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Do you like pinta colatas and getting caught in the rain?

i am pretty sure i spelled that wrong and since i dont know how to spell it spell check did me no good any ways ............... continue on

I also like the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne.
In fact, every time I hear that song I can check yes to all the questions.
Nice Song. You get a Star for the nice memories.  (+ info)

Do you know anyone i am able to get in contact with and interview about having a disease called "Pinta"?

Pinta: An infectious skin disease caused by infection with the spirochete Treponema carateum which causes skin rash and discoloration.

I need to do an interview for a school project on rare diseases and i chose this disease. I would really appreciate it if someone could contact me ASAP!

email; [email protected]

A university hospital with an infectious disease doctor or the microbiology lab would be more avail.  (+ info)

I'm drinking a bottle of water that reads 5L ( 1 pinta, 0.9 oz.) I know I am supposed to drink 125 oz a day,

so how many bottles of this water do I drink?

well, if u live in england, then 125 oz = 3.5 litres, but if u live in america, then 125 oz = 3.6 litres
so, i'd say u should drink, about 1 bottle and 1and 3/4 bottles a day  (+ info)

How do I shread a boneless chicken breast very fine? How do I season it really tasty like at restaurants?

I went to a restaurant called the pinta and I had chicken enchiladas that were to die for, and the chicken was shreded really fine and had so much flavor in it god should not have gave us this food. Does anyone know how I can season and cook the chicken up so it would come out this way?

As for "shredding" it very fine, I'd assume that you'd just *continue* pulling the cooked chicken meat apart in opposites direction with two upside-down forks (usually shredding lengthwise to the "grain" but could also be width-wise for smaller pieces) as usual for doing that --or for making "pulled pork" or beef-- until the strips were as narrow as you wanted them... like this (some of these pics aren't using chicken, but same idea):
...or even this if you have a LOT: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2009-09-10-pulling_bear_paws.jpg

(This is preparing shredded chicken for tamales, but one cooking process could be similar:
http://homemadewithlove.wordpress.com/2007/10 )

The *flavor* you might get from your shredded chicken breasts, well that's an entirely different thing.
There are various ways that chicken can be flavored and cooked that will make it end up with very little flavor all the way up to highly- flavored (and preferably still moist).
A few ways would be to:

..."brine" the chicken before cooking (see links below)
...marinate the chicken before cooking (see links below)
...use some dark meat in with the white meat since it contains more fat and will stay juicy easier

...then boil slowly with flavorings in the water
...or then bake or pan-fry only until the chicken is just cooked, and not at too high a heat, so it will stay tender

Here are links with lessons and info on pan-sauteing chicken so it won't be overcooked and dry, as well as lessons/info on keeping chicken moist while cooking in various ways):
http://rouxbe.com/cooking-school/lessons/170-pan-frying (takes a short while to load... also wait after each segment and next segment will start playing automatically)

And recipes for chicken enchiladas:

Diane B.  (+ info)

what dose this mean...? TE AMO MAMACITA QUE MI PINTA Y TU CAMESA?

a guy had said it to me..

I love you, little mama.
I dont understand the pinta part, but it has something to do with your shirt.
pinta might be refering to tats maybe.  (+ info)

Party ideas for a 4 yr old FIESTA party??

OK so i have a pinta and am doing a taco bar .. Wanted to see of any ideas on games snacks should i play music ... I dunno i thought i had it but then started to wonder what more I can do.. Her party will be in 2 wks.. Also should i dress her up like real fancy or comfy???

I would dress her comfertably casual like if its hot then cute shorts with a nice blouse or if its cold nice pants with ballet flats and a nice top and if she wants to wear a birthday tiara that always looks cute on the b-day girl, or just have her wear mexican colors like red green and white and my cousin had a mexican party also and she wore a very light and airy white casual dress with a green and red belt and those big flowers in her hair of the mexican colors it was cute. You can put her hair in braids to the side and then put the flowers at the end. Have lanterns at night mexican colors.Give out bandannas to all of the kids. Games Musical chairs, potato sack races, also look up party games for kids from yahoo tons of sites and for something more how about a bounce house that you can rent kids love that my toddlers are getting one for their birthday this year from my parents but the ones you can keep also a clown that does balloon animals and face painting and games, or a hawaiian dancer we had one for our luau party and she did games and taught all the kids how to dance the hula they loved it. You can even rent a train that gives the kids rides in your street its only like $400 for like an hour or so they love that or rent the pony rides to come to your house. Music is a must I have never been to a party without any music just blast your stereo or if you have a DJ Im mexican though so we always have music and dancing at all of our party's. You can even make chocolate covered pretzels and put into little baggies for all of the kids and you could even get Candied apples for the kids, also if you invest in a shaved ice machine or popcorn you could do that every month my sister and I buy one so now we have a lot of machines that we use year round and our family borrows them when they need a certain machine or cotton candy machine is easy we rented one of those and it was fun. HOpe this helps and good luck and have a great party. Tell your daughter I said Happy Birthday. Check out www.orientaltradingcompany.com from yahoo and they have this whole fiesta section and they can deliver within days to your house and they have great prices good luck and adios  (+ info)

Pomegranate Tequila?

I live in the states and is there anywhere I can order a bottle of La Pinta Pomegranate Tequila? And adivce is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Alexia - I have no idea what you're saying.
I don't speak Italian

do you speak Italian?  (+ info)

does anyone know a pharmacy in the us that sells ointment for lota if so where and whats the name of it?

lota has more than one name some people may know it by PINTA,AZUL,CARATE,EMPEINES,MAL DEL PINTO,TINA depending on what island you are from.

Been looking up rare diseases online? lol


It is possible that the main title of the report Pinta is not the name you expected. Please check the synonyms listing to find the alternate name(s) and disorder subdivision(s) covered by this report.


Mal del Pinto

Pinta is a rare infectious tropical disease affecting the skin that is caused by the bacterium Treponema carateum, which is transmitted by direct, nonsexual contact. Pinta progresses through three distinct stages, which are characterized by various skin lesions and discoloration. Other organ systems are not affected. Exposed areas of the skin such as the face and extremities are most often affected.

Pinta is classified as a treponematosis, which is an infectious disease caused by a treponema. Treponemas are a genus of spiral-shaped bacteria (spirochetes). Treponemas caused several infectious diseases including pinta, yaws, and syphilis.  (+ info)

Is Milk Addictive?

Every day after work I buy a 2 pinta of Milk, intended on coffee and breakfast for the next day, during the course of the evening I end up drinking it all, as it comes. I have done this for months now, I always end up feeling gutted when its ran out and I havent any left to make a cuppa.
Infact I eat a lot of dairy products I think I'm addicted.

It sounds like you have an allergy to dairy ...with an allergy ..especially food allergies ..you crave what you are allergic to ...  (+ info)

I'm thinking of naming my first born daughter Santa Maria... What say you?

Or maybe Pinta. I can't decide. My boyfriend likes Nina...

I can't believe these people are taking you seriously. It'd be even funnier if they were triplets. My god, could you imagine? Maybe you could name your sons Snap, Crackle, and Pop.  (+ info)

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