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Does a posterior pituitary tumor that causes hypersecretion increase or decrease blood pressure? why?

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What does the pituitary gland control and where is it?

I was told that the pituitary gland controls a woman's breast size, is this true or false? What else does this gland do? How can I determine if this gland is malfunctioning? My family doctor and gynecologist doesn't know the answers to my questions. If someone out there knows anything about this gland and what it does, would mean the world and all to me!
Prior to my stomach surgery in 2000, I have been in a double D bra since I was 20 yrs. old. But after my stomach surgery my breasts are growing more and more. Now my breasts are in the size K and soon my breasts will be too big for my new size K bra! I am chronically having upper back and shoulder pain from these breasts. My doctors told me to have a breast reduction done. If I do this will my breasts start to grow again? And how do I determine if the pitituary gland is dysfunctional?

the pituitary gland is part of the endocrine system and it does secrete hormones that regulate many bodily processess including growth, reproduction, and various metabolic activities. It is referred to as the master gland of the body. Dysfunction of the gland could cause these problems
gigantism ( abnormally huge hands, feet, or body like ppl standing over 7ft) acromegaly ( big brain) pituitary basophilism ( cushings disease) it can also cause dwarfism simmonds disease If you are worried about your breat size I would be concerned that anything is wrog with the gland it could be hereditary or just a late bloomer. But the pituitary is responsible for female hormaones. I hope this helped  (+ info)

Any ways to stimulate the pituitary gland or increase growth hormone to grow taller?

I was wondering if there are anyways to stimulate the pituitary gland or to increase the amount of growth hormone to grow taller. I haven't grown taller in like 2 years and I'm 16 an not noticing any change. HELP PLEASE!

Munch bunch :) It has a 'special growth formula'  (+ info)

How long does it take for the Pituitary gland to recover from Chronic Marijuana use?

I smoked Marijuana for over 10 years and have had hypothyroid issues, especially my (TSH) levels. I quit 2 months ago and do not plan to use ever again. Im wondering if my Pituitary gland function will return to normal, or is the damage done for good. Im in health care but have no real good resources for this question, so I thought I would take a chance here.

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What is the pituitary gland and what does it do?

My sister and mother were in a car wreck and as part of the dr visits they did an mri/cat scan of her head and neck. I know it is in the brain so I dont need to know where it is. But what does it do. The drs assistant called and said they needed to see her asap and it had to do with her pituitary gland. But she could not go into detail. In the meantime my mom is scared. What does it do? I have been all over the web and its in such medical mumbo jumbo I cant understand it. Without being mean, could you please tell me in terms a person who does not speak dr will understand.

I researched some things about this topic, and saw what you mean about "doctoreese." I knew it was responsible for growth, but go to: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/Growth-Hormone. That will pull up the article I found called "Growth Hormone." I'm not "taking the easy way out", but typing all of it takes longer than allowing you to read it at your leisure. When you see it, I believe you'll agree with me. I think things are explained easily and detailed enough for we "laypeople!" I hope this helps.  (+ info)

How does the pituitary gland function when parts of it breakdown?

I'm doing a science project about the pituitary gland and I wanted to know how it functions when parts of it break down.

The pituitary gland is responsible for sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, ADH, growth hormone etc., If one part of the pituitary breaks down, then it would cause a hormonal imbalance.  (+ info)

What diseases affect the pituitary gland?

I am doing a science project and wanted to know what diseases affected the pituitary gland.

hormonal diseases.  (+ info)

How do you stimulate the pituitary gland?

I don't think it's that important, I just need some natural ingredients that contain amino acids or other chemicals that stimulate the pituitary gland. Or, equally as good, some specific exercises that would help too.

There is no one thing that can stimulate the pituitary and cover all of it's functions. The pituitary is the master gland and oversees a huge amount of the body's functions. There are meds that will stimulate each but sorry, nothing natural or medicine to stimulate entire pituitary. Why do you want to do this?  (+ info)

Is there a procedure where doctors can alter your pituitary gland so you keep growing?

The tallest people in the world, like Robert Wadlow kept growing because of something to do with there pituitary gland. Could a person that wants to become taller have something done to there pituitary gland, for this?

the reason those people got really tall is because they had a tumor that kept pushing against the gland.

They could implant something, but growth hormone actually becomes a poison when it is excreted in that way, which is why they usually end up dying very young. also, the growth hormone released isn't regulated, so you end up getting a huge, deformed looking jaw and face.  (+ info)

What is the main cause of a pituitary tumor?

What is the main cause of a pituitary tumor?
I was just diagnosed with one yesterday, after taking an mri about a week ago.
I went in to take an mri because my hormone levels were way to high and they found the tumor, the doctors said that the tumor is the reason I gained 30 pounds in 2 and a half months and my periods stopped for about 8 months.

I wanna know what the cause of it is?

The causes of pituitary tumors are unknown, although some are a part of a hereditary disorder called multiple endocrine neoplasia I (MEN I).
About 15% of tumors in the skull are pituitary tumors. Most pituitary tumors are located in the anterior pituitary lobe and are usually noncancerous (benign).
Pituitary tumors develop in about 20% of people, although many of the tumors do not cause symptoms and the condition is never diagnosed during the person's lifetime.  (+ info)

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