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Did you know your first and last clue to porphyria in your family may be a fatal drug reaction?

Acute flaccid paralysis, fatal seizures, pancreatitis, bowel infarction, acute liver failure, psychosis, catatonia, depression, mania, suicide, photosensitivity, blistering skin lesions, early onset renal failure, pericarditis/myocarditis, sudden cardiac arrest with autonomic arrhythmia, rhabdomyolysis (muscle condition associated with statin drugs), lactic acidosis, eosinophilic fasciitis (another drug or chemical induced reaction) are all presentations of porphyrias. These are complex inherited metabolic disorders that are aggravated by drugs, chemicals, hormones, heavy metals, nutrition, infections and stress, but also modified by the inheritance of other genes including the inheritance of two porphyrias known as dual porphyrias. They are not easy to diagnose with present limited technology and there are multiple DNA subvariants. They are especially difficult to diagnose before puberty and in autopsies. The information is out there in libraries and on Pubmed.

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