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What chromosome is polydactyly found in?

im doinqq a science project on polydactyly and i need to know about the problem with the chromosome and stuff.

16th i think
edit- no 13
here is some more info.
as you see in the first article there are causes besides trisomy 13 that causes this condition.
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What are some physiological effects of polydactyly or extra digits?

Effects happening inside the body.. ? My teacher says there are...but i didn't find any in my research. :( help!

Range of motor skills in these extra digits is hard to chart given the rarity of the condition, but cases have varied. In some cases, the extra digit has no joints in the bone and thus is completely immobile, in other cases the extra digit has limited dexterity, and some cases have been reported in which an extra finger was fully functional, and indistinguishable from the rest of the fingers.

Go here to learn more :-
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polydactyly  (+ info)

Are there any cures for polydactyly?

I'm doing a biology report, and I need to know if there are any cures for polydactyly. If so what are the cures? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Yeah. Cut off the extra digits. That would be the "cure".  (+ info)

Is motor and sensory function reduced in polydactyly?

Is there reduced function? Other than appearing abnormal, is there any other disability to having additional digits? The thing that is really bugging me is this: can someone with additional fingers actually use it to play the piano? that would advantageous and amazing if you can have 11 or 12 fingers on the piano.

most polydactyls do not have the fine motor function in their additional digits required to play an instrument or even type. They are simply there.  (+ info)

Can a person with polydactyly syndrome have fully functional extra finger?

If a person that has polydactyly syndrome with an extra digit that is almost fully formed, can they have full use of that digit like all the others?

Yes. I had a friend when I was younger that had six fingers on both hands and had the use of all of them.  (+ info)

Why does the trait of polydactyly (6+ fingers/toes) tend to be passed on from generation to generation?

I am on the topic of genetics in my biology class. Here is the full question:
" There is a small village in a mountain valley in Spain where a large number of people are polydactyl (6+ fingers/toes). Why does this trait tend to be passed on from generation to generation?"

I was thinking along the lines of keeping it in that small village might keep passing it on
that this trait might be dominant (i have tried to research it, but I can't figure it out)

Can anyone help me with the answer?

I think it is originally a recessive (hidden) trait but because of the small genepool, the hidden trait shows up in every gene pool to the point that it becomes dominant.

This is similar to the unguent gene in the same area where it is the toes that exhibit the polydactilism, During the medieval times, that trait was associated with the tribe that descended from the devil himself. (mark of the beast-cloven toes akin to hooves). Those people were looked down as if they were witches.

These people might have stayed together because of the same stigma. Had they diluted their genepool, they could have diluted it enough by intermarrying other people outside the village to remove the trait . but perhaps for security reasons, they felt that staying together would allow them to protect each other.  (+ info)

Can someone give me information on the disease Polydactyly?

Cures or treatments?

  (+ info)

how much does the treatment of polydactyly take?

when we can surgan a newborn child with polydactyly problem?

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Is polydactyly in humans caused by inbreeding?

Is this true?

Traits caused by inbreeding are generally uncommon recessive traits, since it takes two parents with recessive traits to pass it on to their children. Polydactyly is a dominant trait. Polydactyly is also somewhat unusual in that many people that have this trait don't actually develop an extra finger.  (+ info)

my doctor said I am developing polydactyly what is it?

i went in for my yearly checkup (i'm 43) and my docotor told me i'm developing polydactyly, but then he scooted me out the door without an explaination. btw my doctor is racist.

you could google it for more info but it means you have or are getting an extra finger/toe basically you're mutated...  (+ info)

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