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If I have another baby, what are the chances that he/she will have port-wine stain too?

I have a boy with port-wine stain. I would like to try for another baby. Does anyone know what are the chances that he/she will have it too?

Hi i have 5 children and only one of the have port-wine stain she hes a big one on her leg and tummy and a little one on her head i was told by a doctor they would disappears by the time she was 2 they didn't any way she is the only one that has them so i don't think if you have another child he or she will have them i guess its just the luck of the draw  (+ info)

what is the chance of getting glaucoma when having a port wine stain by the eye?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that is sometimes associated with port wine stain birthmarks. I have a port wine stain birthmark right next to my eye, which follows down to my lower eye lid. And I am soon enough getting it surgically removed off. I will have to have a glaucoma test thought and would like to know the chances of having this eye disease. thanks guysss :)

  (+ info)

Is this true about a port wine stain?

Is it true you can remove a port wine stain on your skin (like a birthmark) by rubbing salt on it?


That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. The affected person can see a dermatologist for possible laser remediation, but there are no home remedies for port wine stains. Don't try putting anything on it except for normal hygiene and cleanliness, or you could damage the skin and cause infection.  (+ info)

Anyone know of a good doctor in Colorado to remove Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks?

I'm looking for a doctor to remove my port-wine stain birthmark in Colorado. Please help.

You might start by looking at the Vascular Birthmark Foundation website, www.birthmark.org. They can help you find a doctor who is experienced with PWS.

There are many different types of lasers that can be used to lighten PWS, and the best laser to use for a particular case depends on things such as the depth and diameter of the blood vessels. Make sure you go to a doctor who is familiar with PWS. If they don't know which laser to use for your case, you could have many treatments with little progress.  (+ info)

What can I do to remove or fade a port-wine stain birth mark?

I have a red colored birthmark on my leg, what is the best way to fade it? It is about an inch long. If I can do it myself I would rather, than pay to have it lasered off. Any suggestions???

There are several Laser procedures which can lesson the appearance of Port Win birth marks. I had an associate who had one on the side of her face and after several treatments, its about gone.

check with your doctor for a referral to an appropriate treatment facility.  (+ info)

How much would it cost to remove birthmark specifically port wine stain here in the philippines?

what is the average payment for laser or intense pulsed light service?
pls. also identify the name of the skin center?

pls. thank you so much!
God Bless!


I just paid $130 for one IPL treatment of a small port wine stain. The dermatologist said it might require 3-5 treatments. I don't know where you live, so I doubt I can tell you where to get it done!  (+ info)

Is it normal for a port wine stain birthmark to be a little sore to the touch?

I have on on my waist, and for a long time forgot that I even had it. it is only sore if I touch it, or lie on my left side (has only been this sore for a couple of days). should I go to the doctor or is this normal?>

You should see your doctor for sure if this soreness persists. : )  (+ info)

what was that cream or make up that covers up a port- wine stain you know the birth mark?

please help me and please tell me how much it is and where i can buy it.

Dermablend or a good concealer like Mac.  (+ info)

Can kids with a port wine stain play sports?

My son has pws that covers the whole left side of his face reaching to the top part of his head under his hair, and also a little on the right side of his cheek. Will he still be able to play sports example: football, baseball, etc...
I'm sure he could play sports. It's just a concern for me with the top part of his head and him getting hit in football. Just want to know if there is anyone with or knows someone who hasn't had any problems with pws and sports.

Why wouldn't he be able to play sports?

A pws on his face is a part of him just like any mole, birthmark. I know it is much different than that but my point is that it should not prevent him from playing sports!  (+ info)

port wine stain birthmark laser treatment?

i have a port wine stain birthmark on my neck and cheek. i went and had my first ever treatment the other day, it was only a test treatment though to see how it goes. i was just wondering if anybody else has had a port wine stain treated? i was wondering how well it worked. can you get rid of a birthmark completely? how many sessions do you think it would take to make the birthmark fade really really light or go completely?

I work at a derm office, and they do have a couple of patients currently undergoing laser treatment for the port wine stain. I see the progressive photographs and have to say that there is definite and amazing improvement in them. Not sure how many treatments, but it could be several...well worth it to have it cleared.  (+ info)

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