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What is death following aspiration pneumonia like?

My father is 80 yrs old, very ill and has had a feeding tube for several months. He wants to remove the tube and continue feeding by mouth although he fails swallowing tests and will almost certainly contact aspiration pneumonia, which he understands. Has someone had the experience of witnessing someone fail and die with aspiration pneumonia? Is it different from regular pneumonia? I don't mean to be macabre, but my father is ready to die and does not want this extraodinary measure. But I'd like some info on what this decision means, in terms of pain and struggle. Thank you in advance.

Aspiration pneumonia is different from bacterial or viral pneumonia in that it usually stays in one area. Most often the right middle lobe. Bacterial and viral pneumonias grow simply because the organisms have found an ideal place to live . Warm and moist. Whereas the aspirated material is usually from the stomach, It can contain some pretty nasty organisms but as a rule it simply burns the bronchial mucosa and clogs up the airways with the food pieces.
In either case if left untreated would lead to death by slow suffocation.
This is not a pleasant way to go gasping for air, scared out of your mind.
Generally the doctors will encourage him to leave the feeding tube in place so as to avoid the above scenarios.
God bless and help you and your father find the best solution.  (+ info)

how to use reflexology to a comatose patient who has a brainstroke for 4 years and an aspiration pneumonia?

how to use reflexology to a comatose patient who has a brainstroke for 4 years and an aspiration pneumonia and the patient only breathes through a breathing machine. i want to know how to massage the patient with the use of reflexology. will she be cured through reflexology?please help....asap!!!!!

i dont know much about reflexology but i am sorry to say that it wont help much in this case..(at least in a medical point of view)
but why not to try!
best luck.  (+ info)

Persons who are MOST susceptible to aspiration pneumonia are those who have?

A. a primary bacterial pneumonia.
B. a depressed cough or gag reflex.
C. undergone surgery of the head or neck.
D. had nothing by mouth for the previous 8-10 hours.

B. depressed cough or gag reflex  (+ info)

what is aspiration pneumonia related to swallowing amniotic fluid during a c-section?

what is it and what could it do to a baby?

  (+ info)

How long do aspirated foods take to turn into aspiration pneumonia?

It occurs very quickly, usually within 3 days. Unfortunately, this is a common risk in people who have had a stroke.  (+ info)

How long does it normally take to diagnose aspiration pneumonia?

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Can you get aspiration pneumonia from choking on water?

And if you get it will the doctor know how it happened?!

yes, my little one has had aspiration pneumonia several times from "choking" on water. The doctor will know how it happened by you explaining what happened, and the time of onset of symptoms. Good luck!  (+ info)

if one has aspiration pneumonia then everytime you swallow would you have a problem?

aspiration pneumonia is when u cant swallow right or when u do swallow you gag or it comes back up would one notice this every single time they eat?> and when u swallow would u cough ,,bottom line is would one no if they had aspiration pneumonia

Rita is correct. I want to elaborate on aspiration pneumonia a little more.

Aspiration pneumonia is when food, drink or vomit enters the lungs. This is often seen in the elderly, those with trauma to the face or neck region, and those who have OD'd. Like Rita said, you would have a high fever from it because it is an infection and you would have a difficult time breathing because there is foreign matter in the lungs and air cannot move through it. The most distinguishing way for medical professionals to recognize apsiration pneumonia is when the right lung is congested. The right lung is more apt to having food, drink, or vomit enter it because of the angle it is positioned in the body.

I agree with Rita's conclusion...it does sound more like reflux and whomever you are speaking about needs to see a doctor.  (+ info)

i saw a show in aspiration pneumonia and i think i might have aspirated liquid?

friday i was out and took a sip of beer and had gum in my mouth, i tried to move the gum so i wouldn'tt swallow it and bit my tongue, i took a breath in and it felt like some beer went down the "wrong pipe" so for 3 days now i have been driving myself nuts thinking i aspirated the beer into my lungs.

I swear sometimes TV can be more harmful to your health than anything! OK, if you did aspirate beer, it is unlikely there wsa much in there and by now it would have dried up. When you felt it go in the wrong pipe if it truly did you should have went into a coughing fit (there is a reflex that makes you cough to keep the lungs safe) I could get all technical here and go way into this BUT I won't, I'll just say that you are fine and not to worry. Aspiration Pneumonia is pretty much a concern for older people and people with trach's who aspirate large quantities of foods and liquids.  (+ info)

Can a person die from aspiration pneumonia when it goes untreated for 3 months in a healthy teenager?

The person would be dead already- it doesn't drag on for 3 months in a "healthy" individual (in fact, thew person wouldn't be considered to be healthy if they had pneumonia of any type). Aspiration pneumonia kills rather quickly, especially if stomach contents were the reason for the pneumonia.  (+ info)

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