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i was wondering if anyone had polyhydramnios and if so, what made the doctor/midwife think u did? what did u experience? i dont know if i have it yet, i have an ultrasound in two weeks from today to see whats going on in there.. But im 7.5 months, last couple months ive been gaining 10 pounds a month, (its slowing down now), but my belly is growing larger than normal, i can feel the baby move, but for some reason not has hard as before... thats in general anyways... i know it could be diabetes, but one-i watch what i eat and 2-i dont have glucose(or protein) in my urine at all..much help would be helpful! thanks oh, and is it hereditary as well? as in, my mother had polyhydramnios...

I had this when pregnant with my 4th and it was very uncomfortable! I was admitted to the hospital a few weeks early in case my waters broke before his head moved down. There is a chance that if this happens the cord can be washed down before the babies head. I was told if my waters broke, I should go on my hands and knees and lower my head and shoulders, just leaving my bum in the air! Not very dignified but it was just so one of them could check for the cord. Once his head moved down into my pelvis, the risk was gone and my waters broke a few days later. Be prepared for a flood when they do break! Don't know if it's hereditary! But good luck when the big day arrives!  (+ info)


i am 32 weeks pregnant and have to much amniotic fluid in my womb, dvp is 14cm,is this alot by far? i dont have a clue what this means or how serious this is or not, so please could someone let me know, thanks, jane

I don't think its that much. I have 13 cm and they told me that was great. however, I am farther along than you so that might make a difference, but I think that anything under 20 is considered to be ok, they are probably just keeping an eye on you.  (+ info)

Is there a way to prevent preterm delivery if your wife has polyhydramnios?

My sister suffers from an overabundance of fluid (polyhydramnios) in her 31 weeks. Now the doctor says she risks having baby too early.

Is there a way to prevent preterm delivery in this case? Your experience is greatly appreciated.

You can't prevent preterm delivery. The only way to go is to ask the doctor what he thinks you can do to reduce her risk. They may suggest bed rest or admit her into the hospital to keep tabs on her. I wouldn't suggest doing anything that a certified medical professional has not approved of because it's very possible that you may make the conditions worse for her rather than better. If she has the baby now, the baby has all the odds in its favor for living. The medical world today is very sophisticated and premature babies are born everyday and go on to live happy healthy lives. Talk to a doctor again. If not, I suggest you just hope and pray that things go well. She only has a month and a half to go so maybe that baby will hang in there a little while longer!  (+ info)

Has anyone suffered from Polyhydramnios during pregnancy?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and been to see the midwife today. I am measuring 32cm but midwife thinks I have grown too much in the last couple of weeks and so has booked me in for a scan to see if I have Polyhydramnios. Has anyone else had this and what happened?

I had it with my daughter and it caused me to have her prematurely. I had gestational diabetes, but my idiot doctor didn't care and didn't want to hear it. At 31 weeks I went to labor and delivery, hoping someone would take me seriously. I measured 48 cm then. Polyhydramnios is an excess of amniotic fluid, 32 doesn't seem excess for how far along you are, not that I'm the expert. Anyway, the very high blood sugar (356 upon admission to the perinatal ward that day) caused a lot of thirst and I drank more water than my kidneys could handle. So since I wasn't urinating it all out, it went elsewhere. My amniotic fluid increased and I gained 35lbs of edema. I was in the hospital for a week and at 32 weeks and over 50cm, my water broke. I had my daughter by a very emergency c-section because she got stuck and she stayed in the hospital for a week. She was on an at home heart monitor for 3 months. Now, the causes of polyhydramnios can be varied. Sometimes it's not a problem at all. But I was huge and my water was bound to break early at that rate. I think for most women, it's not as bad as what happened to me. My case was serious medical neglect. Sorry if I scared you. Did she tell you that you were measuring large? You should roughly be as many cm large as weeks along. Maybe want to get another professional's opinion. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are the chances of preterm labor if I have polyhydramnios?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I have a slightly high level of amniotic fluid. What are the actual chances that I could go into labor early?

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can polyhydramnios during pregnancy be the reason my baby died?

our 8 week old baby boy died on sunday and we want to know why...he had high WBC...i had polyhydramnios during pregnancy and emergency c section because of face presentation...the hospital were absolutely disgusting...they even lied on my notes they didn't do half of what they said they had they lost bits of my notes and they changed them twice!!...i just want to know what's happened.

I would speak with your OB about what all of the risk factors were with your condition. Also, I would consult with the hospital and an attorney about an investigation. Have the autopsy results been released? That would be a key piece of evidence. Also, you will want to consult with whatever pediatrician was treating him in and out of the hospital. I would demand a copy of all of yours and his records during your stay at the hospital. You need to know his APGAR score. And if he had a high white count, you need to know what they were doing to treat it and if they were trying to find the source. It sounds to me like you weren't getting all of the information you should have been given. Did they let you take him home with all of these issues? I think you need to speak with a malpractice lawyer. The major question here is who is at fault. The nurses, your OB, the pediatrician, or some other hospital personnel IE. The doctor on-call. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find answers.  (+ info)

If you have polyhydramnios once, will it happen with every pregnancy?

My last pregnancy became high risk because I had morning sickness really bad until I started taking meds that are given to chemo therapy patients for nausea. Then I had a full term uterus at 6 months because of polyhydramnios. I was wanting to know if this would happen again, or rather...more than likely happen again or not.

They say every pregnancy is different. Hopefully this was a one time thing for you. I would take your concerns to your doctor. They are the only one that will truely be able to answer your questions since they know your specific situation.. Good Luck.  (+ info)

Im scared of having a polyhydramnios at 28 weeks pregnant. this is so early, usually this starts at 30wks?

I am 33 years old. Why I have a polyhydramnios at 28 weeks pregnant because this usually happen at 30 weeks pregnant. As early as this can ultrasound detect the abnormalities to my baby if there is. this minds me so much and almost scares me to death.

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My doctor said I have high amionic fluid call polyhydramnios?

I am 37 weeks pregnant I read that my baby may be born with a birth defect how many women were told they had high amionic fluid and their baby was fine

hi hun
sorry i have not heard of this - i would suggest you gooooogle it and see what you get back to read up on...
and to be honest, why on earth did you not ask your doctor at the time? the doc is there to look after you... if you are unsure about anything ask them to explain...its important. and they will not mind honestly.....

good luck  (+ info)

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with Polyhydramnios while pregnant?

If so, was your baby ok? What happened to you?

Polyhydramnios is the presence of excessive amniotic fluid surrounding the unborn infant

Amniotic fluid surrounds and cushions the infant throughout development. Decreased or excessive amounts of amniotic fluid may be associated with abnormalities in the fetus.

Polyhydramnios may result from failure of the fetus to swallow and absorb amniotic fluid in normal amounts. This may occur as a result of gastrointestinal disorders, neurological problems, or a variety of other causes. Polyhydramnios may also be related to increased fluid production, as is the case with certain fetal lung disorders.

Sometimes, no specific cause for polyhydramnios is found.
This condition is discovered during pregnancy, and evaluated prior to delivery. If a fetal abnormality is found, the baby will be delivered in a hospital with specialists who can provide immediate evaluation and treatment.

Documenting polyhydramnios may include:

history of this pregnancy
history of past pregnancies and health of the children delivered
other family history
ultrasound scans of the fetus

i never heard of this but looked it up for you and this is all i could find
hope it helps
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