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What is the difference between Pneumonia and Walking Pneumonia?

What is the difference between the two?

I bet in a decade there will be Jogging Pneumonia and Sprinting Pneumonia. How about Galloping or Skipping Pneumonia? haha.
Why do they call it 'walking' Pneumonia, anyways?

Pneumonia is acute inflammation of the lungs caused by infection. Initial diagnosis is usually based on chest x-ray. Causes, symptoms, treatment, preventive measures, and prognosis differ depending on whether the infection is bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic; whether it is acquired in the community, hospital, or nursing home; and whether it develops in a patient who is immunocompetent or immunocompromised.
An outdated term, "walking pneumonia", has been used to describe a type of community-acquired pneumonia of less severity (hence the fact that the patient can continue to "walk" rather than require hospitalization). Walking pneumonia is usually caused by a virus or by atypical bacteria.  (+ info)

How can you get rid of recurring pneumonia?

Last year my mother had both pneumonia and MRSA pneumonia and is currently on a ventilator. We were told the MRSA would always stay in her body. Now an xray has shown she has pneumonia again, but we can't tell which kind without a culture. Is there anything she can do to help prevent pneumonia from constantly coming back?

I get a pneumonia shot every 7 years.
I'm sure your doctor has informed you
of it. It really does work.

God bless you mother.  (+ info)

What is a type of pneumonia that sounds close to bilobar pneumonia?

My teacher told me to look up the definition of bilobar pneumonia (a term used in the TV show called House), but there is no condition called bilobar pneumonia...
Never mind, i found something called lobar pneumonia, which is pneumonia affecting one or more lobes of the lungs. With that info, would bilobar pneumonia affect two lobes of the lungs.

It just means that two lobes of the lung are consolidated with fluid from infection.

or maybe you mean Bilateral pneumonia which means the infection is in both the left and right lung.

you got it!  (+ info)

What are the chances of a pneumonia reoccurance?

I had pneumonia last February and ever since every cold has been "stronger". The last cold I had was very strong. I had chest pain but not as much as when i had pneumonia. I felt the same way but less intense. What are the chances of getting pneumonia again? Just out of curiosity and for my own knowledge. Thanx in advance.
If, I have asthma, will it increase my chances?
When I had pneumonia, it was really bad. I was hospitalied, given IV antibiotics. Stayed in the hospital for 5 days. I'm 13.

Recurrence of pneumonia is very, very common. Many people have it 3 or 4 times over a course of a couple of years after getting it the first time.
A pneumonia vaccine cannot prevent pneumonia, as this condition can be caused by bacteria, viruses, inhalation of small foreign particles, etc.  (+ info)

What is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis?

My doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis, but I think it is pneumonia. Isn't a bronchitis cough dry and pneumonia causes a lot of phlegm?When I cough I get a rattling in my chest and my cough sounds like Rice Crispies in milk. I've been sick with a cough over a month. My doctor gave me an antibiotic but I don't feel much better.

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the bronchi that go into the lungs and pneumonia is in the lungs and where they fill with fluid. Your chest will feel heavy and hurt on movement and not just on breathing. Sometimes your chest will hurt on one side and feel"heavy" and you can definitely tell the difference.  (+ info)

How long does it take for pneumonia to get started and become lethal?

An experienced nurse does a through check on a patient with a stethoscope and says everything is just ok, but patient dies after 2 weeks from pneumonia. Did she miss something or can pneumonia start and get lethal in the period of time. Shortness of breath was the primary reason for the check.

can range from hours to days, depends on the person immunity status and the virulence of the organism involved  (+ info)

What effects could pneumonia and pulmonary congestion have on gas exchange?

Both pneumonia (infectious inflammation of the lungs) and pulmonary congestion (left heart failure) can lead to fluid accumulation in the lungs.

Pneumonia and pulmonary congestion cause a fundamental change in the way gas is exchanged within the lungs. Gas is exchanged through structures called alveoli. They are microscopic sacs of epithelial tissue. When these sacs become filled with fluid (referred to as consildation) gas cannot pass from the alveoli into the blood. Thus, gas exchange is impeded and the patient typically must work harder to breathe.  (+ info)

What are the chances of dying from pneumonia?

I'm a 14 year old male and I recently had basal pneumonia. I'm feeling better now, but still worrying alot. I was wondering what are the chances someone will die from pneumonia.

Hospitalized Patients. For patients who require hospitalization for pneumonia, the mortality rate is between 10% and 25%. If pneumonia develops in patients already hospitalized for other conditions, the mortality rates are higher. They range from 50% to 70% and are greater in women than in men.

Older Adults. Community-acquired pneumonia is responsible for 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalizations in elderly people every year. The elderly have lower survival rates than younger people, and pneumonia and influenza are the fifth leading causes of death in this population. Even when older individuals recover from community-acquired pneumonia, they have higher than normal mortality rates over the next several years. Elderly people at particular risk are those with other medical problems and nursing home patients.

Very Young Children. About 20% of deaths in stillborn and very young infants are due to pneumonia. Small children who develop pneumonia and survive are at also at risk for developing lung problems in adulthood.

Patients With Impaired Immune Systems. Pneumonia is particularly serious in people with impaired immune systems, particularly AIDS patients, in whom pneumonia causes about half of all deaths.

Patients With Serious Medical Conditions. The disease is also very dangerous in people with diabetes, cirrhosis, sickle cell disease, cancer, and in those who have had their spleens removed.  (+ info)

What is the difference between flu and pneumonia?

What is the difference between having a flu and having pneumonia?

Oh also... If you dunk your head in cold water and went outside during a chilly day, you could catch a cold, maybe the flu, maybe even pneumonia?

Could someone please clerify the difference in how each are caught?

pneumonia can be viral and bacterial. though both flu and pneumonia can cause respiratory problems, pneumonia usually causes more severe breathing issues, as it is primarily oriented in the lungs.

as for dunking your head in the water and going outside, sure its possible to catch either if your immune system is compromised.  (+ info)

What exercises will help my very muscular calves be longer and leaner?

I have always had really good muscle tone in my calves and I walk about 20 miles a week, but I would like my calves to be leaner and the muscles to be not so bulky. I have a large frame to start with and shapely legs, but no matter how much weight I lose, I always have large calves. I find it difficult to get boots that fit, and I would like a leaner look. Are there any exercises that will help get leaner looking calves?

I'm not an expert by any means, but I seem to remember being told that stretching will help to alleviate the "bulky" appearance. Many people don't incorporate stretching into their workout programs (I used to be guilty of it myself). According to the site I've included stretching is the key to getting that lean, toned look. I hope this helps!  (+ info)

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