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Polymyalgia rheumatica?

I saw my dr on Friday for symptoms including:

-sore thigh muscles
-sore hips
-difficulty walking
-sore hands
-unable to grip with hands
-no strength in hands
-short term memory loss
-blurred vision
-sore shoulders
-sore neck

She thinks I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica or Chiari Frommel Syndrome. My pain is worse in the morning or if I sit or lay down for a long period of time. My hands are pretty much dead to me, I used to be able to type 70 words a minute and now God only knows how much I can type. My fine motor skills are shot, no strength, very weak. As for walking, I used to enjoy going for walks with my girls ( ages 15,14,2 and 2 months) but it's very difficult now.

I'm going for bloodwork o Monday, she is checking my CBC, TSH, ESR and glucose.

For anyone out there that has PMR, what are your symptoms?

By the way I will be 37 in May and everywhere I looked they say that this affects people over 50. Could it be that I have PMR?

Thanks in advance.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica?

Has anyone on here ever had this or have this or know someone who does.....if so, what was the outcome of it and the steps to get there?
Thanks in advance!

I don't know anyone with this particular condition but arthritic conditions can and do improve with exercise, dietary changes and anti-inflammatory therapy. Here's a couple links discussing the condition and treatment...


Sorry I couldn't be of more help....  (+ info)

In order for me to be diagnosed for polymyalgia rheumatica, do I see a rheumatologists or is there a special?

doctor just for polymyalgia rheumatica disease? If there is, would he be called polymyalgist? ??? what would that doctor be called?

Yes, a rheumatologist is the best doctor to diagnose this condition.  (+ info)

i need info about post polio syndrome and polymyalgia rheumatica?

I have both of these diseases and i need help in how to live with them.post polio says conserve to preserve, polymyalgia rheumatica excersize to keep muscles from atrophy I also have emphisemia and c.o.p.d.
what can I do and where can I get help from both of these serious deseases i am having sergery for catarachs and macular degeneration.
How and where can I get help for all this?

Very low doses of corticosteroids could help several of your conditions.  (+ info)

I need pictures for Polymyalgia rheumatica muscle disorder?

I need pictues for this mucsle disorder!!!
I tried yahoo and other sites but i can't find any!

go to this website:
www.allaboutarthritis.com/AllAboutArthritis/l...  (+ info)

I just found out I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica do you have any advice for me?

If you or anyone you know has this or has had it can you give me any tips on getting better or your recovery from this disease?

The symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) are alleviated very quickly with the use of low doses (10 to 15 milligrams per day) of corticosteroids (such as prednisone). Symptoms will usually disappear in 24 to 48 hours. The rapid improvement with steroids is often used by doctors as a confirmation of the diagnosis of PMR. If there is no improvement, your doctor will consider a different diagnosis.

Once symptoms are under control, your doctor will reduce the dosage to the lowest possible to keep the symptoms at bay. Most people will need to continue taking steroids for one to three years, but some will need to continue taking them for as long as nine or more years. If symptoms recur after discontinuing the drug, steroid treatment will be required again.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, are not enough to treat PMR.

Exercise and rest play important roles in your treatment and recovery. Exercise helps you maintain or regain your energy and muscle strength. Exercise also helps you fight the weight gain and osteoporosis that may result from taking corticosteroids. Good forms of exercise include walking, riding a stationary bike and exercising in a pool. You also need enough rest to give your body time to recover from exercise and other activities.  (+ info)

Anyone ever heard of polymyalgia rheumatica?

My uncle was diagnosed with this disease recently. I looked up information about it on the internet. But I was wondering if anyone has firsthand knowledge on the disease. We were told that people with Scandinavian heritage are more likely to get polymyalgia rheumatica, I would like to know if this is true.

This disease is more likely to affect women then men. It attacks the autoimmune system after a virus . He has a good chance of recovery even though it can take months it is 1 f those diseases they are not real sure which virus triggers it. I dnt no wheather because he is scandinavian heritage if it has anything to do with it ....wish ur uncle the best & hope he recovers soon. i woz recently dignosed with this problem myself & they have given me anti-inflammatories to help with the musle ache. they have told me to get plenty of rest & i will eventually recover.  (+ info)

Is it possible for people with polymyalgia rheumatica to have sharp pain in all the finger bones?

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Can polymyalgia rheumatica effect the diaphragm and rib area?

in a simple word yes I am affected in those areas but i have a combination of polymyalgia/fibromyaliga so this could be the reason  (+ info)

Is there a chat room for people with Polymyalgia Rheumatica?

I couldn't find any char rooms. However, here are some forums:


I hope this will be helpful.  (+ info)

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