity is opened and all the debris removed. If it is a sinus with no purpose (most of them are), the wound is left open so that the sinus fills up with scar tissue, preventing recurrence, because by this stage the whole area will probably have permanent damage to all the hair, sweat/pore machinery making recurrence much more likely if the sinus was simply resealed.

The open wound must be treated very carefully, otherwise it will get infected needing antibiotics.

Apart from the back/groin area, this may happen in the face as well, particularly on a man owing to shaving too close.  (+ info)

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery scar still inflated with some sort of fluid?

As the title states, I had surgery in July 2007, it healed 4-6 weeks later and now 2 years down the track the scar is healed perfectly, I have no pain at all, but the scar area which is in between my bum cleavage near the tail bone is still inflated with some sort of fluid and is almost numb to the touch. I thought it would go away over time but me being a procrastinator failed to see a doctor about this. Is this normal for this surgery?

  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had pilonidal sinus or pilonidal cyst?

I'm worried that i might have that. And if i do, i want to know what kind of treatment that someone goes through for that. please let me know

My son had one of these when he was about 11 (no he wasn't a hairy truckie). Treatment with antibiotics was unsuccessful and he finally had it cut out with a local anaesthetic after it got to the point where he couldn't sit down. It looked like a lump of solid pus about as big as a pea and only needed a few stitches - no big deal. It's believed that cut hairs, perhaps after a haircut, can work themselves into the skin and set up an infection.   (+ info)

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