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anyone knows who is expert doctor in the field of polymyositis with dermatomysitis in india?

is this disease is curable?

Polymyositis is a difficult Auto-Immune disease, with Steroids being the only treatment to supress the immune system in Modern medicine, who ever the doctor is.
But I have seen some very promising results in my practice of Ayurveda. I am very hopeful of the cure-by correcting the Immune System. I'd like to know more about the patient to help. Dr. Aurora. [email protected]; 9815089977  (+ info)

I would like to know more about the medical condition 'polymyositis' that a family member of mine has.

I did a search on the subject and am posting the link to the search on this condition that can be of help to you:

http://search.yahoo.com/search?search=polymyositis&ei=UTF-8&fr=ks-ques&ico-yahoo-search-value=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.yahoo.com%2Fsearch&ico-wikipedia-search-value=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FSpecial%3ASearch&p=polymyositis  (+ info)

Looking for IV Therapy (preferably at home) in the New Jersey area?

This is specific to somebody who has Polymyositis. Any advice??? Thanks advance!

Did you try American Outcomes Management? They cater to individuals who have Polymyositis in the New Jersey area. I'll leave the link to their website in the source section. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Anyone know if the Jo-1 antibody is common in fibromyalgia?

I had a positive ANA(1:320), speckled pattern. RA, lupus, Sjogrens, MCTD, and scleroderma were all negative. I did come up positive for the Jo-1 antibody though, which is usually found in polymyositis. My rheumatologist said that my muscle strength was not typical of a person that has this disorder, so I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. With all the info I acquired on this antibody, I did not find anything that linked it with fibro. I am a little concerned of its presence since it is usually found in virtually all cases of people that have interstitial lung disease. Any feedback out there?? Appreciate it.

I haven't heard of this before with fibro - you might want to try the scientific journal databases. I would recommend searching with High Wire or PubMed (links below), although I did a quick search and couldn't find anything with the search terms ("Jo-1 antibody" AND fibromyalgia) on PubMed...

Did come across three articles on High Wire (3rd link below), including one very interesting one about ANA and fibro (will be posting that to my Yahoo group and their wiki!)

Good luck.  (+ info)

What is "respiratory failure"?

It's a symptom of the disease they are testing me for. And I am having what the asthma doc called "asthmatic bronchitis". I think that diagnosis may be wrong and the issue may be this second malady that causes "respiratory failure".
They are testing me for "polymyositis".
I asked a question...
I didn't ask for links!

Nearly any condition that affects breathing function is considered respiratory failure! When the Oxygen in the Blood becomes dangerously low,this is one respiratory failure! I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD and I am on Oxygen 24/7. My Blood Oxygen gets real low sometimes,and respiratory failure begins! Polymyositis is a weakening in muscles and with medication it is livable! I would hope that your M.D. is a specialist! I go to a Pulmonologist as he is a critical care specialist of the Lungs! God Bless,and get a second opinion from a Pulmonologist! Best of Luck!  (+ info)

I am in shock right now! Need another opinion,to make a decision in regards to doctor and staff behavior:(:(.?

For 12 yrs i have dealt with a beastly disabling autoimmune disease called "Mixed Collagen Vascular Disease" which means certain protiens {antibodies} Targetmybody.Ihavelupus,ra,sjogrens,raynauds,scleroderma,hashiomotos,polymyositis/I recently changed Rheumatologist.I was taken off methotrexate {she didnt think i had polymyositis} came back vaca my cpk count was up to 2,500 which means i had lots of muscle damage norm is 21.put on lge doses of pred & metho.I also have taken plaquenil for 12 yrs keeps lupus stable.
i called to reschedule appt.Was told i had to get blood work before refill on methotrex.,didnt hear from them called had to have rx faxed to them yearly eye exam for plaquenil to get refill.Called optometrist to fax them results.waited,in immense pain muscle cramps,never should you be taken off plaquenil or any meds that fast.fri spoke w nasty nurse,now have sores in mouth its tues.no Dr.NO MEDS,NO CALL.HELP!

You CANNOT wait around for them to contact you.
Contact your doctor's answering service right NOW and inform them you will be in office the minute they open, appointment or no appointment. If the pain is too much to handle then it's time for you to go to the Emergency Room. If you have any problems when you get there, lie down on the floor in front of the receptionist and start screeching loudly about the pain. You WILL be assisted.  (+ info)

high white count in blood & +4 blood in urine?

I had a high white count in my blood tests and +4 blood in urine.

I have several auto immune diseases, MCTD, scleroderma, polymyositis, fibromyagia, pulminary fibrosis, and have had some kidney troubles.
Current meds...cellcept, high blood pressure meds, medrol, time released morphine.

Any idea what can cause blood count to be high in white count and have a +4 blood in urine? (in past year it has been +1)

You have something going on because your white cells are up, white cells help ward off various infections that our bodies get from time to time.
If your not sick and the Doctors cant find out the reason why they will no doubt percribe some Nagrelide 0.5 mg three times a day untill they bring that white count down  (+ info)

Body weakness since Jan. 2007 [stiffness of limbs / muscles weakness]?

Present :Whole body weakness [effects observe on face (specially eyes & its surrounding areas) & limbs (hands & legs)]
During Jan 2007, body weakness [stiffness of limbs / muscles weakness] was observed. Found right side (hand fingers tingling/numbness, thigh exhaustion) affected more.
2.In Feb 2007, Sr. Neurologist was consulted. He asked for following tests :
CT Coronary Angiography (10-15%); MRI Cervical Spine (Multiple Level Discs); ECG (Normal); CPK (199)
The Dr. diagnosed as Polymyositis and also asked following tests: CPK(990);ESR,Hgb,TLC,DLC(N). On Prednisolone 50 mg for 22 days. When no relief, another neurologist consulted. He asked for tests (i) S – CPK (340) (ii) S – T3 (N), T4(2.10), TSH (116) (iii) Na, K (N) (iv) Ca Profile (N)
The Dr. diagnosed as Hypothyroidism : Tab. Eltroxin 50 ug OD for 3W wef 1st Apr & thereafter Eltroxin 100 ug to till now. Tests of thyroid & TPO Antibody in Jun & Aug Normal. But condition is same as in beginning. Pl. Advise.

Don't give up, keep seeing the doctors, and possibly search for new ones to find out what's wrong with you.

If you feel like your doctor's answer is wrong, don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion.

I hope you find relief and answers.  (+ info)

Stem Cell Research and Infusions?

I am wondering if you know of any good resources where I can find
information on stem cell transplants. A few days after having a
C-section, my cousin became very weak and she could no longer walk.
After two years of being paralyzed she recieved a few blood
transfusions and was able to walk again, but when the treatment
stopped she became weak. Now, seven years later my cousin is still
paralyzed and has been in and out of the hospital due to sicknesses
related to her illness. The doctors diagnosed her with polymyositis,
which is an uncommon disease that causes inflammation in your
muscles, even though they truly do not know what is wrong with her.

My mom just recently told me about possible stem cell transfusions and the miraculous things that have been happenig to the people who recieved them. We all are trying to find more information on this type of procedure. Do you know of any good resources or people who can give me more information on stem cell transfusions? Do you know of any stories of people who have recieved stem cell transfusions? If so, can you please send me this information or tell me how I can get hold of it.
Thanks for giving me the heads up about Google. lol...but often times search engines don't sort out the non-legit information. I trust word-of-mouth information to be more legit, because people have already searched for this information or has already experienced what I am asking for. But I am aware that using these search engines can give me lots of great information. I hope that you guys have heard of some great information from friends or family. Or, possibly some great .gov, .edu, or .org websites related to this topic.
Thank you so much.
P.S. I do not agree with usage of stem cells from embryos or fetuses.
Thank you Jenny! Glad to know that other people diagnosed with polymyositis is looking into this treatment. I will tell me cousin ASAP. Again thanks!

I found this, check it out. Maybe they can help you. They are 2 women who have it or know someone who has it. One has started the stem cell treatment. Good luck.

http://www.topix.com/forum/tech/stem-cell-research/TMOBHR9P0BCGV50FM  (+ info)

Can I be having a dermatomyositis relapse or can it be something else?

When I was 9, I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis/polymyositis. At it's worst stage, I couldn't get up from a squatting position, couldn't run, couldn't go up stairs, needed help climbing into the bathtub, in doing my hair and walking was becoming very difficult. My body responded very well to the treatment (prednisone), and within 2 years I was 90% back to normal. In the 14 years since then, my muscles still got tired easy but now it seems like I have some very sudden symptoms. My forearms hurt (like a burning pain) constantly all day! They just feel exhausted and it's very frustrating. My leg muscles seem to be tiring and hurting more than usual too. Could it be my condition making a comeback? Or something else like fibromyalgia? If I go to the docs will I need another biopsy to confirm the relapse of the disease?

Given your history, I would be concerned about a relapse of your inflammatory muscle disease. You need to be seen by a doctor.

Your doctors will probably check your creatine kinase (simple blood test) and perhaps obtain an EMG. If these tests show suggestive findings (elevation of muscle enzymes, etc.) you likely would not need another biopsy.  (+ info)

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