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Pityriasis Rosea?

I just found out that I have Pityriasis Rosea. Is there anyway to speed up the process? It's very embrassing and it seems that new spots are poping up.

Anyone who's had it before, can you please let me know? Thanks

I had it a few years ago - I diagnosed it myself (online) because my GP gave me fungal cream (ha). Then I went to a dermatologist and he confirmed it. It's viral and has to run it's course - sorry wish I could give you a better answer. It is weird looking though isn't?

I never had any itching but in case you do read below:

In most cases, pityriasis rosea goes away in four to eight weeks. Treatment usually focuses on controlling itching. The antiviral drugs acyclovir and famciclovir and the antibiotic erythromycin may reduce the duration of pityriasis rosea to one to two weeks. These medications often are not necessary, however, because itching is usually mild, and the condition clears up on its own.  (+ info)

pityriasis rosea?

i have pityriasis rosea what are some eazy treatments i can use?

The rash usually goes away on its own. No treatment can cure it, but medicine can help relieve the itching. Your doctor might have you use antihistamine pills, a steroid cream, calamine lotion or zinc oxide cream to relieve the itching. Sometimes people with pityriasis rosea have to take steroid pills to clear up their rash.

Some patients are benefited by exposure to sunlight or by treatment with ultraviolet light; however, there is some risk that the skin lesions will develop hyperpigmentation (become darker than the surrounding skin) after ultraviolet treatment. Hyperpigmentation is most likely to occur in African American patients.

Cool or lukewarm baths with oatmeal helps in the removal of patches. Aveeno oatmeal baths are preferred.The rash of pityriasis rosea is irritated by soap; bathe or shower with plain water. The rash makes the skin dry; it helps to put a thin coating of bath oil on your freshly dried skin after a shower or bath.

If the rash itches, treatment with a cortisone cream (Cort-aid)usually brings prompt relief. The cortisone does not cure pityriasis rosea; it will only make you more comfortable while getting over the rash.

Phototherapy may shorten the duration of the condition and may be prescribed for extensive and persistent cases of pityriasis.

You can take a supplement containing GLA, an unusual fatty acid that is very hard to come by in the diet. It can be found in evening primrose oil, black currant oil and borage oil. It has specific nourishing effects on skin, hair and nails. Take 500 milligrams twice a day. This can be found at most drugstores or health food stores.  (+ info)

How severe are most cases of pityriasis rosea?

I recently went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. For over a month, i have had the Herald's patch on the back of my thigh. In the last week, the little bumps are starting to pop up. Do all cases get really bad? Should I expect to get quite a few? How long does a typical case last? Just want to know what I am in for in the next month or so. My dr said it just depends but just curious what other peoples experiences have been. I am a 29 year old female. Thanks.

I have it right now. They say it can last 1 to 3 months. I have had mine for two weeks and it is very itchy.. or was until I started sun-taning. Tons of sites said that this has helped them. I have light skin thge color of carmel candies so i typically don't go tanning. However, I am doing it and it helps. I was at the beach yesterday and it didn't hurt or itch. Today I layed out and it was better afterward. Not all cases get bad. I used lots of benedryl though at first it was horrible.  (+ info)

Is there any help websites for Pityriasis Rosea? like some help where i can meet others who have Pityriasis?

My grandmother has it, Just wondering if there is like a website that has other Pityriasis Rosea people on it.
Does it appear in the Lower part of body?
also like on top/bottom of feet
Right now she is tanking bendaryl, and it just makes it worse? ataran, but it just increases burning sensation more.

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pityriasis-rosea/DS00720/DSECTION=7  (+ info)

How to quell itching caused by pityriasis rosea?

I was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea a two weeks ago. My doctor told me it will go away on its own but it itches so badly! I'm getting spots all over my torso and a little bit on my arms, so it can get very irritating. I use Aveeno lotion but it doesn't hold up for the whole day.

Some say sun exposure will help. What should I do?

CORTISONE  (+ info)

what other symptoms do you get with Pityriasis Rosea?

I,have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea......am feeling really ill....new rashes keep appearing. What other symptoms are common? How long does it last?

I have had it and it lasted about 4 weeks. However Pityriasis rosea usually goes away within 6 - 12 weeks. The itching was the worst for me the Doctor gave me a benovate 1n 4 solution to calm it down I had it over christmas a few years back. If you have the rashes you should have no futher sysptoms than you already have. Apart from swollen glands and the rash I didnt have any other symptoms. My doctor had never seen it before outside of medical texts and had to show his colleage. It is nothing serious and should pass with out getting any worse. Also once the symptoms have gone you should have life long immunity. Apart from looking rather scary it is a mild skin ailment hope you recover quickly.

Check the links to find out more about it.  (+ info)

Can the scar from pityriasis rosea heal?

About 3 months ago, i had rashes all over my torso..i went to a dermatologist to seek consult. She said i have this self limiting skin disease called pityriasis rosea..prescribed me antihistamines and triamcinolone cream to ease the itchiness.. a few weeks later the rashes was seen all over my body leaving scars up to now...its still itchy and the scars are very visible speacially at my legs..

Is there something i can do to get rid of these scars?

go back to the doctor until then try fresh aloe. i'm no expert but aloe is good for scaring. so is rose hip seed oil but i don't know if you can use that on a rash. it is used to fade scars , marks etc.  (+ info)

What is the visual difference between chicken pox and pityriasis rosea?

My 2 year old got diagnosed with pityriasis on Friday. However, my Dad is convinced its chicken pox.

small pearly white blisters , raised above the skin level surrounded by a rim of redness is the chikenpox lesion , it starts abruptly and soon spreads to cover the whole body and the child looks sick ,  (+ info)

If I had Pityriasis Rosea before is it definite that it may come back again?

I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea a year ago. Everything healed well but I get paranoid when I see something that may look like a "patch" or if my back itches. I have one that looks like it on my side and was wondering does it eventually come back?

kewl  (+ info)

how to get rid of scars left from pityriasis rosea?

i have pityriasis rosea and it went away in a few weeks, i have brown skin cuz im half black and the pityriasis rosea is on my neck, although the actual condition is gone, i have scars left from it, theres patches of lighter shades of skin color on my neck and is very visible and embarrassing, how can i make them go away or cover them up, or make them less visible? thank u.

I recommend using herbal cream like Zenmed Rosacea Solution: http://zenmed.com/rosacea?a=5881&x=click

For scar ...I recommend using herbal cream like Zenmed Scar and Hyperpigmentation Treatment:

You can expect great results quickly and easily :-)  (+ info)

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